Tell Me Again, My Love
283 Use the chance to nurture their feelings
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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283 Use the chance to nurture their feelings

Rebecca quickly snapped back when Ryn got out and went to the back to shake Rebecca's shoulder. Rebecca blinked her eyes in a puzzle at Ryn before realizing what she did and then, quickly shook her friend. Her cheeks reddened at the thought of embarrassing herself in front of Handsome Harry. Oh… why didn't she just ask him his number or for him to follow her back in media social? It would make it easier for her to contact him.

"We are here… already?" her friend choked out unhappily. She wanted to stay longer in the car, feasting her eyes on the Handsome Harry. She was not satisfied with the short time they were together. Why couldn't the time stop?

"Hmm… thank you for accompanying us for breakfast," Ryn repeated what Harry said earlier. She opened the door bigger for Rebecca and her friend to get out of the car.

Unhappily the two girls had to move. They were moving slowly, hoping Harry would offer for them to stay longer. However, what they were hoping for did not come true. Harry was looking at his phone, checking any message. He forgot to do so, too excited spending the time with Ryn. So while waiting for the girls to go back home, he stole the time to check any message from his family or friends. Mei Li already knew he would come with Ryn today so she would not send any message to him.

Ryn went back into the car once she saw the girls safely reached the building. She could somehow sense their reluctance and it was funny for her. Was it so excited spending the time with Harry? Ryn did not feel anything when she spent time with him. Harry was a friend to her. There was no need to feel excited or shy because he was just a normal human being. Even if he was from a royalty line, she would not feel any different than she was now.

Regardless of the status of her friends, she treated them the same. Her friends were not chosen by their status but more of how comfortable she was with them.

He quickly changed the gear and drove the car away once he saw her already safe in the car. Now they were finally alone. And he preferred it this way.

He glanced at her when he felt her looking at him. He cleared his throat and straightened himself. Was he looking more handsome today? She did seem to keep looking at him today.

"What?" he asked. His ears already red but he managed to control his cool.

"You are very popular, Harry. How do you study under those girls' adoration?" she asked.

"Ah?" he was speechless with her question. Why did not she tell him how handsome he was or how she loved spending time with her.

"I mean…" she looked outside thoughtfully, "Having them screaming and shouting your name every time you walk around the campus or in whatever you do."

He took a deep breath. How to answer this question? Was she testing him or teasing him? Was his question determined how she would feel about him romantically?

"If I were you, I don't think I can focus on studying or doing anything," she added.

He was still thinking about how to answer her question. To give a general vague answer he gave to others or tell her what he really felt? She was the one he loved but to bare his real feeling, it was weird. He rarely showed how he truly felt in public. Even his family commented upon it. They said he kept everything bottle up and warned him that one day he would break apart when he could no longer hold it.

Ryn looked at him when he still hadn't answered her. She twitched her lips seeing his expression. Was her question too hard to answer?

"Never mind. You don't have to answer if you don't want to," she said quickly, wanting to ease his discomfort. She never thought the question she gave rather absentmindedly would make him uneasy. It was funny in a way but she managed not to laugh upon it. He was so funny… and quite… cute…

He opened his mouth to say he did not mind the question but it seemed like the topic ended before he could use the chance to strengthen their relationship. He sighed. He was too slow to grab the chance… again… and missed it… again.

"Anyway, how do you feel about your job as a model. Too boring or too overwhelming?" she asked suddenly, already changing into another topic. She was still resting her chin on her hand, looking at him interestingly. She found that this question was quite appropriate as he was still new in the modelling world and she, as his senior, should help him dealing with challenges. Well, not helping him solving it by herself but helping on how to deal with the obstacle. Of course, he needed to understand that regardless of how long they had become a model, they still had the risk of being cancelled at the last minute or even when they had completed their job but their 'existence' at the shot was deleted completely. Ryn rarely faced these problems but once in a while when she was still new, she encountered it. Her reluctance to 'obey' those 'men' always ended up with her being cancelled even when she was already in the middle of shooting or disappeared from the shoot completely in the finished product. At first, she was sad but Mika always cheered her up and brought her to have fun to lessen the sadness and it worked. She put that sadness to the side and focussed on her new jobs and on Jeremy. She even learned new recipes to cook for Jeremy when he returned from his show or tour.

She sighed. She never thought she would learn to cook because of Jeremy. When they first met, she thought of him as her elder brother. Mika always talked about her big brother and how he was such a hypocrite; in public, he showed himself as a perfect son but behind the scene he always bullied her. So when he was then introduced to her, she did not care much about him and focussed on her own thing and Mika.

"Everything is still new for me but I am learning," Harry's voice snapped her back from her thought.

She blinked her eyes a few times and faked a cough to the window to cover line. She could not believe she was remembering her memory with Jeremy when she was talking with Harry. Was she too hopelessly in love with Jeremy?

"Mei Li and other models, even the directors and the photographers help me a lot on site," Harry added, glancing at Ryn. He frowned when he saw her looking out the window again. Was she losing her interest on him this quick?

"Good. You should use all the chances given to you to improve yourself. Don't get discouraged if you face with critics. Use it to improve yourself. Learn from your mistakes and watch for others too," Ryn looked at him finally. She was able to control her emotion and mind. She no longer kept thinking about Jeremy and could focus on chatting with Harry. She needed to help her junior. He was still inexperience and young in this modelling world full with backstabbing, hypocrites and backhanded tactics to get what they want. She did not want him to lose his confidence and self-esteem when facing them.

"Do not get sidetracked with other's tricks. Focus on doing your job the best you could and your catwalk and pose, keep practising," she added thoughtfully. She gave more pointers as they getting closer to their agency.

He listened to her but, at the same time, he wished she would stop being so professional and started talking about them. But, it seemed like she was so focussed on being his senior and forgot this was the chance for them to nurture their feelings.

When would she grab the chance? They were getting closer to the agency. Once they arrived, they could not do it anymore. They must maintain their distance especially among their colleagues at the company.

He sighed. Maybe it was better for him to start it.

"Ryn…" he called her name gently.

"Hmm…?" she stopped giving her advice and waited for his next word.

"I…" he paused. He did not know how to start it. He was too nervous but he knew he had to grab the chance.

"What is it? Why do you look so nervous?" she asked with a chuckle. She thought he was too ashamed to share his problem as a model for her. "It's okay. Although you see me as if I have never faced any obstacle in my modelling work, I actually had so many experiences dealing with disappointments and sadness during my jobs."

He was speechless. How could she think he was still thinking about his job? He was thinking about their relationship and how to make it closer! He was thinking of how to make her accept him as her boyfriend! He did not care about this modelling job. Because he knew sooner or later he would inherit his family's company. This modelling gig was just a hobby, and a way to get closer to her.


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