Tell Me Again, My Love
293 What about our date?
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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293 What about our date?

Jeremy crossed his arms and stared at the car slowly stopping in front of him. Half an hour. It took the driver half an hour after the time he was supposed to pick him up to arrive here. 

"I'm sorry, Young Master," the driver could only apologize as he hurriedly opened the door for him.

Jeremy did not say a word. He simply got into the car and crossed his legs. His eyes stared at the driver when the poor driver returned back to the driver seat. 

The driver gulped nervously. He knew it was his fault for making the Young Master waiting. It was not his plan to do so. Coincidentally, all the roads he took were full of cars and he was stuck in the jam. He tried his best to avoid congested roads but...

"I really am sorry, Young Master," he apologized again.

Jeremy snorted. It was useless to scold the driver. He knew if he did, his parents would scold him later. He quickly checked his phone, just in case Ryn sent him a message. He was worried his girlfriend would cancel their date because of his lateness.

He planned to many things tonight for it to cancel. He did not want their romantic date to be canceled!

There was no message from her. Surprise. Surprise. 

It seemed like she still treated him the same as before when they were 'friends'. She did not take the lead of sending loving and romantic messages to him. She only replied to his messages and even admonished him to focus on his work. He missed receiving sudden messages from her full of love and missing him especially when he was on tour or when she was busy with her work. She never forgot about him even when she was rushing to the next job.

It took him no time to arrive in front of his apartment. He refused to return to the mansion and ordered the driver to send him to the apartment he shared with his little sister, Mika. However, he envisioned it would belong to him and Ryn pretty soon, as Mika would get married in a few more months and Jason would bring his troublesome little sister to live with him.

Honestly, he could not wait for his little sister to move out of the house. And then, he could let Ryn to move into the house and lived with him. And they would then live happily ever after.

He grinned at the future he pictured of both of them. And it would be soon, he imagined.

He rushed back into the apartment. Although it was already late for their date, he still wanted to freshen up a bit, spraying her favorite cologne to make himself smell nice to her. And he still needed to buy flowers for her!

He took the quickest shower ever and sprayed a huge amount of cologne. Then, he put on the outfit he planned earlier and reached for his phone and car key. The next stop would be to the flower shop.


Ryn wrapped her arms around her knees. Since the moment she reached home, she did nothing but stared at the space of her wall. Half of the time, she spent in the same position but her eyes closed tight.

Mika wanted to accompany her, worried she would do something dangerous seeing how fragile and weak she looked. But, Ryn insisted to be alone at home. She just wanted to be alone.

She needed her own space to think and... do something...

Her stomach growled in hunger. She did not have anything since after lunch. The meals she took during lunch was long digested. She did not eat much of the shaved ice. Just a spoon or two but they did not taste as sweet as she remembered. She could not even remember what it tasted like.

Usually, she would quickly look for food whenever she felt hungry, but this time she just ignored it. She had no mood for food. In fact, she had no mood for anything.

The only sound she could hear was the ticking of the wall clock. Tick tock tick tock. Even her heartbeat followed the rhythm, dug... dug... dug...

She closed her eyes tighter, letting the sounds of both her heartbeat and the wall clock to accompany her. They almost soothed her in her painful memory journey. Just almost...

She did not even notice the tears trailing down from her eyes. 

Maybe she was not suitable to drive a car. She would forever need someone to bring her everywhere.

She was still deep in her thought when her phone started to vibrate. She purposedly silencing her phone to avoid being disturbed. Even Mika did not call her after she left. No one would call her except...


At first, she wanted to ignore his call. She just wanted to be alone. Was it so hard to be fulfilled?

She. Wanted. To. Be. Left. Alone.

The vibration stopped. Before she could let out a relieved sigh, it vibrated again. And again. And again.

And again, she ignored it. She even grabbed the small pillow to bury the phone under. She refused to get out of her cacoon.

She thought he already gave up when she could no longer hear anything. She reached for the pillow to rub against her wet face. Then, she lied on her stomach and blinked her eyes blankly. 

Her heavy eyes were slowly closing back when she heard another sound. It was not her vibrated phone nor her growling stomach. This time the noise came from the door. Someone was pressing the bell of her house!

Oh my God...

She groaned to herself. She used the pillow to bury her head underneath but the person who was pressing the bell was persisted to annoy her life today. As long as she refused to open the door, the person refused to stop ringing the bell.

With a loud groan, she finally pulled herself to her feet and stumbled to the door. She did not even check her face or her attire. All she could think of was to kick whoever annoying her right at this moment.

Hence, what welcomed Jeremy when the door finally opened was his Ryn looking tired, frumpy, and annoyed. The smile on his face disappeared and was replaced with a concerned look. Was his Ryn sick?

"Are you alright, love? You feel sick anywhere?" he asked worriedly, looking all around to check whether she hurt anywhere.

"What are you doing here?" she asked, pushing his hands from touching her. What was he doing here?

He frowned. Did she forget about their date?

But... that was not important. He should focus on the most important matter which was why his love looked like this.

He collected back the bouquet of flowers he accidentally dropped when he saw her and helped himself into the house. He locked the door and tried to give her the flowers but she refused.

All she did were hugging herself rather tightly, as if to protect herself from everything and everyone, and walked to the sofa. 

He sighed and put the flowers on the table. His mind was busy thinking about how to penetrate into the protective wall she unconsciously created around her. Silently he wondered whether his love life was destined to be full of obstacles and challenges like this. Where was his happily ever after ending?

He sat next to her, watching her carefully. Why was her mood bad again? He did not know what she did after the meeting with Mei Li. He thought she spent the time preparing for their date but it seemed she did something. Something happened to make her acting this way. But what was it?

He slowly wrapped his arms around her, pulling her into his arms. Luckily for him, she let him. He decided not to say anything. Just let his warm body to make her feel better. 

He must take time. He must be patient.

Ten minutes after, she still did not lower her 'wall' around him. He even tried stroking her back to make her feel better but it seemed like it did not give any effect.

What about our date? his heart cried but he did not dare to ask it loudly. If he did, she might kick him out of the house. And the possibility for their new romance to end before it started was as big as the mansion his family owned.

His romantic date was gone, puff, just like that.

Half an hour later, Ryn finally lifted her head and looked at him. But his eyes were not sparkled or shone brightly like usual. They were blank.

It broke his heart when he saw it. Without thinking, he pressed his lips all over her face, trying to send his loves to make her feel better.

"It's okay. Everything will be okay..." he whispered and caught her lips for a kiss.

Everything will be okay. He would make sure she would not be unhappy again.


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