Tell Me Again, My Love
276 The point of the lawsui
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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276 The point of the lawsui

Unaware of what was happening at the office, Jeremy spent the night blissfully with Ryn. Instead of spending the night making love just how he planned before, Ryn went straight to sleep after she failed to find her phone. She was exhausted from the long hour journey and all she could think of was bed and pillow.

Jeremy spent the night hugging her close to him, smiling.

They woke up in each other's arms right before the sun rose. He woke up first but refused to go anywhere. This was a heaven for him.

"Hmm…J?" Ryn mumbled when she woke up and saw him.

"Good morning, sweetheart," Jeremy leaned to kiss her lips gently.

She blinked her eyes after he pulled back. Then, she turned around, thinking this was just a dream.

He chuckled. He kissed her bare back gently before stood up and went to the bathroom to wash his face and use the loo. Then, he went downstairs to the kitchen to check what he could make for breakfast.

Not much left so he decided to buy breakfast. He took their phones from the drawer and plugged their phones to the charger. Then, he wrote a note on a sticky pad and pasted it on the mirror at the vanity table. He grabbed one of the caps and went out, heading for the restaurant not far from there.

Even when he returned with their breakfast, Ryn was still deep in her sleep. He chuckled and stroked her head gently. Then, he went back downstairs to prepare breakfast.

He finally switched on his phone after he was done arranging their breakfast on the dining table. He also switched on her phone while waiting for his phone to be fully on.

He was whistling happily, choosing how to wake her up from several ideas. To kiss her or to caress her back? Or maybe by luring her with a cup of coffee. But the happy planning stopped when his phone kept making sound after sound.

He quickly checked one of the messages. Then another. And then another. His frown deepened when he realized the ten messages he read after was from the company. He quickly called Mika.

"Hello? Jeremy? Where are you?" Mika asked quickly.

"I've just read the messages. What's the situation now?" Jeremy asked.

"Uncle and Jason are at their company with the lawyer. They are preparing to sue the woman as well as the poster. I'm at the company with the PR team. Please come," Mika cried. She hadn't slept from last night, busy tackling the problem from the viral video. There were too many comments and even the media had caught hold it.

"Give me fifteen minutes. And call our lawyer," Jeremy decided. If Uncle Wu thought it was serious until he made use of the lawyer, Jeremy decided that they needed to use one too.

"I'll tell Jacob to call him," Jeremy told his sister. "Give me half an hour."

He rushed upstairs to change into work attire. Then, he leaned to kiss Ryn's cheek gently.

"I've got to go to work. Breakfast is on the table," he whispered to her ear and kissed her again. "I'll go first."

Ryn mumbled something under her breath but she did not open her eyes.

Jeremy smiled when seeing her still deep in her sleep. When he turned around, the smile disappeared from his face. He looked serious.

It took him almost twenty minutes to arrive. He parked the car, taking note that he needed to refuel after this.

"Sir," Jacob was actually waiting for Jeremy at the door. He quickly approached his boss when he saw Jeremy had reached the office.

"Brief me," Jeremy said as he walked into the meeting room. Mika told him earlier that they were camping in the meeting room since last night.

"Boss," everyone greeted him, standing up when they saw him entering the room.

"The Wu is preparing for a press conference. Are we going to do it separately or with them?" Mika asked, looking at her brother.

"The same but the lawsuit from us, work on it," Jeremy told the man wearing spectacles.

"Yes, sir," the lawyer replied. He was busy typing in the computer.

"Mika, call Jason. I want to talk with him," Jeremy ordered his sister.

Yawning, Mika took out her phone and speed-dialled her fiancée. She rubbed her sleepy eyes.

Not only her looking tired and sleepy, everyone else except for the lawyer and Jeremy looked exhausted. They had been staying awake since last night, trying to control the situation but it went from bad to worst. No wonder Mr Wu decided to call his lawyer when he learned about the video.

Jeremy looked at them before he took out his phone. He started to tap on the screen quickly.

"You do know the family is broke," Mika said suddenly.

Everyone looked at her, even the lawyer.

"This is not about money. We're suing to show others not to take advantage of us," Jeremy said. His eyes were still on his phone.

"Jason on the line," Mika said, handing her phone to Jeremy.

Jeremy tapped a button to settle everything before he took her phone.

"Hello, Jason," Jeremy greeted.

"Hello, Jeremy. I assumed you've watched the video?"


Not only Jason was shocked with the short answer, everyone in the meeting room was taken back too. Their boss did not watch the video but decided to take lawsuit toward the sender and the crazy woman?

"Anyway, we're joining you for the press conference. Is it okay on your side?" Jeremy asked.

"Yeah, sure. In three more hours at the Golden Horse Hotel. We've invited the media," Jason agreed immediately and gave the location and time.

"Good. Our team is suing too so there will be two lawsuits."

"Okay. We take note."

Jeremy handed back the phone to Mika after he talked about the press conference preparation with Jason.

"Is the food here yet?" Jeremy asked after he looked at the document prepared by the lawyer.

"What food?" Mika mumbled. She stretched her arms to ease the tiredness.

"Jacob, go check the door," Jeremy told his assistant.

"Yes, sir," Jacob quickly stood up and went out. He was wondering what his boss meant by asking him to wait at the door. Were they waiting for someone?

He did not have to wait long when three men came out from the elevator bringing bags of food and…

"Coffee…" Jacob's eyes sparkled when he smelled the familiar delicious drink.

Did boss order for them? He knew they were exhausted and hungry and ordered food and coffee for them?


Ryn rubbed her sleepy eyes and looked around. Ah… she slept in Jeremy's bed last night.

"And I agreed to give him another chance," she murmured slowly.

She pushed the blanket off her and stood on the floor. Then, she leaned down to do the bed. Then, she walked into the bathroom, pausing for a second to pluck the sticky note from the mirror.

He already arranged a new set of a toothbrush for her and she used it to brush her teeth. Once she was done using the bathroom, she walked downstairs to the dining table.

"He didn't eat?" she frowned when she saw none of the food was consumed. Even the cup he arranged for him to use while having breakfast with her still clean.

"Is something wrong in the office?" she blurted out without thinking but quickly shook her head. He must be forgotten something at the office and needed it for work.

She sat down and poured herself a cup of coffee. She scooped some of the porridge into the bowl and reached for the fried dough. He bought her favourite and she was happy for it.

She was still enjoying her food when she heard familiar music. She frowned and stood up, still with a piece of fried dough in her hand. She looked around and saw a familiar phone lying on the couch.

Ryn frowned. Did she leave her phone there?

She used her clean hand to get her phone and slid a finger to unlock it.

"So many missed calls and messages," her eyes widened when she saw the notification. Luckily the battery did not die but she was confused why she did not hear any of the calls and messages last night.

"I must be too exhausted," she told herself, not once suspect this was the work of her newly agreed boyfriend. She checked the callers before decided to call her mother first.

"Hello, mother," she greeted when the call was through. Her mother did not call her at all but she really needed to call to inform her parents they have arrived.

"Ryn, you've just arrived?" her mother asked weirdly.

"We've arrived yesterday but I was too tired, mother. I'm sorry," Ryn apologized. She wanted to rub her nape sheepishly, only to remember the fried dough she still holding, she quickly bit into them.

"Are you eating?" her mother asked when she heard the chewing sound from her daughter. She shook her head in bemused. Ryn would never change.

"Hmm… I'm having my breakfast," Ryn replied. She walked back to the dining table and reached for the coffee.

"Do you have work today?" her mother asked.

"My first driving class," Ryn answered excitedly.

"You're learning how to drive?" her mother choked in shock. Her daughter finally wanted to learn how to drive?


Her mother wanted to say something but held her tongue. Could her daughter forget the trauma and start driving?


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