Tell Me Again, My Love
304 How many times do we need to deal with this?
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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304 How many times do we need to deal with this?

Jason finally replied. Instead of a message, he called her. He sounded piss as well.

"I can't believe your cousin will be this desperate, Jason. How more stupid she can be?" Mika asked. She was still in her bedroom, too furious to meet anyone else. She did not want her parents and grandmother seeing her face right now.

"I know. I did not expect her to do this," Jason replied. He was desperate for Mika not to accuse him from encouraging Ella with her stupid action. He did no such thing. In fact, his mother even went to their place and explained how it was impossible for Ella to be with Jason. Of course, it was before the lawsuit. Now, when it seemed like they could finally let out a relieved sigh as they thought Ella and her family would leave them alone, this came out.

That whole family was really shameless to the next level. Jason thought after his mother came in a humble manner and explained, at least the father or mother of the kids would persuade Ella to stop. But they were wrong. And Jason had the feeling Ella's parents were the ones planting the idea into her stupid brain. Father, mother, daughter and son all are the same. Shameless, lazy and gold diggers!

He wished they never met the family.

He wished they did not have any blood relationship.

"What will you do now?" Mika asked quietly.

"I... I need to discuss this with mom and dad. This is getting serious."

"How many times do we need to deal with this? Baby, our wedding is getting nearer. I don't want us to keep facing this kind of problem when we are supposed to focus fully on our wedding. Do you know how stressful I am right now?"

"I know, love. I know. And I am sorry for that. I promise I will do something to stop this. I won't let that crazy woman bring trouble ever again," Jason said hurriedly. His heart felt like it was pierced by hundreds of needles when he heard how it made her stress. He did not want her to be hurt and sad. He wanted her to feel happy all the time.

"You better be," she paused when she heard the door being knocked and the butler calling her name politely, informing her that her mother and grandmother were waiting downstairs. "I have to go now. We're supposed to check out the wedding venue."

"Hmm... you, my love, just focus on our wedding preparation. Don't worry about this. I will handle this as quickly as possible," Jason promised. He blew air kisses to her before said goodbye. Then, he sighed heavily. 

He needed to take the best action to deal with this shameless family or it would even ruin his relationship with Mika. And he would not like that.

Mika, once she said goodbye to Jason and ended the conversation, went to change into denim shorts and halter top. As she was not going to work today, her outfit was casual and very comfortable. She did not bring anything but her ID and mobile phone. She put on a simple make-up, emphasizing her beautiful eyes and her sharp cheekbones. Her hair was tied into a messy chignon. And she was finally ready to face the world.

But before she got out of her room, she checked her face again. She did not want any of her family members to know about this problem. Let Jason and her deal with this. She knew they could get through with this without burdening her family. Of course, another reason why she was reluctant for her family to know was that she did not want her grandmother to think that Jason was not a good fiance for her. Her grandmother loved her so much and always said no man was good enough for her. Even when they just started their relationship, Mika heard her grandmother grumbling about Jason too immature to be with the Long heiress and too young to be responsible for Mika. It was sometimes frustrating especially when her grandmother tried to pair her with older men whom her grandmother claimed although not the best but at least already matured enough to take care of Mika.

Jason knew and he just laughed it off. He claimed it was normal for any family member to think the boyfriend or girlfriend of their loved ones not good enough. And he said he would change her grandmother's mind, which a bit impossible when her own mother and father were scared of grandmother. So, in order to keep their relationship without interruption from grandmother, Mika always made sure nothing outrageous about them would land on her grandmother's ears. No bad gossip about them should appear in any kind of news. 

Unfortunately, the arrival of Ella and her family put the risk in their relationship. That was why Mika did not wait any longer to make the lawsuit against Ella. And she thought it would be the end of this. But, she thought wrong.


She made her way downstairs and greeted her parents and grandmother politely. As she did not arrive quick enough, her family was already down with their breakfast. She made a childish face and requested her mother and grandmother to wait for a while so she could have her breakfast. She did not want to go out with an empty stomach.

Her mother and grandmother laughed seeing her acting so spoiled. They told her to take her time. And Mika just did that. She had her fill of breakfast while trying hard not to think about the gossip. What would Jason do to end the problem?

Half an hour later, she went to the living room where her mother and grandmother were. Her father was nowhere in sight. He probably had gone to work. He already said he would leave the wedding preparation to the females. Hence, he made use of his work at the company, sort of helping Jeremy transitioning into the main company smoothly. While Jeremy had to go to Green Island to check on the latest problematic project, he went to the company to check how the others felt about Jeremy's capability. And preparing more work for Jeremy to handle while he also planning to hand everything into Jeremy's capable hands.

"Are you ready now?" her mother asked.

"Hmm... we only are going to check the venue, right?" Mika asked for confirmation.

"And the flowers and cake," her grandmother added, "Do you think we can just et the wedding planner decide for us?"

Mika quickly took her mother's hand and started to give pitiful look at her mother. She did not want to do more than checking the venue. It was so stressful when her grandmother insisted for them to follow her taste rather than asking Mika what she wanted.

Her mother just giggled while patting her hand. No one would say no to the dowager and she also did not dare to disobey her mother-in-law decision. No one dared!


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