Tell Me Again, My Love
295 Their romantic dinner 2
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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295 Their romantic dinner 2

He tried again without giving up but her answer was a firm no each time. Until they reached the parking lot, he still tried. She at least should be able to change the lipstick colour, right?

She did not even spend a second to look at his heartbroken look. She simply stared at the window. She tried to clear her mind. She refused to think more.

He pouted. He did not care if his fans saw how childish he looked right now. All he wanted for his love to look at him and feel pity. She should allow him to be spoiled. He wanted to be spoiled by her.

Again she ignored him.

He shut off the engine and looked at her sulkily. When he saw she did not even react to his childish behaviour, his shoulders dropped down and slowly opened the door. He walked to her side and opened the door for her.

She calmly unbuckled herself and got out of the car. Then, slowly, she reached out her hand at him.

His eyes widened.

"You don't want to?" she asked with a low voice.

"I want. I want," he said hurriedly. He reached for her hand and frowned feeling how cold it was. He quickly lifted it up and blew his warm breath to warm her up. He took her other hand to do the same. Then, he took off his jacket and wrapped around her shoulders.

"Why didn't you bring a jacket?" he asked as he took back her hands to blow warm breaths.

"I... forgot?"

"Next time I will remind you," he said gently.

"Hmm..." She closed her eyes when he wrapped his arms around her, trying to warm up her body by sharing his warmth.

When he felt like the warmth was enough, for the time being, he let her go but still wrapped one arm around her slim waist. He then led her toward the restaurant.

She shivered unconsciously when they stepped into the restaurant and the cold air conditioner hit her. He automatically rubbed her arms to warm her up. 

The man who was in charge of welcoming customers and ushering to their table quickly smiled and welcomed the couple. He quickly brought them to their table. When he wanted to pull the chair for Ryn, to his surprise, Jeremy coughed to stop him and pulled the chair himself. The man stood there awkwardly but managed to control himself.

"Your meal will arrive in just a moment," he said and excused himself politely.

Jeremy reached for her hand and grasped it.

"Do you feel better now?"

She shrugged. Honestly, she did not feel anything. Her mind was blank. She followed him here because she knew she needed to satisfy her growling stomach even though she had no appetite. She was worried if she did not eat now, she would not have the chance to eat anymore because tomorrow she would be rushing to catch the plane.

She did not even glance at the violin player nor smile widely and shyly at the bouquet of big fat red roses a Jeremy ordered (and sent by one of the waiters). She did not give any satisfactory reaction. Her face was blank... like a robot.

Truthfully, the violin player was flustered with the lukewarm reaction. She never received this kind of reaction before. Was she playing badly today? She was a world-class violin player! It would be hard, almost impossible for her to play badly.

Jeremy was worried when seeing her looking that way. He signalled the violin player and the other waiters to leave them. The waiter thoughtfully closed the door silently, leaving Ryn and Jeremy alone.

"Baby, are you still sad?" he asked carefully, pulling her to sit on his laps. He ignored the small cry she let out, shocked with his sudden pull. Despite that, her body automatically reacted with her hands wrapped around his neck.

"You... Foof couldn't cheer you up?" he asked.

She shook her head.

"Why... why don't you tell me what makes you sad today," he suggested. "How can I help you if I don't know the reason behind your sadness?"

She closed her eyes and simply rested her head on his broad shoulder. Still no word.

"Baby, I am your boyfriend now. We are in this together. Whatever happens, we will be together forever. Your sadness is mine and your happiness is mine. Share with me. I might be able to help you," he begged.

"Can you?" she finally spoke after fifteen minutes.

Two waiters were waiting outside with a trolley of food. They were stuck whether to bring the food inside or waited outside. One of them nudged the other, telling the woman to knock the door and announce their presence. But her partner refused, too scared to interrupt the customers. She could sense the tension even though the door was blocking them from what happening inside.

"The food will go cool if we don't send them now," her colleague hissed.

The one close to the door bit her lower lip nervously. She glanced at the back and saw the manager was heading toward them with a frown. She gulped.

"Is there any problem? Why are you two still haven't delivered the food?" their manager asked, looking at the food on the trolley.

"We... er..." none of them brave enough to tell how worried they were seeing the awkwardness in the room just now. They did not want to be implicated if things go wrong.

"Let me do it," the manager took charge and politely knocked on the door.

"Excuse me. Sorry to interrupt. May we come in with the food?" he asked as he opened the door. A smile never left his face as he looked at the couple in the room. His expression did not even change seeing the woman sitting on Young Master Long's lap. This intimacy was the norm in the restaurant because the restaurant was the top pick among lovers for their special and delicious meals. The customers' privacy was a top priority. They also catered to all sort of requests for a surprise romantic dinner to even a proposal plan. They could create everything and anything customers want. But for Young Master Long, although he wanted a romantic dinner, his emphasize was more toward the food rather than the decoration, which was unusual for them. But customers were always right so they just obeyed whatever the customers want.

Jeremy lifted her head and turned to look at the door where he heard the manager's voice came from. His hand was still firm behind Ryn's back, gently stroking her to make her feel better.

"Go sit down on your chair. The food is here," he whispered and kissed the top of her head.

Slowly Ryn went back to her chair and watched as three people came in with a trolley of food. One of them quickly helped to arrange the food on the table as he introduced the food, uncovering them one by one.

"Please enjoy," he said and quickly excused himself and his team. Then, the three of them made their way out of the room, not forgetting to close the door.

"Do you want me to help to cut your food?" Jeremy asked, preparing to take Ryn's plate to cut the appetizer for her. For Ryn, he already ordered the restaurant not to serve any rabbit food which Ryn hated so much. All of the ingredients were approved by Jeremy in order to make Ryn's happy.

"It's okay. I can do it," Ryn replied. She took the knife and fork and started to eat the food slowly.

Jeremy ate his food but he could not help from watching her worriedly. It seemed like Ryn was still unwilling to share her sorrow with him. What should he do now?

Two waiters came again after five minutes to replace the empty plates with the main course. Ryn did not say anything when she saw her favourite steak.

It failed to cheer her up!

In fact, she already forgot how the appetizer tasted like. She just chewed and swallowed rather mechanically without tasting anything. Even if the chef made a mistake and made her meal too salty, she would not even notice it.

Jeremy thought Ryn was enjoying the delicious food and was not worried about it. He thought once she started eating, the sadness would slowly drift away and she would turn into her happy-g-lucky self back. He was waiting for her to smile at him sweetly and even award him with a kiss on the lips.

He watched as the food on her plate slowly disappeared. Even the champagne he chose especially for tonight was sipped rather calmly by Ryn. They did not say a word in between. Just the sound of knife and fork touching the plate filled the room. Pretty soon, it was time for the dessert.

For the dessert, he planned not to have any mousse or cake or pudding. He told the restaurant to prepare a bowl of strawberry with cream. The strawberry was dipped into chocolate and designed as if it was wearing tuxedo and wedding gown. He thought they could feel each other with it and enjoyed another show by the violin player.

Unfortunately for him, she simply looked at the strawberry and then at him and said, "I'm too full. Can we just pack this home? Tomorrow I have an early flight."

He tried to change his mind. Even the violin player wanted to go into their room to do her job but Ryn was determined to go home. Unwillingly, Jeremy called for the waiter to pack the dessert. Then, he paid for the food and the entertainment (although not much entertainment they enjoyed so far, the violin player did come to do her job). 

His shoulders dropped regretfully.

Their romantic dinner unexpectedly failed miserably!


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