Tell Me Again, My Love
277 The driving class 1
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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277 The driving class 1

Ryn spent another ten minutes chatting with her mother while eating her breakfast. She asked about their condition, especially her father. She was worried about her father but it seemed like her parents were determined not to say anything bad just in case she got worried and decided to return home.

Of course, they missed their daughter and happy when she returned but if she returned with so many nagging, they would prefer to be a couple with the daughter too busy to come to visit them. 

Her mother did not ask about the driving class. She knew her daughter had the determination to face anything and prayed hard this challenge would be the one she could handle.

Ryn wanted to call Mika but found the battery only left 20%. She canceled her plan and quickly connected it to the charger. She needed it to be fully charged before she left the house and return home.

She quickly did the dishes as well and keeping the uneaten food into the refrigerator. Then, she went back to Jeremy's room. She needed to wear back her clothes. She could not return home wearing his shirt and nothing else. 

She had no clean clothes and decided to wear the clothes she wore yesterday. She took a quick shower and changed into them, wincing because she could not wear the underwear. She looked for her bag. Maybe she had a set of fresh underwear hiding somewhere in the bag. But she was disappointed. No underwear she could use.

She sighed. She guessed she had to go commando today.

She quickly packed everything. She also packed Jeremy dirtied clothes into her bag, planning to wash them at home. She could not find Mika's used clothes. It seemed like only Jeremy stayed here lately while Mika stayed at the mansion.

She waited for another five minutes before she took her phone and booked a Grab. She could not wait for Jeremy to return. And she also did not want to interrupt both Mika and Mei Li just to send her home.

She checked the whole house for the last time, making sure everything was switched off and there were no dirty dishes anywhere. Then, she went downstairs with her bag, waiting for the Grab.

She did not bump into anyone she knew when she arrived at the apartment. She quickly went into the elevator and punched the floor of her home. She planned to check on the progression of her house. It should take about two months or so for it to be completed.

"Today," she told herself. She should have the time after the driving class. She quickly put all the dirty clothes into the washing machine, separating the color with white into two piles. She also checked whether his shirt could be dump into the washing machine or has to hand washed them. It took more time than she planned but at least she managed to finish it. She went to change her clothes into a clean set and check the time. 

"Enough time," she murmured to herself, quickly packing her backpack for the class and lunch. She thought she would need to have her lunch outside after the driving class, with the idea of going to check her new house.

After an hour entering the house, Ryn was out again. She adjusted her backpack and locked the door carefully. Then, she headed toward the elevator. The Grab she booked should be closed by.

"I can't wait to own a car," she mumbled to herself. Today she spent quite a lot for a Grab just because she did not want to disturb Mei Li and Mika. 

Hmm… mentioning about Mika made she realized she had forgotten to get back to her best friend. Without wasting another moment, Ryn took out her phone and speed-dialed Mika's number. However, her phone did not get through.

Ryn checked the time, frowning. Was Mika busy right now? Usually, even if she was busy at work, she would answer the call and say 'meeting' or 'busy' but this time there was no answer from her.

"Maybe she put it on silent," Ryn shrugged it off. She was not aware of the press conference her best friend and boyfriend were having. She did not check the television or the internet. Her mind was fully on going back home and doing whatever she needed to do before going for her first driving class.

She walked past a group of women but did not notice who they were. Her focus was on the front of the lobby, looking for the car that would be her ride for today.

"Catherine?" Rebecca choked out. It had been weeks since she last saw her and she desperately wanted to talk with this ex-friend. She wondered why, when others were fighting to be in their clique, Ryn did not even care about being booted out of the group. She wanted to know why Ryn said she was hopeless and did not have her own mind. Why? Why when everyone wanted to get close to Irene, Ryn did not even bid an eye. Didn't Ryn know who Irene was? Whose family did she come from?

"Rebecca, where are you going?" her friend asked when Rebecca suddenly broke free from the group.

They watched as Rebecca rushed toward the road, frowning.

Ryn was just reaching the car's door when someone touched her shoulder. She stopped and turned around, frowning at Rebecca. 

"Hello, Ryn. Err… Long time no see," once she was faced with Ryn, Rebecca was actually flustered. She had no idea how to ask this woman.

"Hello, Rebecca," Ryn gave her a slight smile. "I'm sorry. I have another appointment. Can we chat tomorrow, maybe? I'm really sorry."

"Oh… oh…" Rebecca rubbed her hands against her jeans nervously.

"I'll message you later where and when okay?" Ryn said before she got into the car. She was not being rude but she was running out of time. Whether she liked it or not, she had to cut it short and go straight to the driving academy.

Rebecca could only watch Ryn leaving. She was a bit unhappy but at least Ryn promised to meet her tomorrow.

"Rebecca?" she turned and looked at her friends, "Isn't that Catherine?"

"Yes," Rebecca replied with a sigh. Luckily Irene was not here. She was still vacationing with her family. She would return probably in two more days and they were supposed to meet at a café with her.

"She looks busy," another girl commented.

"She is a model," Rebecca replied. She thought Ryn was going to a job, seeing how rushing Ryn was.

Rebecca joined back her friends, heading upstairs. They were planning to do an assignment together and they just got back from the library. Seeing how many days Ryn skipping the classes, deep down Rebecca wondered how busy a life of a model could be until she had no time to attend to her class. She used not to skip classes like this but lately…

Rebecca shook her head. Right now she should focus on finishing the assignment. The final was getting closer and they needed to study in order to get a better score than their previous test.

Ryn reached the driving academy in twenty minutes. She was a bit unhappy with the traffic but what else could she do? She paid the fare and went into the building.

"Hello, my name is Catherine and I have an appointment for a driving class today," she told the girl who was at the desk playing with her phone.

"Wait for a second," the girl quickly typed into the computer, checking her name and nodded when she saw Ryun's name. She then stood up and went to a door to open it, only to holler, "Jacko, your student is here!"

Ryn tried not to wince or laugh. She just sat on the chair calmly and waited for a man to walk through the door and smiled at her.

"Catherine?" he asked.


"Hi. My name is Jacko and I am your driving instructor for today," he introduced himself as he gestured for her to follow him.

Ryn followed. They stopped in front of a small cute car. Jacko used a key to unlock it and gestured for Ryn to get into the passenger side. He went into the driver's side.

"Do you have any experience of driving?" he asked as he pulled the safety belt.

"Not really… no, I don't think so," the experience Ryn had was a long time ago and not worth reminding. Of course, it was the first and the last time she tried driving and ended up in an accident with Mika. Since then, she refused to sit on the driver's seat, not confident with herself, and by sitting on the driver's seat it reminded her of that particular day. However, today, she determined to shake off her trauma and started to relearn back. By hook or by crook, she must get a driving license within this year.

Of course, right now, all she could think of was excitement but she did not know how she would feel once she sat on the driver seat. Could she forget about the nightmare and start again?


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