Tell Me Again, My Love
278 The driving class 2
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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278 The driving class 2

Jacko drove the car first. Once they reached a secluded area with quite a big field, Jacko stopped the car. He looked at Ryn with a smile.

"Do you know how to start the car?" he asked.

"I know," Ryn replied. She saw Mika, Jeremy and Mei Li started their car all the time and knew how to.

"Good. Let's exchange our seats," Jacko said before paused. "First of all, before you start the car, you should check the mirror and adjust the seat."

Ryn watched as Jacko demonstrated what he meant. Her eyes narrowed in concentration.

Jacko made sure Ryn understood before they changed their seats and he watched as she repeated what he showed her earlier.

"Remember to do this especially during the driving test," he reminded.

"Of course."

"Now, I will show you how to change the gear," he said after he introduced the parts in the car. He then instructed her how to, making sure she managed to do it without any struggle. He made her practice three times more before he decided that they could start learning how to drive.

"Don't get nervous and don't get scared. Just do it slowly and calmly," he reminded. He told her to keep the gear to one and calmed her down when she started to scream suddenly.

"Calm down. Don't worry," he said gently.

She gulped. At first, she was all calm and cool but once the car started moving under her 'instruction', she started to panic. She even forgot how to stop the car, just shouting at the top of her lung.

Jacko winced when her scream almost shuttered his ears but he kept trying to calm her down even though, all he wanted was, to stop the car and send her back. He did not expect a very calm and cool girl would react hysterically like this when she started driving. And it was only on how to drive forward! They haven't reached the part for turning and reversing yet!

It was a long hour. When they returned back to the driving academy, Ryn looked apologetic at Jacko the whole time. Jacko managed to hide his unhappiness. This was one of the worst students he had but he could not do anything. She paid for it and he had to make sure what she paid worth the price.

Ryn called for another Grab to bring her home. She closed her eyes and shivered, trying to erase the memory of today during the driving class. She was horrific. She tried hard to stay calm but she could not stop screaming and shouting.

It was like an accident would happen when she was in the driver seat and she was scared of it.

She took a deep breath to calm down. Luckily for her, her schedule for today was clear. She could just lie down on her bed and thought about how to make the trauma away so she could drive a car without any problem.

She rubbed her stomach absent-mindedly as she walked to the elevator. There was something she forgot but she just could not remember what it was. She shrugged it off and hurried went back to her home.

Hopefully, there was something she could cook at home for lunch. She was hungry after the long horrific driving class.

This time she did not bump into anyone she knew.

The only thing she had was cereal and eggs. She made two sunny sides up eggs and a huge bowl of cereal in milk. She brought them to sit at the balcony and sat crossed legs. She looked at the buildings scattering around and enjoyed her meal. It was little for her but she was too lazy to buy groceries or buy a meal outside.

She looked at her phone, frowning. Usually, around this time Mika would give her a call or a message but until now there was none from her. Had something happened to her best friend?

She finished off her food and quickly washed the dishes. Then, she went back to the balcony where her phone was. She decided to call Mika straight away instead of waiting for her best friend to call her.


Mika yawned loudly as she leaned closer to Jason. The press conference just ended and she was beyond exhausted. There were so many questions asked from the presses and luckily for her, Jason answered all of them. Just like Jason told her earlier, she just needed to look pretty and left the rest to others to handle the press.

"Want to have a little break this weekend?" Jason asked, kissing the top of her head.

"Hmm… I'm so tired."

"I'll tell Ryn what happened. She must be worried when none of us inform her anything," Jeremy said suddenly as he frowned at his phone. There were so many missed calls and messages. He glanced at his personal assistant and saw Jacob was on the phone.

"Another delivery for lunch?" Mika asked. She was starving after all this stress.

"What do you mean delivery? I'll bring you to your favorite," Jason said with a frown. He looked at her elder brother, "Jeremy, I'm bringing her out for lunch."

"Hmm… send her home. She doesn't have enough sleep," Jeremy told Jason. He was going back to the office and decided to have a delivery for his lunch. He had no time to go out for lunch.

He frowned when his call did not reach her. He called again and again the line was busy. He looked at his sister but she was talking with Jason while the fiancé brought her gently toward the door. Although Jeremy had his suspicion of why the line was busy he did not want to interrupt his sister. He could see clearly how exhausted Mika was, especially with the lack of sleep and the stress preparing for the lawsuit and the press conference.

He waited for a few minutes before he tried again. And this time, the line went through. He smiled when he heard his voice.


"Hello, Jeremy. Is Mika with you?"

"Hmm… she's going out with Jason for lunch. What are you doing right now?" he asked. His exhaustion went away just by hearing her voice. The thought of finally able to call her his girlfriend made him so happy.

He followed Jacob but still not wanting to end the call. He was not ready to end the conversation yet.

"I've just finished my first driving class and had my lunch. You?" she asked back, now walking into her room. She had no more moods to stay at the balcony.

She sat on the edge of the bed and crossed her legs. At last, there was someone who answered her call. She was getting worried when the calls to Mika were unanswered. So, when Jeremy called her, she quickly answered on the first ring. She was worried about Mika.

But hearing how calm Jeremy's voice was, Ryn was no longer worried. If anything happened to Mika, Jeremy would be affected by it despite trying to cover it. He would not hide anything from Ryn if anything happened to Mika.

"I'm about to order for delivery," he replied truthfully.

"Hmm… You must be busy with work. I don't want to disturb you even more."

"Why don't we have dinner together tonight? I'll pick you up around 6.00 pm?" he asked, not wanting to end the call this quickly but he also needed to read the documents Jacob was holding. This personal assistant of his even brought files into the car when they were heading to the venue of the press conference. But he could not blame Jacob, though. Jacob was doing his job and with the days Jeremy spent with Ryn, there were so many documents he needed to check and approve. He also had meetings to attend. It would be a busy day today but he still wanted to spend time with Ryn.

"Oh… okay. But I don't want to go somewhere posh. Just a regular restaurant or stall is good enough for me," Ryn reminded.

"Hmm… I know. Don't worry," Jeremy answered but of course, he would bring her only to somewhere he knew that offer delicious food.

They bade goodbye and Jeremy kept back his phone in his pocket. Now he was having a slight smile, which made Jacob almost stumbled when he saw the smile.

Jacob had to take a second glance just to make sure. But it only took him a second before he quickly went forward to open the door. He waited until Jeremy got into the car before he went to sit on the passenger side beside the driver. The documents were already handed to Jeremy before his boss entered the car. He gave a nod at the driver to drive the car away, heading to the office. He hid a huge yawn, too exhausted but too scared to inform his boss.

"Jacob," Jeremy called suddenly.

"Yes, boss?" Jacob quickly turned around and looked at his boss politely.

"If the situation is controlled, you and the teams can take a special day off with pay tomorrow. Make a memo about it," Jeremy said.

Jacob smiled widely. A day off tomorrow? But then, he frowned. What about all the meetings?

"I can handle tomorrow on my own. Don't worry," Jeremy said.

"Why don't… why don't we give them an option when the day off can be taken… but… within these two months?" Jacob suggested slowly.


Jacob waited with his pounding heart. If so many taking a day all at the same time, no one would be able to do anything if something happened.

"Fine. You all can choose what day you want," Jeremy decided finally.

"Thank you, boss," Jacob was relieved when his suggestion was approved. Then, he kept quiet while Jeremy continued reading the documents.


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