Tell Me Again, My Love
286 Stop before it gets wors
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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286 Stop before it gets wors

Ryn finally was done looking at the files in between replying messages from Jeremy. She gathered those that she wanted and handed them to Mei Li. The ones she rejected would be opened for the other models to choose from. It seemed unfair but that was what the agency decided when she agreed to sign a contract with her. She would get the priority to choose what she wanted.

"These are the one I want. Arrange them accordingly," she said, placing the files on the table. Being the favourite among the brands, she did not have to go through an audition, simply just called the brand and ask whether they needed her to participate.

"Okay. I'll get back to them and then inform you the result," Mei Li replied.

"Hmm…" Ryn went to sit on the couch, crossing her legs. She had nothing more to talk with Mei Li. Right now she was waiting for Mei Li to be done so they could go out for lunch.

"Next week you will follow me for the audition so we will do your portfolio the day after tomorrow?" Mei Li looked at Harry.

Ryn rested her head on her hand and closed her eyes. She might steal some minutes for a short nap while waiting.

Mei Li continued instructing and informing Harry of his future work. They discussed which project what Harry wanted to do, making sure none of the projects interferes with his study. Harry added into his Calendar, under the watch of Mei Li and decided what colour he wanted for the ones he has to do and the ones she suggested but he needed to check with his own schedule first.

It was half an hour before they were done. Mei Li gathered the files she needed to settle later. After lunch, she would focus on the other two models under her.

She had four models altogether. The other two models she had assistants to help them while Ryn did not want an assistant. Harry, being a new model, was not yet being partnered with an assistant. Mei Li would accompany him while working until she decided he could work with a little assistant.

Once she determined Harry understood what was expected during audition and work, she would look for an assistant for him.

Harry stood up and went to Ryn. He prepared to wake her up gently. But his plan was disturbed when Mei Li went to Ryn and shook her shoulder gently.

Ryn stirred and blinked her eyes sleepily.

"Are we done?" she asked sleepily.

"Hmm… it's lunchtime. Let's go," Mei Li took her mug and prepared to the pantry to clean it. She was not worried about both Harry and Ryn left alone in her room. Ryn would wait for her at the entrance. And Harry had no schedule today so he could leave by himself.

Ryn went to the ladies' room to wash her face. She was still sleepy but she was hungry too.

She planned to go home to continue her sleep after lunch. Jeremy would pick her up after he was done with his work and obviously he would send her late again.

Ah… she needed to inform him about her early flight tomorrow so he had to send her early or they could just spend the time at her or his place instead.

She also needed to inform him about her busy schedule.

She returned to the lobby and saw Harry busy talking on the phone. She simply chose a couch and sat on it. She did not ask why Harry was still there, thinking he was just there to answer the call comfortably.

"Hey, Ryn. You're here."

She lifted her head and smiled at the two models who just came in.

"You two come here today?" she asked.

"Hmm… lunch date with the boss," one of them winked.

"Do you want to join us?" the other asked.

"Ah… maybe next time. I need to return early for tomorrow's flight. Need to prepare my bag," Ryn said hurriedly.

They chuckled seeing her expression. They knew how reluctant Ryn was spending time with the boss. The boss loved to nag, even talking about business when having a meal. And whenever Ryn was having a meal with the boss of the academy, the boss would try to make Ryn agree to be a full-time model. The boss planned to make Ryn work exclusively as an international model. Although right now Ryn was accepting a lot of work from abroad, it was less than what the boss wanted.

It was funny seeing Ryn always trying to run away from the boss' clutch.

"Okay. We'll see you soon," the models chuckled and went to the office to inform the boss about their arrival, making sure not to break the news that Ryn was there as well.

Ryn blew out a relieved sigh when the girls were out of sight. She was safe and in order to keep this, she needed to leave before the boss came out from her office.

"Let's go," she quickly pulled Mei Li who was just reaching there toward the door.

"Wh… what? Oh… okay. Let's go."

Harry quickly said goodbye to his friend and followed behind them. Had they forgotten about him?

He hurried his walk and caught them just before both disappeared. He wiped his sweat and put his hand on Ryn's shoulder to stop her. "Wait for me."

Both stopped and turned to look at him.

"Yes, Harry?" Mei Li asked. She thought Harry had gone home.

"Are you going to lunch? Count me in," Harry said shamelessly. Instead of asking and waiting for them to invite him to join, it was better for him to be shameless once in a while and joined them.

"Err… Ryn?" Mei Li looked at Ryn. This was after all Ryn's treat so it was Ryn's decision whether to let Harry join them.

"Do you want to join us?" Ryn asked. She was not unhappy. She was too hungry to care why Harry following them.

"Yes. If it's okay for you," Harry said hurriedly.

"Yeah, sure," Ryn was not against the idea. She was too hungry to care. All she cared about was when she could eat. "Where are we going for lunch?"

She looked at Mei Li. As she planned to treat Mei Li, it was Mei Li's call on where to have it. She did not mind where, anyway.

"Red Apple?" Mei Li suggested. She had long heard about the restaurant and wished to taste the famous apple tacos there.

"Do you know where it is?" Ryn turned to ask Harry.

"I think so," Harry took out his phone and checked it with a frown. Would they be able to enter during this busy hour? He did hear it was hard to get a meal there during lunch hour because so many customers come to have their lunch.

"So, we will meet you there?" she suggested.

"Why don't we go there in my car? And then I will send you two back?" he suggested.

"It's a good idea, Ryn," Mei Li nodded. She was a bit worried about the parking lot. What if they did not manage to find two empty parking lot when going there with two cars? It was better and easier to look for one parking lot instead of two.

"Let's go to my car," Harry said cheerfully. He grabbed Ryn's hand without thinking as he walked toward his car. More time to spend with Ryn and it made him happy. 

Mei Li watched him leaving. Her heart was uneasy seeing how Harry was treating her. Was he in love with Ryn? Mei Li gasped, covering her mouth. He would not... would he? Ryn was supposed to be back with Jeremy. Mei Li knew, despite the stubborn girl trying to cover it, Ryn was still in love with Jeremy. 

This could not be... She needed to do something to stop Harry from interrupting the relationship between Jeremy and Ryn. She did not want Harry to be the third person between the couple. And she was worried it would affect Harry and Ryn's career in modelling. 

Ergh... what should she do to avoid trouble from coming? 

She was not worried about Ryn, knowing how serious and professional Ryn was when working. Ryn did not mix business and pleasure together.

The one she was worried about was Harry. Being new, Harry was still green in being professional and not mixing business and pleasure together. Even now, she could see how Harry was mixing his business and his private life together. 

She must stop him before it became worst. 

She quickly hurried behind them. Right now she needed to find out Harry's real feeling about Ryn. Then, once she was sure, she would choose an appropriate time to talk with Harry. She did not want to involve Ryn because Ryn was innocent about this matter.

Ryn decided to let Mei Li sit in front beside Harry. She took the back seat and took out her phone. Jeremy sent another message before he went for his lunch. He was supposed to discuss business during lunch so he could not send her any more message until the lunch over.

"Let's go," Harry said once Mei Li buckled the seatbelt. He glanced at the back through the rear mirror and frowned seeing Ryn busy with her phone again.

Seriously, who was she messaging to since this morning?


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