Tell Me Again, My Love
287 The proposal
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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287 The proposal

Jeremy leaned his back on the chair and watched as the two men in front of him were still holding their real reason why they asked for this business lunch. Of course, Jeremy knew why. He was in a special position whereby he was representing both the company he built with his little sister and the company he would inherit from his father. They said they wanted to discuss a project, a collaboration between Full Moon Corp and Elixir Corp.

But, when he arrived and saw them, he realized they were not interested in doing a project with Full Moon Corp, but with Long Corp instead. Apparently a proposal from them had been rejected but they did not give up. They were planning to coax him to help them bring the project to fruitful.

As if he was a gullible person.

His father had a reason why he rejected the project. And he believed in his father's decision.

"Would you like to order more?" Wong Ah Keong asked nervously. He was waiting for his partner to open his mouth to propose the project but this partner was his refused to do it. He kept poking him to do it instead.

Of course, Wong refused. He was there as a support. He was not the one in charge of the program.

"No need. I'm good," Jeremy replied. He prepared to stand up. They had spent enough time just sitting there doing nothing. He still had a lot of work to do at the office.

The men were uneasy seeing Jeremy did not plan to stay long.

What should they do now?

"If there is nothing more, I would like to return to my office. Thank you for the lunch," Jeremy nodded at the dishes on the table.

"Wh… wait…" Wong cried, stopping Jeremy from walking away.

Jeremy turned to look at them, cocking an eyebrow. A smile was hovering above her lips but he did not show it. Finally, they were ready to begin the proper 'discussion'.

He wanted to see what they would say to change his mind.

Well, at least they did not suggest to do this discussion at a club and order him a few girls to 'entertain' him. If they dared to suggest it, he would reject their invitation immediately.

He had rejected so many business discussions held at clubs before. Hence, these people would always invite him for lunch and dinner to discuss business. For his part, he always did it in a proper meeting room or in an office. His little sister was mostly dealing with magazines and shows and now, with the media social too. So, she was not exposed to this side of the business.

Thinking of it, it made him wonder whether she was ready to take over the whole management. Or should he pull this part of the company into the family's company and leave her with the things she interested with? He did not want to put so much burden on her frail shoulders although she had the experience taking care of the company whenever he was too busy with his music and when he needed to return to cover their father's work in the big office. Each time he returned back, he saw how much it drained her mentally and he felt sorry. That was why he always allowed her to take so many days off to cheer herself up and relax. 

He faked a cough to cover himself. He could not believe he could think about something else when doing the business lunch. He focussed back to the two men in front of him. He smiled seeing they were still trying to find words to 'woo' him.

"Actually, the reason why we invited you for this lunch is that…" Wong looked at Kim, waiting for his partner to continue. He already did the introduction.

"… because… because… Would you like to drink…" Kim's eyes looked around. He had to think about the budget for this lunch but at the same time he wished by buying a bottle of expensive alcoholic drink would make it easier for Young Master Long to give them another chance for the project.

"I don't drink during lunch," Jeremy said calmly.

Their face changed. Had they read the atmosphere wrongly?

Jeremy smiled. He did not have the mood to help them. He really wanted to see how were they going to present the project. So far he was seeing their lack of confidence. Was he that scary? So many people liked him. Well, mostly girls. Every time he posted something in his media social, he would receive so many likes and comments from his fans. Of course, when he was in his singer persona, he was very friendly, full of smile and suave. But, when doing business, he tended to be a serious, no-nonsense man. He managed to divide these two faces perfectly until Mika grumbled hating his hypocrite attitude, forgetting that she had two personas as well.

Kim took a deep breath to calm himself. He was the leader for the project and when it was rejected, he was given a week to change their mind. He tried to find the reason why it was rejected and learned that the project was rejected by the big boss himself during the meeting. The big boss, he heard, hardly came to the office anymore and his son, the singer Jeremy, was the one who was managing the whole corporation.

Elixir Corp, where he was working, had never worked together with the Long Corp before. However, his boss suddenly wanted them to collaborate with the Long in order to improve their reputation as well as bringing more revenues. Long Corp only deal with mega and big projects nowadays and the one Kim was proposing was quite a big project.

"I… I hope that… Young Master Long… could…" he stuttered.

Wong glanced at him worriedly. Why was Kim behaving like a fool? Speak up? Be more brave. Just tell Young Master Long they were hoping for him to review back their proposal. The proposal was safe in the briefcase and was ready to be taken out at any time.

"I could what?" Jeremy played dumb. He already received information about their company and the proposal on the way to here. And he also read the reason why his father rejected the proposal.

The business was like a war and these two thought he was someone who was inexperience dealing in business. He grinned evilly.

Wong and Kim gulped. Why was it so cold suddenly?

"Are you going to speak up or what?" Jeremy cocked an eyebrow.

They gulped.

Wong tugged Kim under the table. Kim should speak now or they might lose the chance.

Kim lowered down his head and stumbled to take out the proposal with his shaking hands. Because he was too nervous, it was a struggle to even hold onto the file firmly. He wasted some seconds there just to take out the file. Then, still holding the file, he lifted his head and looked at Jeremy. He was stumped on how to start it. His eyes looked at Wong, hoping his partner would help.

Wong, instead of helping him, called for the waiter and asked for another drink. He asked for their opinion and Jeremy just asked for warm water. Kim did not want another drink. He was worried he would drink a lot to ease his tension and spent the time at the toilet instead of trying to persuade Young Master Long to approve the project.

The waiter cleared the table and went to get their drinks.

Jeremy leaned back comfortably and looked at them, crossing his arms. He did not do anything to ease the tension.

The drinks came.

And Kim was still frozen, hands holding the proposal under the table.

Jeremy could not believe himself with these two. It was three hours after they started their lunch but these two did not use the time wisely to bring the discussion about the project. If these two were in either company under him, he would send them a letter to find another job. Maybe they should change into another profession.

"If you are not ready to talk, let's do this another time. Don't waste my time," without touching the drink he ordered, Jeremy stood up. He could no longer wait. His time was precious, especially with the date he planned with Ryn. He could not waste more time here with these fools. He should spend the time completing the work in the office, as much as he could.

Kim and Wong were shocked. They could not stop Jeremy as they were too shocked. Wong quickly pushed Kim to stop Jeremy and the man quickly jumped to his feet.

In Kim's nervousness, the proposal slipped from his hands and scattered all over the floor. His eyes widened at the mess. Oh no…

Both Wong and Kim quickly kneeled down to pick the proposal up. Wong handed the pages to Kim and pushed him toward the door. Jeremy was near the exit and they needed to hurry up to catch him.


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