Tell Me Again, My Love
300 What was wrong with this man? Had he gone mad?
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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300 What was wrong with this man? Had he gone mad?

Jeremy crossed his arms and watched his friend worked his way asking questions to the shivering workers. His eyes narrowed at the sight of incomplete work of his hotel. How dare... how dare that the He trying to make his family's company as their own bank. He would never let this family go. He would make the family regret of ever working with them.

And this will also send a warning to other companies that he would not let himself taken as a tool for their own greed.

He was still staring at these people when his phone suddenly made a sound. With his eyes still on them, he reached for his phone and finally looked at it with a frown. Who dared to disturb him?

He was prepared to scold whoever dared enough to disturb him when he saw the name he had been missing for days.

Ryn. His Ryn finally remembered his existence!

Tony who was shaking with Jacob accidentally saw Jeremy's face. His eyes widened seeing the slight curl of a smile on his boss's handsome face. What... what was that? Was he dreaming? Without thinking, he used his hands to rub his eyes.

Rub. Rub. Rub.

He looked again and saw the familiar scowl. He must be dreaming just now, he decided. It was impossible for his boss to be having a happy thought when the project leaned toward ruination. 

It was clear as the blue sky how angry the boss was when he arrived at the airport. It would be weird if the boss suddenly smiles... unless he had something sinister he planned for the construction company.

Tony rubbed the chill away. Why was he stuck in this kind of situation? Help, mummy! Please help me! I want to go home!

Jeremy saw the message and read it quickly. He could not stop smiling happily when he saw her missing him too. But, he quickly put on his brooding expression back in order to control the situation. He must persist on being serious. He knew if he smiled, they all would think they could take the chance to get away from the problem. And he would not like that.

Greg was done frightening everyone and he finally smiled in a friendly manner but the smile actually made the others gasped and took a step back. They could not believe that friendly smile. It looked frightening after the warning over warning they received from the smiling lawyer.

"Are you done taking pictures?" Jeremy asked his personal assistant when Jacob finally approached them.

"Yes, boss," Jacob nodded. He took a lot of pictures for evidence. Of course, the police did take photos for their report. But they needed their own photos in case anything came out.

The three of them returned to the hotel after Jeremy was satisfied with everything Jacob and Greg had done. He also could not stay looking at the unfinished building or he would get angrier at He Dali. Loving a woman is normal but to jeopardize your own career for her was not cool at all. It was stupid.

"I will contact the office for the follow-up," Greg said on their way back to the hotel.


"So, for dinner..." Greg trailed off his words, waiting for Jeremy's next word. Would his friend suggest for them to eat outside? He had never come here so surely there would be a signature meal here. He wanted to try one or two. And he was getting hungry now.

Jeremy looked at Jacob. He had no plan to go out. He planned to spend the night sending messages to Ryn. She finally replied to his many messages. It meant she finally remembered her boyfriend.

It was weird honestly seeing her sort of taking him for granted but he tried not to take it personally. Well, 'try' would be the important word here. He imagined a lot for their relationship. He planned a lot for their life and when she did not follow the 'script' was quite frustrating. But hey, he tried to be a good boyfriend and tried to understand her. He tried.

Greg tried again and finally, Jeremy gave him a frown.

"Hey, stop glaring at me. I am here for you so you should cover my meal expenses," Greg defended himself.

Both Jacob and Tony did not dare to make a sound. Of course, they were hoping for the boss to treat them dinner. However, they were too scared to ask. Please, boss, please treat them dinner. They were hungry after all day long working.

Jeremy looked at the two men in front, then at Greg, He thought about it for a minute. Then, he sighed. He needed to eat too or Ryn would accuse him of neglecting his own health again. He did not want her to be angry at him.

"Fine. Let's go somewhere with good food. Tony, drive," Jeremy finally decided. It was already 6.45 pm so the time was just right for their dinner.

Tony and Jacob both smiled happily. It seemed like they would have the chance to be treated by the boss. Especially for Tony, this was the first time he met the boss and he was delighted to be the receiver of his generosity.

Jacob was happily thinking of food he could taste later. Was there any coconut drink available here? This was an island so coconut trees should be plenty here, right?

It took them half an hour before Tony stopped in front of a hut. Jeremy, Greg and Jacob frowned but Tony looked so excited.

"Don't tell me this is your home," Jacob choked out, looking all pale and worried. Was this Tony crazy bringing them here?

"My home? No..." Tony shook her head and turned around to look at Jeremy and Greg. He gulped seeing the black look on Jeremy's face. "Boss, believe me. Don't judge the book by its cover. The food here is very delicious. I can guarantee, boss. You won't find the same delicious dish in all of this island but this place."

Jeremy simply cocked an eyebrow. Could he believe this man? Although he looked quite trusty when he brought them to the hotel from the airport and to the police station meeting the officer in charge as well as bringing them to the site, Jeremy still could not believe his words. This hut looked so old and he swore no one was there. Having dinner in the middle of nowhere?

Tony was so flustered he kept stuttering to convince them about this place. Lastly, he pulled Jacob with him toward the hut and called loudly, "Aunty Sunny."

An old woman walked through the door and looked at them with a stiff face.

"Can we have dinner here? Are you still open?" Tony asked hopingly.

"Last five," the woman replied.

"What? Already?" Tony gasped. He looked around and then saw another group of men were heading their way. His eyes widened. "Aunty, four people, please. Four people."

The woman looked at Jacob and then at him, cocking an eyebrow, "You do know I don't do take-away."

"Our bosses are here, Aunty Sunny. They are right outside there. Please, serve us your most delicious food for four people," Tony said. He quickly sat on an empty chair and... well... not only sitting, to the horror of Jacob but embracing the table as if his life was depended on it.

What was wrong with this man? Had he gone mad?

Jacob looked toward the car, praying for the boss to save him. He did not think he could run away from here when Tony looked so excited after the woman returned back into the hut. He was stuck here with Tony and...

"Aunty Sunny, a table for five please," one of the men who just arrived there said loudly, rubbing his stomach hungrily.

"One more left," Aunty Sunny hollered from inside.

"What?" the men all were shocked when they heard only one place available. In union, they turned to look at the two men before them; Jacob and Tony. All of them frowned. Even if they managed to coax these two to give up their seats, it was only two more seats available but they all have five people.

"Excuse me?" one of them approached Jacob.


"Are you... really want to eat here?" the man asked Jacob.

Jacob looked at Tony questioningly. He was a bit unwilling to be here. Where was this place? Who was that woman? And what was the number thing going on just now? Jacob was totally confused with everything that just happened.

"Are we eating here?" Jeremy asked as he and Greg reached the two men. 

The other five men eyed them silently. Hmm... four people and Aunty Sunny did say one more empty seat left so overall would be five spots. Just enough for them. Their eyes sparkled.

"Sir, please sit here," Tony hurriedly wiped the chair's surface before invited Jeremy to sit on the chair. Then, he wiped another chair for Greg, "Sir, please sit here."

"Are you sure this place serves food?" Greg asked with a frown.

"Yes... yes... Please, sir, have a seat. I've already ordered for us," Tony said.

"Excuse me," the same man interrupted them. He smiled warmly but his left eye was twitching.

"Yes?" Jeremy and Greg looked at him.

"Erm... Just by looking at your clothes, I don't think this place is suitable for your rank. Why don't you all eat elsewhere?" the man suggested.

Jeremy looked at Tony who was shaking his head. Jeremy smirked, "I'm sorry. We are having dinner here."


"Young man, come help me bring the food," before the man could argue, the door was flung open and Aunty Sunny appeared with her hands on her hips. She looked at Tony who quickly stood up and followed her into the hut.

The five men wanted to argue and insist for Jeremy and his group to eat at another place but seeing Aunty Sunny already finished her cooking, they changed their mind. With a heavy sigh, they pushed themselves to return to their vehicle.

"Tomorrow we have to come earlier than today," one of them muttered.

"Yes," another one replied.

Jeremy, seeing how the five men were behaving, simply rested his chin on his hands and frowned. Was this place so special until the men there looked so heartbroken not able to eat dinner here? Hmm... if it was truly delicious, maybe he could bring his Ryn here once the hotel was launched to the public.


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