Tell Me Again, My Love
272 Where is my phone?
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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272 Where is my phone?

Jeremy punched the passwords to unlock the door with one hand while another still holding her waist firmly. Even until now she did not notice their whereabouts and leaned her body to him weakly.

She was too drowsy to even notice this place was not her place nor the fresh smell from the elevator was different than the somewhat musty smell of the elevator where the apartment she rented was.

He brought her straight to his room and helped to lay her down on his king-sized bed. He took off her shoes and even untied her long hair. When she took her phone out to put it aside, he took it from her and kissed her forehead. He kept her phone with him. Then, he pulled the blanket to cover until below her chin. He straightened himself and smiled in satisfied seeing her looking all cosy in his bed, under his blanket.

"Have some rest first. I will order delivery for us," he said.

"Hmm…" she closed her eyes drowsily, just following whatever he said. She was too sleepy to think of anything. And besides, she did hear he said about buying them food. She would wake up once the food arrived.

He closed the door gently, making sure nothing could wake her up. Then, he walked downstairs, bringing both their phones. Just like he planned earlier, he quickly switched her phone off. For his, as he was about to order food, he would wait until their food arrived before he turned it off.

He scrolled the screen, checking the menu provided by the restaurant he always ordered from. He already tried some of the food but tonight's dinner, he wanted it to be a little bit more special.

While waiting for the food delivery, he wiped the dining table carefully. He even took out the cute kitchenware his little sister bought for her own candlelit dinner at home and arranged them neatly on the table. He even found the red fat candle and the candle holder.

The only thing he could not buy was a bouquet of red and white roses. He did not have the number for the nearest florist. Usually, he bought flowers on the way to meet her or at the hospital. Hmm… he should look for it tomorrow.

The time for the food delivery to arrive he used fully by sweeping the floor a bit and dusting whenever he assumed she would look. Knowing her, she would go to the kitchen and touch the kitchen counter, which the first surface he wiped when he entered the area. Then, he went with the wet cloth to the living room to wipe the coffee table, cabinet and even the sofa… just in case.

He was arranging the coffee books on the coffee table when the bell rang. He dropped the books immediately and went to the door, rubbing his hands unconsciously onto the shirt he was wearing. It became dirty but it was not the main point in his mind right now.

Finally, the food has arrived.

He waited for the delivery man to process his credit card before he closed the door. His hands were full of bags of food. Whistling to himself, he brought them to the kitchen.

Once he was satisfied with the arrangement of the food and drink on the dining table, he washed his hands again and jogged upstairs.

It was time to wake up Sleeping Beauty.

He paused when he saw her sweet face. She was so deep in her sleep she did not even realize what was going on around her.

So adorable. So sweet. So lovely.

He did not want to disturb her sweet smile but he could not let the food getting cold.

He sat on the edge of the bed and leaned down. His lips pursed, ready to steal a kiss from the sleeping princess.

Just a centimetre more before their lips touched when her eyes suddenly opened. Her eyes widened. His eyes widened too.

Uh oh…

He quickly pulled back and rubbed his nape sheepishly. He knew his cheeks reddened, just like hers.

"J?" she mumbled and rubbed her eyes sleepily. Was she dreaming just now? About Jeremy tried to kiss her?

Must be a dream, she decided. He was too far away to kiss her.

"Jeremy, what time is it now?" she asked. She stretched her arms and yawned. She looked around, trying to figure out where they were. "Where are we?"

This place smelled familiar but she could not remember when she came here. This could not be a hotel. She was sure of it.

"My place," he leaned forward. He could not help himself. He only stopped when their nose almost touched. His hand reached to caress her nape. "My room."

"You… your room?" she choked out but her thought flew again when their lips met.

"Hmm… the food is here. Let's have our dinner first. Then, we can continue our 'rest'," he scooped her up and brought her downstairs.

"I need to go to the bathroom," she cried on the way downstairs.

He looked at the distance between the bathroom downstairs and where they were, and the distance between his bedroom and their spot. He made up his mind and turned around, still carrying her like a princess.

"Put me down. I can walk by myself," she cried but he ignored her. She was not heavy and it was comfortable holding her like this. She could not run away from him if he held her like this.

He put her down (finally) when they reached the bathroom in his bedroom. He waited outside with a smile on his face.

A few minutes later she got out looking so relieved. He wanted to carry her again but she quickly avoided him.

"I can walk," she cried and made a run to the stairs, giggling.

He quickly ran behind her.

It was like when they were young. Although Ryn did not like sports, sometimes she would play tag with Jeremy at the court while waiting for his team to arrive. Mika, on the other hand, was busy exchanging love words in Jason's arms.

He caught her right before she reached the living room. She giggled but the giggle stopped when she turned to look at him. She gulped nervously.

"I love you," he was not ashamed of confessing his feeling. In fact, he determined to confess his feeling over and over again until her heart truly belonged to him.

Her cheeks reddened. She used to hear it when they were in a relationship and when he was trying to woo her. When he was wooing her, she did not feel this shy but today, after she agreed to give their relationship a second chance, each time he said that her heart fluttered.

"Let's have our dinner," he whispered and stole a kiss.

He pulled a chair for her, then, eyeing the food.

"Whatever in your mind, I object," she said immediately when she noticed the look in his eyes.

"Fine. We'll do it next time," he said with a chuckle. Then, he went to his chair to sit.

They did not talk much during dinner. Ryn was starving and the food he ordered to her taste. She ate her meal happily.

He smiled watching her enjoying her meal. He knew he made the right choice when he was ordering the food. No vegetable for her so he already took out those from the bowl. He already made sure her favourite meat close to her. It was fifteen minutes later before they cleared everything. She did the dishes despite he wanted to do it.

"You've prepared the dinner… well, unpacked everything. Let me wash the dishes," she told him, trying to push him out of the kitchen.

"Can't we do it together, then?" he asked, refusing to let her do the work alone. She should be pampered like a princess.

"No. You go watch the news. You haven't watched the news for several days now, right?" she coaxed, putting her hands on his back and pushed him toward the living room.

"Fine. You'll be the good little wife while I will be the strong macho husband," he teased and walked toward the living room, whistling happily.

"Wh… what? Jeremy!" she cried but he was no longer there for her to argue with. Groaning to herself, she went back to the sink to finish cleaning everything. Once she was done wiping everything clean, she walked to the living room, joining Jeremy who was glued to the television.

"What are you watching?" she asked.

"Nothing much. Are you done? Ready for a little 'rest'?" he asked with a leer.

"Where is my phone? Have you see my phone?" she asked, looking around. Then, she remembered she took out her phone before went to sleep before. Without waiting for Jeremy, she quickly went upstairs to retrieve it.

Jeremy just pursed his lips. He did not follow her at all. Her phone was not upstairs. His phone too. Before he went to wake her up, he already switched off both phone and put them in the drawer under the television. He planned to bring them out tomorrow morning before she woke up. He was not worried if she learned about this. She would not know. He made sure of it.


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