Tell Me Again, My Love
298 Baby Jeremy?
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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298 Baby Jeremy?

Jacob quickly switched on his phone and called the one in charge of receiving them once the plane reached the island. Jeremy simply put on his sunglasses and walked ahead, following Jacob. The lawyer followed behind him, still reading the document using his phone. The lawyer was frowning as he digested the information.

To be brave enough to take off after taking money from the Long. So brave... and stupid.

The lawyer smirked because he could guess what inside Mr He's mind when he decided to run with the money once he decided he loves his wife more than his own company. Mr He thought young Jeremy Long would not dare to take any action because of his young age and because he was in public eyes as an artist.

Obviously Mr He was blind with his greed or he would realize how crazy Jeremy was when in his work mode. If he thought he needed to use the law to get what he wanted, he would. Even his little sister, Miss Mika Long should not be looked down as she was 'crazier' than her elder brother. 

He brought his laptop along to prepare the document needed. Once he received the latest report from the police, he would continue with the lawsuit. Basically, Mr Jeremy Long decided than reporting to the police was not enough. He wanted to bring He Dali down for daring to ruin the hotel project. He could not wait to work on this case. Although it was quite a straight forward case, knowing Jeremy, he would make sure that Mr He would not be able to make a comeback in the business world.

Jeremy looked at his phone with a frown. He sent a message to Ryn about his urgent trip to the Green Island but his sweetheart did not reply. Was she so busy until she did not have the time to check her phone? His mood worsened at the thought of his sweetheart exhausted from work. She should not take so many jobs. a job per month should be enough to cover her expense for a few months with how frugal she was. In fact, she did not have to work at all. He could support her in whatever lifestyle she wanted. They could even become a pair of hermits if she wanted to live away from civilization. He could take a helicopter to go to work every day if he needed to.

No. Even though he knew it was her interest modelling, he would persuade her to quit. He could pay the compensation of cancelling her contract. He had money and more. He was determined to use the time she had when she returned to change her mind. He could do it. He must do it.

Jacob quickly took a trolley to collect their luggage. He then returned to the two men with the luggage. "Sir, the car is already here waiting for us."

Jeremy nodded. He looked for the exit and walked calmly to it, ignoring the gasps from some of the girls and women who took a second look when they saw him. 

Was that Jeremy? The Jeremy? Their Baby Jeremy?

But it could not be. Their Jeremy was very friendly and full of smiles but this man looked so serious and scary. Must be another man who looked like him, they all decided. No one believed the man they just saw was the Jeremy they mooning over television and the internet.

Unaware of his fans, Jeremy simply walked determinedly to the man who was holding a card. He gave a slight nod at the man and the man quickly took the trolley from Jacob.

"Welcome to Green Island, Young Master Long. My name is Tony Ang," the man introduced himself nervously. He heard the news of how scary Young Master Long when he was in a bad mood and he knew this project was the reason behind the scowl on Young Master Long's face. 

So scary. Would Young Master Long blame them?

Along the way to the hotel, he tried not to make any sound. Even his breathes were slow and as quiet as possible. He did not want to make himself a target. For him, it was the longest miserable journey he even had. He kept glancing at the boss through the rear mirror and kept flinching whenever he saw Jeremy moved. It was so scary.

Jeremy uncrossed his arms when the car finally stopped in front of a hotel. He looked at the building before turned to look at Jacob.

Jacob gulped. It was the best he could do in such a limited time. He lowered his head guiltily.

"How far is this hotel with ours?" Jeremy asked finally. He needed to know his close rival.

Jacob looked at Tony questioningly. He was not sure about the distance but he knew how small amount of hotels here and each one of them was their competitions.

Tony gulped. He tried to steal the time by quickly getting out of the car and went to open the door for the boss. Although he could answer once he opened the door, he went to the bonnet to bring out their luggage.

"Jacob," Jeremy looked at his personal assistant with a frown.

Jacob frowned at Tony. Why was this man still not answering the question? Was he courting death?

"I don't think the distance is important right now. What is really important is the latest progress of the case before we can do a follow-up with it," the lawyer suddenly butted into the conversation and was rather calm despite the glare from Jeremy. He was friend with Jeremy since their school day so he was used with the so many faces of Jeremy. He was not afraid of any of them.

Jason and Tony watched them with huge eyes blinking in shock.

"Don't you think so, J?" Greg, the lawyer asked cheekily.

"Hmph," Jeremy crossed his arms and entered the hotel with his head held high.

Shaking his head in bemused, Greg first winked his eyes at the two men before followed behind Jeremy. He was even whistling when he entered the hotel.

Jacob and Tony shared a look before quickly rushed behind the two men. Jacob made sure both the boss and the lawyer were comfortable at the lobby before he went to the counter to check-in. He took the keys and went back to them with a polite smile.

"Sir, this is the key to your room. It's on the fifth floor," Jason handed one of the keys to Jeremy.

"Which floor is mine? Fifth or fourth?" Greg asked with a twinkle in his eyes. 

"Actually... it's on the same floor," Jacob replied. Only his room was on the third floor. 

"Cool. I'll be your neighbour for two nights," Greg could not stop from teasing Jeremy. Being on this island actually made his mind clear and happy. It seemed like years of working in the law company turned him into a workaholic and under too much stress. He almost lost himself in his work and when he arrived here, he realized he needed to slow down a bit to enjoy his life.

And his enjoyment started now.

Jeremy ignored his happy whistling friend and headed to his own room impatiently. He was not worried about his luggage. Jacob would make sure his luggage would arrive safely.

Greg wanted to enter Jeremy's room just to have more fun teasing his friend but he was almost knocked over the door when Jeremy immediately closed and locked it.

"Hey, why are you so grouchy today?" Greg asked, rubbing his nose painfully. 

Jeremy did not bother to answer. He simply slumped himself on the bed. He was exhausted from the tension and the journey. His hand reached for his phone and started to type a message. They would go to the construction site and the police station in two hours. Then, after setting he alarm close, he promptly went to sleep. He was too exhausted to care about anything else.

And he wished to dream about her. Two hours should be enough to wane off his missing of her. 


Ryn threw the ball with a grin. Then, she jumped despite wearing 6 inches heels. The clicking of the camera accompanied her as she made more poses without stopping.

"Okay, change into another outfit," the director cried.

Ryn stopped and walked to the small room to change into another dress. It was a summer collection so the mood was cheerful and sunny. While walking, she covered her yawn with her hand.

"Still sleepy, Ryn?" the cameraman who saw her yawning teased.

"Late night, early morning," Ryn replied with another yawn.

"Luckily she managed to control her yawn when shooting," the cameraman commented dryly and others replied with a burst of short laughter. They saw how early she arrived, rubbing her sleepy eyes and even, the make-up artist whispered, slept when preparing herself. But once the camera started clicking, she turned into someone else. There was no trace of sleepiness on her face, only happiness and cheerfulness. A girl who cannot wait to play around under the sunny sun.

No wonder she was a big hit among the brands. Every audition she went, she would get the pick. Even some she did not go, she would be chosen as well.


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