Tell Me Again, My Love
281 Having breakfast with Harry 2
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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281 Having breakfast with Harry 2

"You... you are learning how to drive?" Rebecca choked out. Usually, people start learning how to drive in high school, not when in university. Even she had a driving licence, courtesy of her parents, but she had no vehicle when studying. Her parents told her she could buy a second hand when she started working. They did not have enough fund to provide her with one.

Ryn rubbed her nape sheepishly. She could feel the awkwardness in the car. 

"Anyway, it's okay, Harry. Mei Li will send me to the driving agency. She already knew about it," Ryn cleared her throat and explained. 

She looked around, trying to find a new topic. She desperately needed to change the topic that was not about her. Although Harry was her friend now, the two women behind were no longer in her group. She was uncomfortable talking about her private life with outsiders.

"Where are we going for breakfast? I thought we're going somewhere close by," she asked Harry. 

"There is a new restaurant opens so I thought we can check it out," Harry said.

"Oh... you always know where a new restaurant open. Do you know the owner by the way?" Ryn asked.

"Not really," Harry laughed. Since he knew Ryn's favourite was eating, he always made sure to check if there was a new shop opened so they could check it out themselves. Seeing Ryn enjoying food made him happy.

Ryn glanced at the women behind her. What about them? They were not supposed to go so far from the apartment on their quest for breakfast. Were they supposed to take a taxi home after breakfast?

"Don't worry. I'll send them before we go to the office," Harry assured Ryn when he saw her glance. He could guess what was in her mind when he saw her biting her lower lip.

"Really? Cool," Ryn smiled at him and turned to look at the women, "After breakfast, we'll send you back."

"Really, Harry? Thank you so much," Rebecca's friend lit up when she heard it. She looked at him with a big smile before quickly gave him a bashful smile.

Harry smiled awkwardly and glanced at Ryn, wondering if she saw it. However, to his disappointment, she was busy chatting on her phone. Who was it that took her focus from him?

Ryn smiled and replied the message from Jeremy; 'Don't worry. I'm having breakfast with my friends. You don't have to come. You should eat your breakfast. You do have to go to work today.'

She did not have to wait for long for his reply.

'I'm already missing you. What should I do?'

She blushed when she read it. He... Didn't he felt any ashamed when typing that sentence?

'You... so naughty. You keep focussing on your work. I'm with my friends now.'

He sent a kissing emoticon instead.

She looked around when she realized the car has already stopped.

"We're here?" 

"Hmm... the shop is right there," he pointed at a small wooden house with a huge lawn in front. There were already people sitting under the umbrellas. They seemed to be happy enjoying the food.

Harry wanted to open the door for Ryn but she already opened the door and got out of the car. He twitched his lips but did not say anything.

Rebecca and her friend were out of the car too and looked at the shop with eyes widened. It looked small so they did not know how many dishes the shop offered for breakfast. What about the price? Affordable? 

"Let's go," Harry said. With the presence of the other two girls, he had to hold himself from holding her hand. He still had to maintain his cool image and he knew Ryn was uncomfortable being intimate in front of others. He forgot she was not comfortable holding hand too long when it was not needed.

She straightly treated him as a friend and fellow colleague but he thought differently.

And now, with her officially being Jeremy's girlfriend, she would make sure she put a gap between all of her male friends and colleagues. Unless it was necessary, she would keep her distance. This was what she did when she was in a relationship last time. 

But it still did not stop Jeremy from feeling jealous and threatened seeing how close she was with the male models and when she needed to have lunch or dinner meeting with her clients. 

He chose the only empty table. They waited for a waiter to approach them. Ryn asked for the menu and the man handed the menu to them.

Harry glanced at the menu before he put it down and looked at Ryn interestingly. Rebecca and her friend were whispering while looking at the menu.

Rebecca and her friend quickly selected what they wanted and handed the menu back to the waiter. Harry also told the waiter what he wanted and handed his menu. Now, they were only waiting for Ryn to order what she wanted.

Ryn cleared her throat and opened her mouth, "Can I have a plate of fried rice, I want the rice dry. Also a bowl of spicy chicken soup. Do you have the beef pounded available? I want it too. Also two sunny sided up eggs. Coffee for me."

Rebecca and her friend looked at Ryn in shocked. Wasn't Ryn a model, just like Irene? Why so many foods? They remember how much Irene ate just to maintain her weight. Irene even had a cheat day for ice cream, burger and other junk food. Whenever they spent time with Irene, especially during a meal, they had to ensure to take the same food as Irene or Irene would get mad seeing food she could not eat.

Harry was used with Ryn huge appetite. But why did it seem like she ate less than normal? But he did not ask her because once again her attention was stolen by her phone.

"Excuse me." Ryn stood up and walked to a corner to answer the call.

Harry watched her with a frown.

"Excuse... excuse me, Mr Si," Rebecca choked out, trying not to be so nervous but her heart was pounding so hard when looking at his handsome face. So handsome.

"Hmm...?" Harry looked at them, breaking away from staring at Ryn.

"Are you... are you really a model now?" Rebecca asked. "What... what about your study?"

"I am very confident my job will not interfere with my study. See how Ryn is? She is busy with her job but she doesn't let it interfere with her study," Harry pointed at Ryn with a nod of his chin.

"But... but it's been so long we've seen her in class, right, Becca?"

Rebecca nodded at her friend's words. So how did it show both modelling and studying won't interrupt each other? Ryn always skipped her classes for her job. Last week she did not even come at all.

"Really?" Harry frowned. No wonder... no wonder every time he tried to look for her, she was not there. He turned to look at Ryn worriedly. Ryn would not jeopardize her study for work, would she? The only week he knew she could not come to class was last week. But before that? It seemed like there were so many things she kept from him. But why would she keep anything from him? Weren't their relationship close now?

"Has the food arrived yet?" Ryn asked when she returned back to the table. She blinked her eyes when they gave her a look. "What?"

"Nothing," Harry cleared his throat and looked away. Even the two girls quickly chatted together, trying not to get Ryn's question.

Ryn shrugged it off even though she was puzzled with their attitude. She put down her phone and hummed to herself. She could not wait for the food to arrive. Her poor stomach was growling like a beast, demanding food. Her fingers tapped onto the wooden table, following the rhythm to the song she had in mind.

It took another five minutes before their orders came. The waiter almost staggered when bringing their food. Harry quickly stood up and helped to carry two plates so as not to overwhelm the waiter. The waiter needed to go back to bring the rest of their orders. The table was then full of everything.

"Let's dig in," Ryn said, licking her lips hungrily and took the cutleries. She took a spoon of the hot chicken soup and nodded her head. So hot. So tasty. She then put both sunny sided up eggs onto her plate of fried rice and began enjoying it. She did not even look to her left or right or even bother to chat with any of them. Her focus was fully taken by the food.

Rebecca and her friend shared a look. At first, they thought they could use the chance to chat with Harry. However, it seems like Harry was happy with his food and did not even look away from it. Of course, they swore they caught him stealing glances at Ryn.

What was going on between these two? Were they actually a couple? But why neither of them tells it to anyone? 


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