Tell Me Again, My Love
290 Ryn needs me more
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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290 Ryn needs me more

Whether she liked it or not, Ryn had to wait for Mika. She changed her mind to go downstairs to get a taxi and sat on the couch waiting.

She was a bit worried that she would get late so she called the driving agency to tell them she would be a bit late. The woman who answered the call told her to take her time and do not be worried. It made her feel slightly relieved.

She leaned to the couch and closed her eyes. While waiting, might as well stealing the time for a short nap.

She woke up with the call from Mika. She rubbed her eyes sleepily and went to the kitchen to wash her face. Finally, her 'car' has arrived. Her blurred mind was trying to remind her not to break the news about her date tonight when she was with Mika. She must watch whatever she said today.

Mika smiled happily when Ryn opened the door and gave a sleepy greeting at her.

"Ryn, I haven't seen you for so long. I miss you so much," Mika leaned down to hug her best friend but it was hard with the gear and random things she installed in the car. She could only manage to hold Ryn's shoulders rather uncomfortably before she sat back on her driver seat.

Ryn did not say a word. She was still sleepy and tried hard to fight it.

"Don't send me to the campus. Here, this is the address," she handed her phone to Mika, already set to the map application.

Although in a puzzle, Mika placed Ryn's phone at the phone holder at the dashboard. She glanced at it, frowning seeing their destination was far away from the campus. But, she did not ask about it, simply driving according to the instruction of the application.

Ryn was not worried about Mika's driving the car. She knew Mika would bring her safely to the driving agency. She only woke up when Mika shook her, waking her up once they have arrived in front of the agency.

"You didn't tell me your driving class starts today," Mika said with a slight pout. She finally realized their real destination when they were almost close to the building. A driving class and if Mika did not force herself to be Ryn's driver today, she would not know about it at all. Of course, she knew about Ryn's desire to learn how to drive, but Ryn did not inform her anything about it afterwards. 

"Actually it's my second day. Yesterday was my first class," Ryn explained.



"Why didn't you tell me? I can come and give you support," Mika cried.

"I don't think I need any cheering, Mika. It's just a driving lesson," Ryn pointed out dryly.

"But… but you need some cheer up. You… it has been three years since you've learned driving," still not giving up, Mika coaxed Ryn.

Ryn just closed her mouth, refused to comment over the reminder. She could still remember the accident and how it gave her a traumatic experience. And the root of the accident? She glanced at the woman beside her.

Mika gave her a puppy-eyed look, blinking her eyes adoringly.

"You..." Ryn chuckled as she rubbed Mika's head. How could Mika act like a kid whenever and wherever they were? Luckily for them, there was no one else there except them.

"I'm going in. You can wait at the cafe nearby if you want to. I'll be done in an hour," Ryn told Mika.

"I can always accompany you in the car. I can help you," Mika cried. She refused to be left out of the experience. She wanted to be there during Ryn's driving lesson. And she was hoping she could record it for memory in the future.

Or maybe she could publish it on her Youtube channel.

Some of her followers did ask her to upload more videos with Ryn. But because of Ryn's busy schedule, she did not have time to do a video together with her best friend. Maybe today would be the best time for them to film a video?

Hence, she stubbornly followed Ryn into the building and introduced herself to the driving instructor. She also told the instructor she wanted to sit at the back while Ryn was having her driving lesson. The driving instructor looked at Ryn in a puzzle. Never in his years of teaching, someone else wanted to accompany the student. And he never heard this kind of thing from other colleagues too.

Should he allow it, what would his boss say?

He looked at the woman at the counter, hoping she could help him.

The woman just shrugged. She did not want to be stuck in this dilemma and did not want to be blamed by their boss. Better to save herself first.

Ryn groaned, covering her face with her hands. She could not believe Mika would ask her driving instructor that. Had she lost her mind?

Mika ignored the ashamed look from Ryn. Her attention was fully on the driving instructor, waiting for his decision.

"Well?" she asked with an impatient tap of her right heel.

"I... I should ask this to my boss first," Jacko, Ryn's driving instructor stuttered uneasily. What else could he do except asking his boss? He could not make the decision here. If anything, it was better to have the order from the boss.

"Okay. We will wait," Mika said with a huge smile, ignoring the jab coming from Ryn. Ryn was too proper and it was good to capture her expression and behaviour during the lesson.

"Mika, have you gone crazy after eating all those chocolates?" Ryn hissed when Jacko left to ask his boss about Mika's request.

"I am not," Mika mumbled as she pouted, "I didn't eat that much chocolate."

"I'll buy you later after the lesson," Ryn groaned, too lazy to 'argue' with her childhood best friend. It would only give her a headache.

"Really, Ryn? I want Godiva," Mika rubbed her hands happily. Although her fiance, Jason, always bought her chocolate but eating it with Ryn was different.

"Okay. Godiva," Ryn sighed heavily. It seemed like they have to make a stop of the shopping complex to get the said brand. 

Mika pulled Ryn to sit on the double sofa at the waiting area. Where was that man? Was it so hard to make a decision? Just say yes. Was it so hard?

Mika took out her phone and smiled seeing a message from Jason. It seemed like Jason was already missing her. She replied with kisses emoticons. But it was not enough for her. She quickly took a selfie of herself giving air kisses and sent it to him.

But still, it was not enough. 

She quickly dialled his number and instead of a regular phone call, it was a video call. She did not have to wait for long before he answered. She smiled seeing his handsome face.

"Hey, babe," she called.

"Baby, where are you? You're not in the office, are you?" Jason could not recognize the interior of the room she was in. He frowned worriedly. His fiance was such a naive and innocent girl. It was easy for bad people to lure her into their evil clutch.

"I am here with Ryn," Mika quickly arranged the camera to fit both of them.

Ryn, hearing her name being mentioned, lifted her head and looked at the phone in Mika's hand.

"Oh, hi, Jason," she greeted, waving her hand a bit.

"Oh, you're with her," Jason let out a relieved sigh. "Where are you two? What are you doing? You're not shopping, are you?"

"No. I'm accompanying Ryn for her driving class. You know, as support," Mika explained cheerfully.

"Driving class?" Jason frowned. Ryn finally wanted to drive by herself? He tried not to chuckle. He was so happy. It meant that he would have more time with his sweetheart because Ryn no longer needed a 'driver' to bring her to her destination. 

"Hmm... hmm... I miss you too, babe, but Ryn needs me more. Can you wait for me?" Mika cooed.

"I need her more?" Ryn choked out, pointing at herself in a puzzle. Since when?

"Fine. But can we have dinner together tonight?" he asked hopingly. She did say she would spend the night with Ryn after days not meeting her. 

"Hmm..." Mika glanced at Ryn, pursing her lips a bit. She wanted to have dinner with Ryn but her best friend already said she has another plan. Would Ryn change her mind if Mika made enough puppy-eyed look?

"Why are you looking at me?" Ryn asked when she noticed the weird look from Mika. She looked left and right but there was no one else there beside them and the receptionist.

"Nothing," Mika shook her head and turned back her attention to the phone. She did not want to neglect her fiance.

 Jacko returned with an elderly man. He was bowing and gesturing toward the women while talking politely at the man.

Ryn cleared her throat and tapped Mika's thigh to signal her about the duo's arrival.

"Finally," Mika mumbled when she saw the men. She quickly said goodbye at her fiance and smiled at the men but still maintaining the aura of her Witch Lolita persona.

Ryn, on the other hand, could only smile awkwardly.


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