Tell Me Again, My Love
303 Mika and Ryn were a lesbian couple?
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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303 Mika and Ryn were a lesbian couple?

It turned out they were heading toward the same destination. Ryn did not know whether to laugh or cry. Luckily for her, they were in a different class so Jennifer and her manager simply sauntered toward the VIP lobby, smirking while Ryn headed toward the gate where the others were. The economy gathering place.

How did Ryn know?

They were queuing in the same lane to get through the security and the two women were in front of them. Ryn managed to see the destination. She was about to curse but when she saw the first-class ticket, she was relieved. Ryn was in economy class so they would no need to face each other in the flight.

Regardless of their exact position in the flight, it would be a long hour.

Ryn could not wait for them to arrive at their destination.

She could not rejoice to have the upper hand while at the coffee shop just now. It was so childish she was about to laugh seeing how dark Jennifer's face was especially when her manager pulled her away. It was funny in a childish way but seeing some people whispering while looking at her, she felt ashamed.

She found an empty seat and sat on it. Then, she took out her phone. She was so busy especially this morning so she had no time to check her phone. She knew there was a message from Jeremy because she saw his name flickered through the screen a few times when she woke up. But she did not check the message because she was rushing to the airport. When she was having her breakfast, she thought she wanted to read his message after eating the breakfast but the crazy woman came interrupting her, ruining the mood. Now she finally has the mood reading the message.

Of course, the first message she read coming from Jeremy. She clicked on his message and smiled reading it.

'I miss you. I wish you were here with me. Don't work too hard, baby. I don't want you to get sick there. I love you.'

He even attached a picture of him making sad look at him. But the second picture almost made her laugh. He took a picture of him staring sexily at her. Maybe he was hoping it would make her miss him more.

And it did. She missed him even more. Of course, she did not show it publicly but in her heart.

Maybe the trauma made her a bit… careful in exposing her feeling.

'I miss you too. Few more days to go before…'

She purposely did not continue the words and let him imagine what she was going to say. It made her somewhat happy to see him like this.

Of course, she took a picture of herself. She quickly positioned herself so he could see the aeroplanes behind her. Although it was still early, the lights helped to show the aeroplanes.

It was not long after she sent the message and picture when he called her. Her eyes rounded seeing his name appeared suddenly but it made her heart fluttered. She could not help from feeling happy. It even made the exhaustion from the stress and work disappear.


"Hey, love. Are you at the airport now?" he asked huskily.


"You must be sleepy right now. It's an early flight, right?"

"Hmm… what about you? Aren't you tired? Why don't you rest?" she asked back, counting the time difference between them. He should be resting right now, shouldn't he?

"I miss you so much. I miss hearing your voice," his husky voice made her face turned red. She could not help it. Why was his voice getting huskier and huskier?

"I miss you too…" she replied shyly.

"I can't wait for you to return. Next time don't take too many works too far away."

"Hmm…" she did not agree or disagree with his request. Whether to accept the job or not it was up to her and whether the job managed to grab her interest or not.

They spent about fifteen minutes just talking about everything that was in their mind. It was not a serious topic because both of them did not want to start arguing in public and he too did not want to make her mad at him. So the conversation was quite casual but full of longing and love.

They ended the conversation right after the flight Ryn was going to take arrived and the captain and steward and stewardess came rolling their suitcase. Before she said goodbye, Ryn promised to send a message to him whenever she was free. But of course, he did not take her word seriously. He would rather her resting whenever she had free time although he would be lamenting when she did not reply to his message quick enough. He was that childish toward her but he did not care.

Ryn's face changed when she saw the VIP group came to get into the plane. She saw both Jennifer and her manager and quickly looked away. She did not want to look at them and ruined her happy mood.

She was happy that the VIPs would get into the flight first before the economies could get to their seat. So when she reached her seat, she could not help from smiling. Her mood was still good, especially after the phone conversation with Jeremy.

She took another photo on her seat and sent to Jeremy to tell him she was already in the plane. Then, she switched her phone off and put on the safety belt. She did not look or listen to the safety announcement. She always listened to the same instruction over and over again and could remember word by word and the consequence of it.

Once the flight took off and it was safe, she unbuckled herself and put on the eyes cover. Long hours should be spent with sleeping.

She only woke up when the stewardess was delivering their meal. She thanked the stewardess and reached for the spoon and fork to eat her food. Since the moment she sat on her seat until now, she did not even look at her 'neighbours'. As she was sitting at the window, she did not need to give way just in case her neighbours needed to go to the toilet.

After the meal, she went back to sleep.


Jeremy smiled at his phone. It was already late at night and he should be sleeping. Actually, he was already sleeping but the notification alerted him of Ryn's message, he did not think much but called her back.

And he was thankful he did just that. He could hear her voice and listen to her saying she missed him. Ah… he could not wait for her to return. He wanted to drown her with kisses and embraces and would not let her go.

Now, as she was on the way to her next country, he wished the time could move faster. She could quickly finish her work commitments and returned back to him.

He looked at her picture. He even rubbed against her rosy lips. She did not wear any makeup, which he liked. Even after years of becoming a model, she still preferred not wearing any outside her job.

He could not wait for her to return but in the meanwhile, all he could do was looking at her picture and mooning over her.

He yawned loudly. He should be sleeping now. His flight was early too and he needed to go straight to wait once he arrived.

"I love you. Good night," he told the photo and closed his eyes tiredly.


Mika���s eyes widened when she read the article.

What the…

Maybe it was not about her, she told herself. So she read it again, this time slowly. Her hand shook in anger when she reached the last sentence.

Of all the nerves…

She quickly copied the link and sent it to Jason. She had the suspicion who the one behind this article and she wanted Jason to handle that crazy woman. It seemed like that crazy woman hasn't learned her lesson yet. Jason needed to take a harsher action or Mika would do something worse.

And it was still early in the morning!

She was supposed to have her breakfast with her parents and grandmother and then followed her mother and grandmother to check the venue for the wedding. But, when she woke up, a notification from her assistant told her about the article that appeared around midnight and now was spread around the country.

The writer claimed that Mika never designed anything and used her workers to design everything and then wrote her name as the designer. She also, he claimed, did not finish her study in the university and was actually a bully in school along with Ryn. Her engagement with Jason was a lie to cover her love relationship with Ryn, her best friend. The writer even included his so-called pieces of evidence by putting pictures Mika herself posted in her Instagram account. He simply took pictures of her kissing Ryn playfully or hugging Ryn to prove that Ryn and she were a lesbian couple.

She took deep breathes to calm herself while waiting for Jason's reply. All her good mood was ruined by this lie and she expected Jason to solve all of these once and for all.


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