Tell Me Again, My Love
285 Can someone tell her why she made a comeback again?
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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285 Can someone tell her why she made a comeback again?

Mei Li let out a tired sigh as she and the others left the meeting room. Although it was only an hour of the meeting, it felt like years. It seemed like their big boss just dumped another 'brilliant' idea and expect the modelling team to execute it perfectly. And the expected revenue just doubled suddenly.

Mei Li walked into her room, rubbing her aching head. She was getting a headache. Having Ryn and Harry under her, it was expected for her to bring more revenue to the agency.

But both models were just part-timing. They were not full-time models!

Mei Li's eyes landed on the piles of files on her table, pursing her lips a bit. Of course, among those files, there were some jobs that will bring a lot of money if the models agree to do it. But she would not force them. She still would follow their term as it was what agreed between them when they signed the contract. Even Ryn, she promised Ryn that when Ryn made a comeback, it would not interfere with Ryn's life at all. Ryn had total power to choose what she wanted and Mei Li, as her manager, would deal with the rest of the things.

She sighed. She took her mug of already cold coffee and went to sit on the couch in her room. Although her room office was quite small, she managed to fit two individual couch at the corner of her room so whenever her models coming, they could just chat there rather informally instead of talking at the work table. She too felt awkward when she tried to be as casual as possible with the models.

She crossed her legs and frowned. Although they did not say anything, the burden was placed on her shoulders from the way their eyes looked at her full with sympathy. They did have successful models under them but still could not be compared to Ryn. She rubbed between her brows, feeling another wave of a headache coming.

And suddenly her phone rang. She glanced at the screen and groaned when Ryn's name appeared. 

They had arrived!

And she hadn't found a way to tell them about the agency's plan to find them more jobs.

Unwillingly, she slid her finger across the screen to answer the call.

"Hello," she choked out, trying to remain calm.

"Mei Li, we're here. Are you done with your meeting?" Ryn slapped her forehead for her stupidity. If Mei Li hadn't finished the meeting, she would not answer the call. So, of course, the meeting had ended.

"Erm... yes... we're done with the meeting. Why... err... just come into the office," she told Ryn halfheartedly. She wished she took a day off and did not attend the meeting. She could pretend not to know what the boss wanted and just did her job according to the plan she had at the beginning of the year.


This was the disadvantage of working under people. 

She quickly stood up and went to the door hurriedly when someone knocked on the door.

"Hey, you," she hugged Ryn tightly, almost crying because she needed Ryn to help her find a solution for this mess. 

Harry's brows lifted seeing how enthusiastic their manager was welcoming them. He usually saw Mei Li as a quite cool, charismatic and calm manager. He never saw her acting this way; girly and emotionally. 

It was weird.

"Come, sit down," Mei Li pulled Ryn to sit on the couch. 

Harry automatically took a chair to sit, letting Mei Li sat on the other couch. He saw the piles of files on the table but did not comment upon it. 

"First thing first, I have arranged transportation and hotel," Mei Li reported. "I'm sorry I can't go with you again."

"It's okay," Ryn took the flight ticket and the hotel information from Mei Li and put them into her backpack. She did frown seeing the time of departure. It seemed like she had to wake up early tomorrow to go to the airport. Sigh...

Suddenly she felt so tired... so exhausted.

Can someone tell her why she made a comeback again?

"Why don't we start checking back your schedule for the weeks?" Mei Li suggested. She went to take a planner with the name Ryn written on the front page. She had planners for each of the models under her. 

Ryn took out her phone and opened the Calendar application. As Mei Li read the jobs she approved earlier, including the date, time and venue, Ryn nodded her head.

Harry watched silently. He was shocked to hear how tight Ryn's schedule was. No wonder the girls blurted out they hadn't seen her for quite a long time. She was out of the country for so long, Harry was worried the lecturers would label Ryn as a rebellious and troublesome student and fail her. 

He knew how serious Ryn was in her study. So, he wondered how she could agree to these many jobs even when they were busy preparing for their final? Had Ryn gone mad from all the study?

"And these are prospective projects for you to choose. I suggest these ones," Mei Li handed two bundles of files to Ryn. "You can read them first while I arrange for Harry."

"Okay," Ryn took the first file but in just a few seconds she dropped it to the side; the rejected side. She did not take long to decide what type of job she was interested with. She also needed to deliberate about the timing and location whether they were suitable with her other workload and study.

"For you," Mei Li gestured Harry to follow her to her table. 

Harry obeyed. He pulled back the chair he pulled just now and sat on it. He tried not to look nervous. This manager was really serious when picking his jobs. What was waiting for him in those files?

He could not help from feeling excited too.

"I have chosen several projects that I think suitable for you. These are the projects and I want you to decide which one you are comfortable with. However, I do need to remind you that you are still new and should not be too picky. Try to gain as many knowledge as possible and brush up your skills," Mei Li told him as she pushed the files toward him.

"We also need to update your portfolio. I want more versatility from you to show to your future clients."

"Take her suggestion, Harry. She knows best," Ryn suddenly chirped in, agreeing with Mei Li's plan.

"Have you included the date for the Eclipse audition?" Ryn threw the question to Mei Li. The rejected files were higher than the one she wanted to take more time to think.

"Yes. I have included both the audition date and the show date for the two of you. Miss Long already told me to clear your schedule on that day," Mei Li answered with a nod.


Ryn no longer interrupted Mei Li and Mei Li focussed on instructing Harry. She explained each job she found suitable for Harry and asked him whether he wanted to try for it. Of course, she warned him that he would go against other experienced models, even some from this agency. He should use the chance to get more experience and learn everything he could through the audition. Of course, if he was to get the job, Mei Li would be happier but being new, Harry should not get too overconfident he would get it.

"I want you to prepare yourself for this one first," Mei Li pointed at the advertisement for the latest supercar campaign. Looking at Harry's profile, Mei Li had no doubt this man under hers was suitable for it but all the decisions were on the hands of the car's company, not her. She could only help to prepare Harry for it.

"Okay." Harry knew the brand too well. He already had two cars of the brand and loved driving with them around. But of course, when he went to the agency, he did not drive any of them. He used another favourite car of his. Even to the campus, he brought the other cars, not the supercars he owned. Hence, not many knew he owned two of them.

Hmm... maybe it was time for him to take those two bad boys out for a spin. Just to get the feeling of them to help him to prepare for the audition.

He grinned at his thought.

Neither women noticed what he just did and knew what inside his mind. Ryn was still looking at the files, dividing them into two piles. Mei Li, on the other hand, was busy choosing a file from the bundle for Harry.

"I am thinking of enrolling you to the model class," Mei Li showed a pamphlet to Harry.

"A model class?" Harry frowned. This was the first time he heard the existence of this class.

"Yes. Your class will start next week. Don't worry. It won't clash with your classes at the campus and won't interfere with your study," Mei Li assured. She already discussed with the modelling agency and was satisfied with the objective and the curriculum of the class. As it was to improve Harry in his career, Mei Li immediately registered Harry into the class.

Harry could not help from glancing at Ryn but her focus was on the phone. He frowned. Why did he feel she was always staring and smiling at her phone? Had something happened with her?


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