Tell Me Again, My Love
289 Cancelling the program
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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289 Cancelling the program

Mei Li was still struggling to understand why her silly Ryn was so oblivious with Harry's feeling. She looked back at Harry, getting more worried. If this girl was too blind to understand, things would get worst once he became more open with his feeling.

And both of them would not like that.

Things should be as simple as this and stay like this forever.

And how on earth could she explain this to Young Master Long and Young Mistress Long? They would kill her!

"Mei Li, what are you dreaming about? Let's go," Ryn called, reaching to pull Mei Li to move. She noticed her manager was acting weirdly on the way to the restaurant and now, it seemed like she was still unable to sort out her mind. Ryn frown. What was bothering Mei Li today?

Mei Li was like a child, being lead to the door by Ryn. She still hasn't come to her senses yet. When she finally snapped back, she realized they were already outside standing beside the car while Harry just unlocking it. She looked at Ryn desperately. Was this real? It was not just a nightmare?

"Where… where are you… I mean, where are we going?" Mei Li stuttered. Then, when she realized what she just said, she faced palm herself. Why was she so stupid asking an obvious question?

"I thought we're sending you back to the agency," Harry replied with a puzzle. He looked at her manager, then at Ryn. Were they supposed to go somewhere else?

Ryn shrugged. She was puzzled as well.

"Yes… send me back to the office," Mei Li said hurriedly. Her cheeks reddened with ashamed.

Harry shrugged. He changed the gear and let the car driving into the main road. Truthfully, he was impatient to send Mei Li back. Once Mei Li arrived at the agency, only he and Ryn would be left in the car. And he would use the time to woo her.

Ryn was no longer focussing her attention to the two of them. She was looking at her phone, frowning. It seemed like she had to cancel both plans today. She had a driving class and then a date with Mika.

How should she tell Jeremy about this without hurting his feeling?

She chewed her lower lip uneasily. She was not happy to go back from her words. And she also knew that he was happy with the date tonight.

Oh… why didn't she remember the promises she made earlier?

If she did, she would not face this problem.

She could not cancel her driving class but at the same time, she was sleepy. She rubbed between her brows. What should she do?

Maybe she should discuss this with Mika. Tomorrow she had to leave again, hence, today was the only time she had to spend time with her friends… well… with Mika.

Although she wanted to speak with Mika she waited until she reached her home. Yes, she was friend with Harry while Mei Li was her manager but this was her private time. She wanted to keep this part from others.

They reached in front of the agency and Mei Li got out of the car.

Harry glanced to the back, waiting for Ryn to move to the front but Ryn did not make a move at all. He waited but still no movement. Sighing, he changed the gear and drove the car away, this time heading to the apartment Ryn rented.

It took them no time to arrive. Ryn unbuckled the seatbelt and prepared to get out of the car.

"Ryn," he called before she was completely out of the car.


"So are you going to be abroad again?" he asked even though he was there when Mei Li and Ryn were discussing her schedule.

"Tomorrow I will go," she replied before stopped, "Don't worry, Harry. If you don't want to take jobs outside, you can tell Mei Li. She will understand."

He was speechless. Was she having a misunderstanding about him? Why were they talking about working abroad? He wanted to ask her if they could spend more time together today as she would leave again tomorrow.

"I'll see you again next time. Thank you for the breakfast and lunch… and for sending me back, Harry," she said with a smile.

"I…" his mind went blank. It was as if she had already drawn a line between them with her friendly treatment but at the same time, she did not give a chance for them to develop their relationship.

Ryn closed the door and walked into the building. Her stomach was full and she was happy. But she was still a bit worried about the phone call to Mika.

Hence, when she closed the door of her house, the first thing she did was not dropping her bag on the floor or at the couch, but taking out her phone. She quickly dialled Mika's number.

"Hello, Ryn," Mika greeted cheerfully at the second ring.

"Hello, Mika. Are you busy?" Ryn asked carefully.

"Not really," Mika replied as she closed the proposal she was reading.

"Like this… I just remembered that tonight I have another plan and I… I can't cancel it," Ryn was mumbling at the end of her words. She was worried she would blurt out about her recent relationship with Jeremy.

No. Even with Mika, she must keep it a secret. Just in case…

"You have another program? You can't cancel it?" Mika asked sadly. Her voice started to shake.

"I… can't…" Ryn choked out. She wished she did not have to keep this from Mika but she was worried if this relationship met another end, Mika would be devastated again.

And she would be… sad again… and would be unable to face her best friend.

"You really can't?" Mika sensed something in Ryn's tone. Something smelled fishy here.

Ryn quickly went to the kitchen and poured herself a glass of water. Something was stuck in her throat and she could not answer her question without feeling flustered.

"Ryn, are you okay?" Mika asked slowly. She tried to listen carefully. Why did it feel like Ryn was hiding something from her?

"Wait…" Ryn choked out and quickly gulped down the water.

Mika waited.

"I… I have to go to my class in ten minutes and it will end in one hour. Can we meet after my class instead?" Ryn suggested slowly.

"What about tomorrow?" Mika asked.

"I… I have to go to Milan…" Ryn replied slowly.

"Again? I thought you've just returned from… Spain…" Mika choked out. She missed Ryn desperately during her time abroad. Despite that, she managed to control herself not to go. Even her beloved Jason praised her for her patience.

"I know. I'm sorry. But… I already signed contracts for the jobs," Ryn said apologetically. She missed her best friend too. But work was work. She could not break her contract just because she wanted to be with Mika instead.

"Well… when are you coming back?" Mika asked sadly.

"Err…. In… two more weeks? Just time for the audition Eclipse and then I need to go to…"

"I thought you have finals," Mika cried.

"I do," Ryn replied.


"I'll come back for the finals and then…"

"Ryn, what about the launch of our make-up brand?" Mika cried.

"Has… has everything settled? We've got the venue and the date? Has the advertisement done edited?" Ryn felt like it was too soon for the editing to finished.

"Yes. I've seen the final edit and I like it," Mika said happily, "You won't believe how Jack edited everything into a fairyland ice princess."

"I can still remember how frosty it was. I can't remember anything else but the coldness, Mika," Ryn pointed out dryly. She spent the duration shivering in coldness but when the camera started rolling, she put on her professional mask and did what she should do according to what the director envisioned.

"Sorry…" Mika could only apologize for the suffering Ryn had to go through during the shooting. But when she saw the final work, it was worth it. It was worth spending thousands for the shooting. She had no regret at all choosing Jack to handle the work. She was truly satisfied with his work.

"Never mind. If you're busy, maybe we can meet in two weeks?" Ryn suggested. She checked the time and her eyes widened. She should get going now or she would be late.


Ryn walked back to the door. She needed to move quickly now.

"I need to go now. I have to move now or I will be late. I'll see you in two weeks?"

"Wait… why don't we meet now? I'll send you to class?" Mika said hurriedly.

"It's okay. You're working right now. I don't want to disturb your work," Ryn said quickly. She took a pair of sneakers to wear. Then, she unlocked the door to get out of the house. Silently she wondered why she went home instead of going straight to the driving academy.

"I'm on my way. Wait for me, please," Mika said before she disconnected the call.

"…" Ryn could not say anything despite she wanted to stop Mika. It seemed like she just made a mistake by calling Mika. She should just send her a message instead.


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