Tell Me Again, My Love
291 Stop screeching like a banshee
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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291 Stop screeching like a banshee

The elder man sat on the couch. Although he was a bit taken aback with the request but seeing these two women, he knew they were not from an ordinary background. Especially the woman who was giving him a quite serious look. Another woman was giving him an awkward look.

Who were these two women?

He cleared his throat and gave a smile. "I heard that you wish to join in the lesson."

Ryn and Jacko immediately looked at Mika, waiting for her reply. She was the one who wanted to be in the car too so she should answer the question.

They did not have to wait for long.

"Yes. But I already have a driving licence. I only want to give my best friend support during her lesson," Mika replied with a smile. She was not being friendly but instead was giving out her business persona. It was slightly different than her usual happy-go-lucky self.

Ryn frowned but did not say a word. Honestly, she did not really like this side of Mika. She worried it would make Mika's depression getting worst when she was too serious with her work.

"Err... give support?" Heinze, the owner of the driving agency choked out in a puzzle. He never received this kind of request before. That was why he came out to really make sure his worker did not pull a prank at him.

But this client was...

Heinze looked at Jacko. Jacko told him earlier how miserable it was teaching this client when she kept yelling even though they had not done anything yet. He did request to change into another instructor but the request was rejected. When the other woman came, Jacko asked him if she was allowed to accompany them in a hope that her presence could make Miss Catherine stop shouting like a crazy woman. He was so desperate he even bought a pair of ear mufflers for today's class.

Heinze wanted to see who was the client that brought horror to his driving instructor. Hence, he was shocked to see two beautiful women were waiting for them at the lobby. One of the women brought horror to Jacko? Was Jacko kidding him? 

"I think my request will not affect the driving lesson. I can guarantee you my presence will help," Mika said calmly. She crossed her arms and acted like a typical spoiled little heiress, another persona of hers which she had mastered perfectly. "I can even pay."

Heinze and Jacko looked at her in shock. Their jaw dropped.

"Enough, Mika. Stop scaring them," Ryn finally spoke. She could no longer hold herself. Why was Mika acting this was?

"Me?" Mika pointed at her face in shock. Then, she cleared her throat and looked away. She was sulking but she could not throw tantrum here. Ryn would hate her. She did not want to be hated by Ryn.

"I'm sorry for disturbing your time," Ryn apologized to Heinze. She even lowered her head a bit to show how sorry she was.

"Mika," she hissed when her best friend did not do anything. She pulled Mika to face Heinze and Jacko and urged her to lower her head as well.

Unwillingly, Mika obeyed. She was not happy with this. Not at all.

Heinze had to forgive them. What else could he do? The customer was always right.

He watched as the three of them entered the car with Jacko driving it. He sighed and shook his head. Next time, he might need to add another rule for a future customer. No spoiled heiress.

Ryn took a deep breath to calm herself as they were getting closer to the field. She was a bit nervous for her second lesson. She already learned the basic of driving from Jacko. Today, she was supposed to practice what she learned yesterday.

"Why are you so quiet, Ryn? Are you scared?" Mika asked suddenly. She noticed how paled her friend's face turned and it brought worry in her heart. Was Ryn ready for this? Wasn't the time too short for her to start back?

"I… I am okay," Ryn gulped. She tried to look strong but the shiver all over her body betrayed the bravery she tried to portray. She was scared, to be honest. Maybe it was too soon for her?

"Don't worry, Ryn. You can do it," Mika cheered from the back. She tried to soothe the worry in Ryn's heart.

Jacko did not say anything. He was actually scared of the time for this client to start driving. Would he face the same yell? He shivered uncontrollably. Please, let today be as peaceful as possible. His poor ears could not take it.

He glanced at the woman sitting at the back via the rear mirror, praying hard to the God that this woman would help to make his little wish came true. He just wanted to have a peaceful driving lesson as possible without a ghost screeching next to his ears.

Finally, it was time he had been dreaded. With a shaken in his voice, he told Ryn to change seat with him. Her friend was still blinking her huge eyes at them, watching Ryn's every move worriedly. He gulped, nervous too.

Ryn sat on the driver's seat. She took a deep breath to control her calm. Then, she started to adjust everything to suit her height.

So far so good.

Now, it was time to start the engine.

Her shaking hand reached for the car key and turned it to start the engine.

"Yes, Ryn. You can do it," Mika cheered from the back. She ignored the sight of the huge man quickly put on something to his ears. All her attention was on her best friend. Please, let Ryn managed to do it perfectly.

"Don't close your eyes," Jacko reminded when he saw she did just that. What was in her mind? She should never close her eyes when driving. It's a big no-no!

Ryn opened an eye and found themselves still not moving. She just started the engine and already panicked.

"Ryn, calm down. You can do it," Mika said from the back. She was getting worried seeing how pale Ryn was right now. She reached out and held Ryn's hand to calm her down. "Calm down. Take a deep breath and calm down. Everything will be okay."

"I can do this," Ryn mumbled slowly. She gripped Mika's hand to get the courage and energy from her best friend. It took her five minutes before she let Mika's hand go and held onto the steering wheel.

"Push the accelerator slowly. Don't get panicked when the car start moving," Mika reminded as she watched Ryn like a hawk. The accident that day was so bad, even she was traumatic of driving but only for two months. But for this best friend of hers, it took Ryn even longer… even until now.

Ryn took a deep breath. Then, with one shaking hand, she changed into the first gear and then slowly lifting her foot to let the car moving.

Jacko took a deep breath and prepared himself.

And the shouting began…

Mika winced as she covered her ears. The car was quite small. The voice was loud enough within the small compartment. With nothing to lessen the noise, it gave a headache to her head.

"Stop screeching like a banshee. You can drive," Mika cried desperately. No wonder… no wonder that driving instructor put that on over his ears. He knew this would happen.

She glared at the poor Jacko. He should tell her about this!

Jacko tried to observe Ryn's driving skill despite the shouting and yelling distracting him. It was hard to stay focus when all he wanted was to make her stop the car and took over the driving. Silently, he lit a candle for the driving officer who would test Ryn. Then, he remembered that he was supposed to train Ryn to drive smoothly before her test day and he lit himself hundreds of candles instead. Poor him.

"Ryn, calm down. It's going to be okay. Everything is okay. There is nothing in front to be afraid of," Mika coaxed, even needing to raise her voice to counter with Ryn's shout.

Jacko was stuck between two women shouting and yelling. His face paled. He could not help looking at his watch. How much longer he had to be here? Could he end the class now?

Boss, can I change to another client, please?

Exactly an hour later, Ryn stopped her lesson. Even her voice has turned hoarse from the lesson. Ryn and Jacko got out of the car and rubbed their ears painfully. One long hour of full suffering and miserable.

But at least Ryn managed to drive back and forth and turn right and left. She only panicked when she had to change gear, keep crying whether she was doing it right and what to do with her feet.

Ryn watched them apologetically. It was not her desire to shout and cry when driving but she could not help herself. When she held the steering wheel, she felt like the car would hit something and she would end up in the hospital… again.


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