Tell Me Again, My Love
274 The crazy woman
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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274 The crazy woman

Still unaware with the problem Ella was having at the restaurant, Jason brought Mika into a boutique. He sat on the red cushion and smiled, watching her checking the clothes on display happily.

His plan right now was to make her exhausted so she would not argue when he brought them home. Knowing today was the day Ryn returning, Mika would be anxious to see her best friend. But Jason was not ready to release her yet. He wanted to keep her with him as long as possible.

She was getting too busy to his like. He knew she was busy with the new collection of both her fashion and jewellery brand, as well as the new make-up line she shared with Ryn. And then, she needed to prepare for their wedding. She must be exhausted designing her wedding gown, as well as the dresses for Ryn, her grandmother and mother, as well for his female family members.

He hoped he could share her heavy burden but he was helpless in this. All he could do was making her happy like this to make her feel better.

"What do you think, babe?" Mika twirled around, showing off the dress she was trying on.

"A lighter colour?" he asked, frowning. It was too dark for his taste.

"I want to try the crème one," Mika told the salesgirl who was assisting her.

"Certainly, Young Mistress Long," the girl nodded and quickly went to get the correct colour. Soon enough she returned holding a crème off the shoulder dress.

Mika went back into the changing room to change into the dress. Then, she went back to her fiancé to show off the dress.

"What do you think?" she asked.

"Belt?" he asked, looking at how bare the waist area looked.

She looked down and pursed her lips thoughtfully. "It's okay. I have a suitable belt for this."

"What else do you want? What about the skirt there?" he pointed at the skirt on display. It was a new release and he thought she did not have it yet.

She looked at the skirt he pointed. Then, she made a gesture for the salesgirl to retrieve it for her in her size. "This one?"

"Try it."

Shrugging, she went back to the changing room with the skirt. On the way, she chose a blouse to pair with the skirt.

She returned to her fiancé, waiting for his verdict. Although she was the one in the fashion industry, the one who would be enjoying the clothes she wore was him. So, it was important for her to get approval from him too. Of course, what she was wearing when she was at work or when with Ryn would be according to her own style. Only when with Jason would she look for his opinion.

When they were finally leaving the boutique holding two huge paper bags, they bumped into Ella and her girls. The girls were whispering while giggling at Ella, while Ella was storming away while crossing her arms furiously. They did not expect to meet the couple again.

"You!" Ella pointed at Mika angrily. Despite her friends tried to stop her, she pushed them away and stopped Mika and Jason.

Mika cocked an eyebrow and looked at Jason in a puzzle. Jason was puzzled too.

Who was this crazy woman?

Both already forgot about Ella. For them, the girl was unimportant. Despite Ella thinking she was so important in Jason's eyes, in Jason's mind, she was but a little fly. Easy to be forgotten. Especially when Jason and Mika were on their romantic date.

"Babe, do you know her?" Mika asked Jason in a whisper but Ella could hear her voice clearly.

Not know her? They pretended they did not know her?

How… how dare them!

Not only she was being humiliated at the restaurant because of them? Now they were trying to humiliate her in front of others too. Good. Very good. They chose a spot where so many people lingering around and watching them.

"Not sure. Maybe she's drunk. Let's go," Jason pulled Mika closer protectively and tried to walk around Ella but she did not allow this humiliation go.

"Jason, how could you do this to me? Why did you leave me for that… that… slut?" Ella cried, pointing her shivering finger at Mika.

"I don't think she's drunk, babe. I think she's crazy," Mika told Jason, watching Ella warily. A crazy person could behave out of the norm and she was scared of her fiancé and she would get hurt. Her hands clutched to his arm even tighter.

"You… you…"

Ella's friends took a step backwards. They refused to be recognized as friends to Ella, the crazy woman. Silently they cursed Ella for bringing them here. What was her motive? It was so obvious the couple did not recognize Ella and they had never seen her with the guy.

"Let's go… let's go…" they whispered to each other and silently leaving the place. Their cheeks reddened in embarrass. They vowed not to spend time with Ella again, even though she treated them for a meal. It was not worth it!

Ella did not even notice her friends leaving her alone. Her attention was on the woman she claimed as the third party between her relationship with Jason. She would not let that woman stealing her man!

"Call the security," a salesgirl who was working in the boutique they just visited told her colleague. This mall belonged to the Wu's and since she worked here, she never saw Young Master (Jason) Wu brought another girl to the boutique or any other shop other than Young Mistress Long. As far as she knew, both Young Master Wu and Young Mistress Long were childhood sweethearts. So where did this crazy woman come from?

Her colleague nodded and went to call the security.

More and more people gathered around to watch. They whispered to one another, interested to know what was going on. A triangle love story? The girlfriend caught her boyfriend taking another woman to a date?

Some even took out their phone and record a video.

"Repeat what you just called her," Jason muttered warningly at Ella.

"Why? You don't like it? Does your heart hurt? You care so much about her feeling? Then, what about me? What about my feeling?" Ella cried, did not even care how many people watching them.

Mika tugged Jason's shirt but he simply stroked her back to calm her down. Let him deal with this crazy woman.

"Excuse me?" his voice was laced with anger but it seemed like Ella did not notice it.

"Good evening, Young Master Wu and Young Mistress Long. Is there anything we can help with?" security asked politely, ignoring Ella's presence.

"Apologize to my fiancée or I will bring you to the police," Jason warned.

"Why should I apologize? She's the one who doesn't have any shame," Ella pointed at Mika.

"Just take her away. She's making me unhappy," Mika told Jason with a frown.

"She should apologize to you first, love," Jason coaxed.

"She's crazy. She won't do what you ask," Mika said. It was getting late and she was too exhausted to face this kind of thing. Then, something hit her mind, "I think… I think I've seen her before… but where…?"

He frowned too. "Are you sure?"

"Hmm…" Mika nodded. Then, she stiffed. "That crazy woman is… isn't she your cousin? The one who asked you to bring to the club?"

Jason eyed the hysterical Ella with a pursed lip. Hmm… his love was correct. Why did not he recognize this cousin before? Well, maybe because of the make-up was so thick like a mask and the smell… argh… how many bottles did she need per outing?

"Sir?" the securities looked at Jason nervously. They had never had to handle this kind of problem before. The clients who came to this shopping complex were from the upper class. Although not all of them have a good relationship with one another in public they took care of their image. But lately, more and more clients from the average families came, after a cinema and a bowling area opened. But still, the situation was controlled but today, the day their Young Master came with his fiancée, a problem occurred.

"Just escort her out. She's frightening my lady here," Jason decided. He would need a long talk with his mother about this crazy cousin. He did not want this woman to interrupt his life ever again.

The securities grabbed hold of Ella's hands even though she struggled hard to get free. She shouted and yelled, telling the securities to let her go and to call Mika with so many bad names, it made Jason's face darkened.

Jason was about to go to Ella and made her regret but Mika quickly held onto him, shaking her head. "I'm too exhausted, love. Let's go home."

Jason glared at Ella for the last time before hurriedly helped Mika toward the parking lot at the basement. He was still angry at Ella but did not show it on his face. He did not want Mika to feel sad.


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