Tell Me Again, My Love
299 The cool and charismatic Jeremy or the cute and adorable Jeremy?
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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299 The cool and charismatic Jeremy or the cute and adorable Jeremy?

Greg knocked on the door and waited for the door to open but to his amusement, it did not open at all. Greg checked his watch and smirked. This 'boss' of his must be deep in his sleep. He did notice the black under Jeremy's eyes. He must be missing Catherine so much and too frustrated when he could not take days off to go to her. And this frustration and stress led to his insomnia. Or even if he could sleep, it was not a fulfilling and peaceful sleep.

When would that silly girl accept Jeremy? Hasn't Jeremy suffered so much after the breakup?

Greg had no idea what inside Ryn's mind for being so stubborn. Even he could see how deep Jeremy's love toward Ryn until he could no see other women except her. Why was she so stubborn and cold-hearted?

He waited for another five minutes but still no reaction from inside. He shook his head and went back into his room. He planned to discuss with Jeremy before they went to the police and visit the site. In order for everything to run smoothly, it was important to plan every step carefully.

"Oh well, I guess I can do whatever I want," he shrugged.

 went back to his laptop and checked the letter he typed before. Everything looked good enough. They would make a stop at the printing shop to print this document before they could proceed. 

Another half an hour and he was already keeping his laptop in his backpack. He pocked the Pendrive and grabbed a bottle of water provided by the hotel. It was time to leave.

"You're still having a bad mood. Aren't you tired?" Greg whispered as they watched both Jacob and Tony went to retrieve the car.

"I don't," Jeremy denied. He was still sulking over Ryn's lack of attention on him. They were no boyfriend and girlfriend but it seemed like he the only one who thought that way. Was Ryn too busy with her work until she had no time to do anything?

Was their relationship only in his mind?

Without thinking he reached for his phone and looked at it moodily. No reply from Ryn.

"Where is she now, by the way?" Greg asked as they about to enter the car.

"Milan," Jeremy replied slowly. He has her schedule memorized in his mind. She gave it to him before she left. Hence, he knew what she was doing after measuring their time difference. Yes, he knew how busy her schedule was and how crazy it would be without an assistant accompanying and helping her during the time.

She really needed an assistant to help her!

If the agency refused to give her one, he could choose one for her. And of course, he would choose the best for her. But then again, it would depend on her. If she refused, even if he picked two best assistants for her, she would reject them.

So he needed to coax her either to quit her job or to accept assistants to help lessen her burden. He would only accept thee two results.

"You know, instead of thinking how to control her, you should try to understand her. She likes modelling and she likes having her independence. Just let her have both. If you keep trying to control her, she would run away faster than the wind," Greg said thoughtfully.

Jeremy threw him a glare but the lawyer ignored the warning glare. He simply leaned forward and told Tony to find the nearest printing shop so he could print the document. They must have the document before they reached the police station.

Jeremy looked back at his phone with a frown.


Ryn waved goodbye after she changed into her usual clothes. Her stomach was growling for food and she planned to stop at the small cafe she saw not far from the studio. Although the team provided a meal for them, it was not enough for Ryn. She did not eat dinner and the breakfast she had was only a small piece of bread and a cup of coffee. No, she frowned. She drank three cups of coffee to make her eyes stay open.

She was overloaded with caffeine and quite jittery, to be honest. She had no doubt she would have a problem to sleep tonight with so much caffeine in her body.

Ryn was walking toward the café when she suddenly stopped. Her hand reached for her long-forgotten phone and took it out from the pocket of her jeans.

"This is cute," she murmured as she caught the picture of a pair of wildflowers in the middle of the red stone road.

Once she was satisfied with the photo she took, she continued her journey to get delicious food. She could no longer hold her hunger and she swore the little girl who was gasping while looking at her with the huge adorable eyes heard the sound coming from her stomach.

Ryn could only rub her nape sheepishly and quicken her walk. This was so embarrassing. Her stomach really could make her lose her cool.

Of all the things that made her look awkward was this.

She finally reached the café and let out a relieved sigh. It was funny when she thought about this again. She was walking so fast she was even breathless when she finally stopped and looked at the blackboard right in front of the entrance of the café. Hmm… what was the speciality for today?

Tomato and mozzarella panzerotti and luini dolce.

She licked her lips at the names. She did not recognize any of them but she bet they were all delicious. Without wasting another time, she quickly entered the small cafe and stopped to smell the building. So refreshing and... making her even hungrier. 

She rubbed her stomach to coax it to behave. Soon... soon she would feed her stomach with delicious food.

Ryn went forward and took a small tray and a serving tong provided at the entrance. She looked at the food on display and sniffed again. The smell was so heavenly, she wanted to open up her hands and sniffed deeply. She wanted to stay here forever.

The girl who was working at the counter smiled proudly seeing Ryn acting weird. Sharing the same hobby which was eating, she knew why Ryn was acting that way. She too liked to spread out her arms just sniffed deeply every morning, especially when the baked goods were still fresh from the oven.

Ryn took no time choosing the food she wanted. She brought the tray with a mountain of food to the counter and looked at the menu mounted on the wall. She frowned. Should she take another cup of coffee? But her body was already overloaded with caffeine... but she needed a delicious drink to accompany the delicious food.

She did not want to drink an alcoholic drink. She planned to do a little bit of study today.

A decision which she hated to make. What kind of drink she should have to drink with this delicious food.

Five minutes later she walked back to the hotel she stayed with two paper bags full of food and a cup of hot chocolate. She made another short stop at a small shop to buy a packet of candy to accompany her during her study.

She avoided the people lingering at the lobby, could not wait to get into her room and started to feast on the food she bought. The smell drove her crazy and it made her quickened her walk by twice the pace.

She put the paper bags on the bed and the drink on the floor. Instead of eating at the table provided, she wanted to eat her food deliciously and comfortably. She took out her mobile phone and finally checked the messages. 

And she was not surprised to see how many messages left by her newly appointed boyfriend. Could Jeremy be any more adorable and cute? Where was the cool and charismatic Jeremy?

She took the first pastry to eat while reading the messages. She could not help from smiling and giggling, especially when he started leaving sulky messages for her. Could he be anymore cuter and adorable?

Even Mika did not leave this kind of message to her and she was the youngest among them four.

She finished two pastries and at the same time finished reading all of Jeremy's messages. Her busy days made her forgot to do so even when she was waiting for the flight. Usually, she spent the time waiting for the departure by eating and having a short nap. She could not care less about messages from everyone.

Ergh... she should stop this bad habit of not checking her phone.

'I miss you too. The work is killing me but I manage to survive. You too should focus on your work.'

She dropped the phone on the bed with a smile on her face. Then, she reached for her drink and sipped it tiredly. Once she was done with all the messages to reply, she planned to take a short nap. And then she would start with her reversion. 

Tomorrow she has another flight to catch. And her busy life would start again.


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