Tell Me Again, My Love
301 The expensive dinner
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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301 The expensive dinner

Jeremy watched as Tony carefully arranged four bowls on the table. He cocked an eyebrow seeing each bowl was actually short rib soup. He lifted his head and looked at Tony but Tony was heading back into the hut to take more dishes.

There was more?

What was actually their menu for dinner?

The five men were long gone by now. They looked so heartbroken unable to eat and it was all because of this soup?

Jeremy was not sure what to think about this. He expected the speciality would be seafood as this was an island but who could guess he would eat a bowl of short rib soup instead.

Tony arrived with a tray full of small dishes. Without wasting another moment, he quickly arranged them on the table. It seemed like each of them got a set each. There was no need to share the dishes.

"Sir, please have a taste. You won't regret it,"

 Tony said politely. He was already sitting on his seat, waiting for the boss to start eating before he could start. He licked his lips hungrily, could not wait anymore.

Jacob and Greg looked at Jeremy, watching his action. Would he insist on changing to another place for their dinner or taste the food Tony seemed to be proud of?

Jeremy finally reached for the wooden chopsticks and a wooden spoon. With the spoon, he scooped a spoonful of the broth and tasted it slowly.

Jacob, Greg and Tony watched Jeremy with bated breath. Would he like it?

The older woman, Aunty Sunny, already started to tidy up the place except for one chair, indicating only one more set left for the customer. Once everything was sold out, she could go home. One more customer to wait… hmm…

She hoped she did not have to wait for long.

Back to Jeremy…

Once the broth swirled in his mouth, his eyes widened. He looked at Tony, before at the short rib soup. He was so shocked, he ended up did not say anything but staring at the soup.

Tony quickly reached for his utensils and started to devour his food happily. Boss approved of the food and they could enjoy them.

Greg quickly followed suit. He was too hungry to care. But once he tasted the broth and then the meat, his eyes widened.

In no time, all the dishes were cleaned. Nothing was left, even the small piece of cucumber. Jacob and Tony leaned back against the chair and rubbed their stomach happily.

Jeremy took out his wallet and looked at Tony. "How much?"

Tony blurted out the price without wasting any time and the three men looked at him in disbelief. So expensive?

Jeremy thought it was cheap so he was prepared to use cash to pay but the price was way over what he has in cash. He took out one of his credit cards and handed it to Tony.

Tony quickly went to the elder woman. He handed the card to her and without wasting another moment, Sunny slid it into the machine. Tony then took the receipt and brought it to Jeremy to put his signature on. He returned back to Sunny to hand the receipt and took the card and the customer's copy.

"Sir, this is your card and receipt," Tony said politely.

Jeremy took both and looked at the receipt. It was an expensive dinner despite the place was out of nowhere and the place… a hut? But, remembering the taste of the short rib soup especially, he found that the expensive price was worth it. Even if Ryn was here and said she wanted to try it, he would gladly bring her here without another thought.

Tony opened the door for Greg and Jacob opened the door for Jeremy. They were now ready to return to the hotel after the delicious meal.

Again the journey to the hotel was so quiet. No one dared to say anything while Jeremy was finally in a good mood. Of course, they were scared to speak in case the wrong word would remind Jeremy back about the project. Even Greg did not want to talk about the lawsuit. The day was getting dark and all he wanted was to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery this island offered.

Contrary to their thought, Jeremy's mind was full of Ryn. Even when he was eating, he was thinking whether Ryn would like it as well. And when he looked at the hut, he had the idea of taking a picture of her in a long flowing dress with the hut as the background. Maybe he could rent this place for a music video with her the main character.

But the thought of his workload made him a bit sad. He would not have the time to record another album. The tour required a lot of time for preparation and he also needed to deal with him moving into the main company officially as well as helping Mika with her wedding.

He was too busy to do anything else.

He sighed and looked outside the window. Although Jacob did prepare files for him to read while in the car, he had no mood to do any work.

"Do you know…" Greg suddenly spoke on their way to their floor.

"What is it?" Jeremy asked but his eyes were closed. His arms were crossed and he was leaning against the cold wall.

"You're turning more like a businessman rather than an artist now. A serious businessman like Mike and Andrew," Greg commented.

Jeremy sighed, "I am a businessman, just in case you forgot."

"But you always have the vibe of an idol whenever I see you," Greg shrugged.

"I guess I am good on changing the persona now," Jeremy replied, still his eyes closed.

"But don't be too serious or you will get high blood pressure like Andrew."

"Hmm… you too. Being a lawyer is stressful, isn't it?"

"That's why I plan to take a short vacation after your case. I am still thinking where to go to spend my time," Greg announced happily. He decided to do that while eating the delicious dinner. He thought it had been years since the last time he had a holiday so why not?

Short holiday, huh? Jeremy finally opened his eyes and looked at his friend. Maybe he too could take a short holiday and bring Ryn somewhere Mika and the others could not find them. Maybe it would be the perfect time and place to propose to Ryn.


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