Tell Me Again, My Love
275 The viral video
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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275 The viral video

Jason brought Mika home. Their mind was no longer on their romantic date but about the crazy antics by Ella at the shopping complex just now.

Mika looked at Jason silently.

"Don't worry," Jason reassured her when he felt the gaze.

"How could I?" she asked back. "The way she was acting just like as if you were two-timing her and I was your scandal."

"She really has a nut loses in her head. I'll talk to mom about her."

"Jason, our wedding is getting closer. I don't want her to interrupt our wedding," Mika chewed her lower lip worriedly. She imagined Ella stood up and claimed loudly about why they could not be united as husband and wife in front of their guests.

"I know. We will solve this one and for all. That's why we're going to talk about this with mom today," Jason said. His eyes narrowed. He knew what his fiancée was thinking about. He was worried too. After seeing the shameless Ella accusing them in the public like that, it sent a shiver to his body of what she could do if they did not do anything to prevent it.

Mika nodded. She wanted to be there when Jason discussing this with his parents. She knew with her presence, her future mother-in-law would realize how dangerous it was to leave that crazy woman alone and do nothing.

They must do something to stop anything bad from happening, especially during the wedding day.

When they arrived, his parents were actually having tea at the pool despite it was already late. The elder couple was a bit taken back seeing Jason and Mika together requesting their time. Usually, Jason just brought Mika straight into his room, acting like no one in the house knew what they were doing behind the closed door.

Jason was relieved to find both his parents at home. Lately, his father always brought his mother out for a 'date' and it was hard to even for his, as their son, to meet them. Today was a lucky day for him.

"What do you want to talk about?" his father asked once they took their seat comfortably at the living room. He sat on the one-seater cushion while his wife took the two-seater cushion.

The younger couple took another cushion. Jason did not wrap his arm around Mika like usual but instead holding his own hands. Even Mika was standing straight. There was no smile on the couple's face.

"About cousin…err…" Jason frowned, trying to remember her name. He looked at Mika for help.

"Don't look at me. She's your cousin, not mine," Mika replied, rolling her eyes.

"What does Ella do now?" his father asked with a heavy sigh. He learned about the girl kept going to the company and making havoc. The securities had to tighten their surveillance in order to avoid her interrupting the workers and the clients. They asked about his opinion and he asked them what Jason told them to do. They said he did not allow her to enter the company at all. So, Mr Wu told them to just follow what his son decided.

"Just say she's acting like a leftover wife accusing Mika being a mistress in Blue Zone during peak hour," Jason did not beat around the bush. He was so angry at what happened he wanted his parents to know immediately.

"What?" his mother almost fell down when she heard it. She looked at Mika worriedly, feeling sorry for the poor dear. She quickly stood up and went to the couple. She nudged her son to move with her right foot.

Unhappily Jason allowed himself to be moved to another cushion. He watched as his mother pulled Mika to lean against her and patted Mika's shoulder gently.

"My poor dear. You must be scared," she coaxed Mika gently.

More like pissed off, Mika thought. She was getting sick of seeing that crazy woman acting like she was so important to everyone else. But she knew better than to say that out loud. She must take care of Mrs Wu's fragile feeling. She should not use her 'Little Lolita Witch' persona in front of her future in-laws even though they knew about that side of her. That persona was when she was in work, not during her private time. During private, she liked being spoiled.

"I don't think we can forget about this, my wife. They can't expect us to tolerate them all the time." Mr Wu told his wife. Every time Ella and her family created trouble, his wife would almost close an eye and ask her husband to solve the problems. He lost count how many times his brother-in-law came sheepishly and asked for money to pay for the gambling debt.

"But…" Mrs Wu looked at her husband and son, and then to the poor Mika. She was stuck in the middle. One was her family; her beloved husband, son and daughter-in-law while another side was her little sister whom she had not met for years. And she blamed herself for the suffering her little sister and family were facing right now.

What should she do?

"My love, the way you are solving their problem will only harm them in the future. You cannot keep covering up their mistakes and faults. They have to face the consequence of their behaviour," her husband coaxed. He noticed the familiar look on his wife's face. She was in dilemma, always have been, whenever the problem related to her little sister. It even affected her sleep and appetite. And he hated seeing her suffering silently while that sister of hers just did whatever she wanted.

It was wrong and unhealthy.

"I know but…" Mrs Wu paused. She did not know how to solve this one without hurting anyone.

"Mother, I know you're happy to be reunited with your sister but this can't go on. We must put our foot down or else it will get worst. We have our business and name to think of," Jason coaxed. He knew the only person who could decide upon this matter was his mother and he needed her to agree with him.


Then, their phone started to ring. Mika cocked an eyebrow at Jason, holding to her phone. The call was from her personal assistant. Jason received a call too.

"Excuse me," Mika excused herself and went to another room to answer the call.


"Boss, there is a problem," without greeting, Stephanie, her personal assistant said hurriedly.

"What is it?" Mika asked with a frown. She looked at where Jason was receiving his call and saw him frowning as well.

"A video of you and Young Master Jason has gone viral on the internet. The PR team has been contacted to reduce the impact," Stephanie reported.

"What video?"

"I'll send you the link. So far the comments are mixed but mostly negative. The team is working on handling the impact," Stephanie said before a short pause, "I… it seems like Young Master Jeremy's phone is unavailable. None of us manages to contact him."

"Where are you right now?" Mika asked, her eyes narrowed. Somehow without even looking at the link her assistant gave, she could guess what the video was about. This was what they all were worried about.

"We're at the office," Stephanie said. When she saw the video while eating her instant noodle at home, she immediately contacted the PR team and Jacob, Jeremy's personal assistant. With this could impact their business, she decided to straightaway call the PR to control the situation. And she knew her decision would be approved by the two bosses.

And she was right. Miss Mika did not scold her for contacting the PR team before the boss. She looked at the team who was busy typing with a sigh. Hopefully, they managed to control the situation.

"Give me half an hour," Mika decided before she ended the call.

She went to Jason and heard he was going back to the office as well.

"The video?" she asked.

"Hmm…" Jason sighed heavily. He never thought the impact would hit them this fast. He noticed some of the people at the mall were holding their phone but this was too fast.

"We'll discuss this with father first. He knows what to do," Jason urged Mika back to the living room.

When the couple returned, they saw Mr Wu just ended his phone conversation.

"So, you've heard about the video?" the elder man asked. He called his wife to sit next to him and Mrs Wu agreed.

"What video?" Mrs Wu asked in a puzzle.

Without another word, Jason clicked on the link given by his assistant. With a grim face, he enlarged the video so everyone else could watch it.

The video was not stable and kept shaking but they could see who the three people were clearly. It started with Ella screaming like a wounded wife. With the title 'Wife Caught Husband and His Mistress Dating', it brought so many viewers and the comments were all condemning the couple.

Mrs Wu covered her mouth in shock seeing the usually docile and soft-spoken Ella screamed like a banshee. She looked at her grimed looking husband and son before at Mika. Was this… was this real?

"Jason," Mr Wu called grimly.

"Yes, father?"

"Contact my lawyer."


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