Tell Me Again, My Love
279 Keeping their relationship a secre
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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279 Keeping their relationship a secre

Ryn picked the clothes she hung at the balcony and immediately folded them. She then took a bag to put Jeremy's clothes in it. She did not iron them, though, believing Jeremy or one of the maids would do it.

She was just his girlfriend, not his maid.

Then, she went to change into her usual jeans and top for the dinner date with Jeremy. She did not bring her backpack this time. She only brought her small wallet with some cashes and the ID card. Her phone was fully charged.

She put on a sweater and put a cap she chose randomly to the side. Now she only needed to wait for Jeremy to come pick her up. She sighed and closed her eyes. She was hungry but at the same time still tired.

Absentmindedly she wondered whether Jeremy would really come to bring her out for dinner. After days spending with her at her parents' place, surely he had a lot to catch up with his work. And she did not want to disturb him when he was busy. She was okay of spending the time alone.

She was used of being alone anyway.

It took her seconds to fall asleep. She did not even plan to catch a few winks, just thinking about waiting for her date to arrive.

She woke up when her phone rang. She thought it was Jeremy, seeing it was almost 6.00 pm, however, her thought was wrong. It was from Harry.

"Hello, Ryn."

"Hello, Harry. What's up?" her voice was a bit hoarse from the sleep. She rubbed her sleepy eyes and yawned a bit. Then, she stood up and walked to the kitchen.

"About tomorrow, are you going to the office, right?"

"Hmm…" using a hand, she took a glass and poured water into it. Then, she sipped it slowly. She simply ran water to wash it and then went back to the living room. She waited for his next words but it seemed like he was gathering his words in his mind. She did not mind, though. Her mind was still fuzzy from the sleep and she needed a little bit of time to truly wake up.

"Why don't we have breakfast together? I'll pick you up at your place, and then we just go at the shop nearby, then we can go to the office together," he suggested. His heart was pounding hard, nervous to hear her answer. Please say yes. Please say yes.

"Breakfast?" she frowned. She glanced at her kitchen. There was nothing except cereal and eggs left.

Nothing to make for breakfast. She had to go out early anyway to get her breakfast on the way to the agency. And by going with Harry, she could save some money for her meal.

"Yeah, sure. What time do you want to pick me up?" she asked back, deciding to let him treat her. Why should she be a fool to reject it?

Harry smiled widely. He quickly checked the time, measuring the time needed to reach to her place and then to a shop.

"What time do you need to go to the agency?"

"Around 10.00 pm. I only told Mei Li I'm going to meet her tomorrow but did not plan the time. I'll check back with her today and get back to you?"

"Cool. I'll be waiting," he agreed immediately. As long as she agreed to meet him, to spend time with him, he would agree with anything.

They said their goodbyes and ended the conversation. She quickly contacted Mei Li.


"Mei Li, hi. Long time no hears," Ryn grinned cheekily.

"Ryn~" Mei Li groaned.

"Sorry for missing in days," Ryn was not truly apologetic but she knew how hard Mei Li had to cover for her 'short holiday'.

"Hmm… treat me coffee," Mei Li mumbled.

"Fine. Tomorrow I'll treat you for lunch?" Ryn forgot that she was supposed to have lunch with Harry. But then again, they were going to have breakfast together so it was okay.

"Remember. I won't let you go if you go back from your words," her manager warned.

"Yes… yes… so I'll see you around 10.00 am tomorrow?" she asked.

"Yes. I need to show you some jobs. Also, I have updated your latest schedule so do check," Mei Li reminded.

"Hmm… about the one this Friday, have you bought the ticket and book the hotel?" Ryn asked. She remembered she had to go abroad again for another week of work.

"Yes. I've arranged everything," Mei Li nodded even though she was talking in the phone.

"Cool. So I'll see you tomorrow?"

"Okay. Bye."


Ryn just ended the call with Mei Li when her phone rang again. She smiled when she saw a familiar name.


"I'm downstairs," he said simply.

"I'll be on the way," Ryn replied and ended the call. She grabbed her cap and her key house. Then, after checking everything for the last time, she went out of the house.

He was finally here. Her dinner was here… well, sort of. And her stomach was grumbling for hunger.

He smiled when she got into the car. He leaned forward for a kiss but she stopped him.

"Not here. I'm hungry," she muttered and pushed him away. She did not want others to see them kissing. Their relationship was still new. Just a day old.

He pulled back with a frown. Why wouldn't she want to kiss? Weren't they now a boyfriend and a girlfriend?

"Where are we going for dinner?" Ryn asked, not looking at Jeremy at all. She was busy pulling the seatbelt and arranging the seat to her like. Yesterday she used it mostly to sleep. Now, she wanted to stay awake so she needed to keep the back straight up.

"Silver Fox. I've booked us a table," he replied, a bit half-hearted because of her refusal to kiss.

She frowned, "Isn't that a Michelin's restaurant?"

"I guess so," he replied, changing the gear to drive the car away.

"J, I thought we're going to the restaurant nearby. I mean… a not expensive restaurant. It's just for dinner. Do you need to spend so much just for a meal?" she asked with a frown, crossing her arms.

"My love, I've booked a table for us already," he said. "I want us to have a romantic and peaceful dinner without the need to worry about paparazzi."

She gave him a puzzled look. What did he mean by paparazzi?

"Besides, I thought you want to keep our relationship a secret. But… if you do want us to reveal our relationship, I don't mind. I can do it anytime."

She opened her mouth. But then, she closed her mouth back. She did not want their relationship to be exposed to the public. Not yet.

Maybe when she was young, she wanted their relationship to be known by everyone but now she did not want to face any problem, especially from his fans. She thought that time if their relationship was known by everyone, the lusty old men would leave her alone but she did not expect the 'attack' from his fans. And it was when they were still in their friendship stage. She had not accepted him back as his boyfriend. Luckily for her, none of his fans knew her address. Some did send to the agency but most of the attacks were on her Instagram's account.

Sometimes when she was bored, she told Mei Li to disable the comment section. Usually, she told Mei Li to do so when she heard the rumor about her and Jeremy. Although she knew haters would not affect her life sometimes she was too tired to read negative comments.

But she knew, the moment she agreed to be with him back, she had to face these haters. And those paparazzi.

She closed her eyes and scrunched her face. Was she ready with this?

He glanced at her, wondering what was on her mind. Why was she making that face? Was she in pain?

"Are you alright, my love?" he asked worriedly.

"Hmm…? I'm okay. I'm just…" she paused and looked at him with her big eyes. "Are we going to be okay?"

"What do you mean?" he frowned.

"Your fans… will they accept me?" she asked slowly, worriedly.

He almost laughed at her question but managed to control himself. Why would she suddenly think of that?

"Don't worry," he said, taking her hand in his and stroked it gently. "My fans will love you. You are sweet, kind, and beautiful. Of course, everyone will love you."

"Really?" she asked, still unconvinced.

"Hmm… don't worry. Everything will be alright," he assured her. Honestly, he was unused with this side of her. She was always so confident and cool. She always looked like she did not care what others thought about her and just did whatever she wanted. But now… why would she think about how his fans would think about their relationship? For him, it was not important what his fans thought. All he cared about was her and he vowed to himself to make her happy. He would make sure everything she needed to be provided and would make her the happiest woman on earth. He would do anything for her.

He stopped the car at the parking lot and helped to open the door for her. Then, he took her hand and walked toward the restaurant. She no longer objected to his choice of restaurant, realizing another reason why he chose it. It could provide privacy for the couple to have their dinner in peace.

"My clothes are not fit for the restaurant," she murmured unhappily.

"Don't worry. You look gorgeous," he assured her.

"I'm not sure whether they will allow me to enter the restaurant wearing like this," she frowned unhappily at her outfit.

"Don't worry."


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