Tell Me Again, My Love
305 A delicious helpless deer
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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305 A delicious helpless deer

Jeremy was scowling when they finally arrived at the airport. The flight was late for half an hour and Jeremy had so many things to do today. He had to return to his office with so many incomplete work to deal with. He also needed to return to the studio to check the progress of the songs. Tomorrow he had to take a half-day off from the office because he needed to attend a meeting for the group tour. His artistic side of the world. They needed to schedule the practice and planning the whole concept and outfit. So many things to do in one day and he was a bit worried whether they have enough time to discuss everything.

Jeremy did not wait for Jacob collecting his bag. He simply went to the exit with Greg trying to keep up with him.

"Hey, wait up," Greg called him when it seemed like the distance between them getting bigger. He really needed to go back to the gym to exercise!

He was getting older now and his stamina was not as good as when they were in school.

He finally managed to catch up with Jeremy although when he reached his friend, he was breathless.

"Hey, why are you so rushing as if there is no tomorrow?" he asked.

"I have a lot of work to do. I need to return to the office," Jeremy replied.

Greg quickly got into the car Jeremy was in. He did not drive a car here and would rather be a thick-skinned rather than spending a lot of money to hire a taxi to bring him to his office. Besides, the car belonged to Jeremy's family and as his friend, it was normal for Greg to 'help himself' with transportation.

Jeremy did not comment. He simply tapped his hand on the window while waiting for Jacob to bring their bag into the bonnet. He frowned slightly. His personal assistant was quite as slow as a tortoise today. Was he too reluctant to return to work?

Maybe it was time for the HR department to conduct a team-building trip for the workers, he thought silently. He could not let his workers getting lazier, especially when he was no longer there to watch over them. He did not trust much on Mika because all she could think of right now was her wedding. She would not care anything else except for the day she would be finally united with the love of her life, Jason.

Although he had the idea, he did not open his mouth. He knew once Jacob knew about the team-building trip, he would tell everyone and they would start looking for excuses to be excluded from the trip. Jeremy would not accept it.

Jacob could feel something fishy coming from his boss. His boss was too quiet sitting at the back but Jacob could feel his eyes on his back. Why was the boss looking at him like a tiger looking at a delicious helpless deer? Him, being the cute helpless deer, shivered unconsciously and tried to ease this uncomfortable feeling by rubbing his arms.

Greg, on the other hand, was clueless with what in Jeremy and Jacob's mind. Last night he slept quite late so now was the time for him to recover his sleeping time. It took him no time to start dozing and none of the men in the car looked at him.

Jacob was still trying to think positively about why his boss still staring at his back but failed. He just could not think of any good reason behind Jeremy's weird behaviour.

Mummy, please help, his heart cried sadly.

Jeremy snorted when he noticed how uneasy his personal assistant has become. It was weird seeing how easy a man as big as his assistant get scared by anything and everything. Although in term of jobs, Jacob did his job rather perfectly, the tendency of getting frightened so easily could make him look like a frightened cat. And it was unsightly.

They reached Greg's office first. Jeremy simply kicked Greg to wake him up and instead of letting Greg reflexively punch him on the face, Jeremy just avoided the punch and hit Greg on his shoulder. As their difference in term of strength was quite clear because only Jeremy went to the gym almost every day while Greg just enjoyed his life with delicious food, Greg ended up groaning in pain as he curled into a ball.

"Hey, we've arrived at your office," Jeremy to the still groaning Greg.

"You're killing me," Greg choked out.

"I didn't put much of strength there so stop being so weak," Jeremy pointed out dryly. How could Greg be this weak? A hit on the shoulder with not much strength into it made him moaning in pain like he was in a terrible accident.

Greg glared at Jeremy. Then, the glare switched to the driver as the poor man was blinking his eyes in a puzzle. Was he wrong for opening the door for him? The driver wondered. But it was his job!

The driver looked at his young master but Jeremy was already turning his attention to a file Jacob handed. Swallowing his question, the driver quickly opened the bonnet to take out the lawyer's bag.

Greg took his bag and gave another glare at Jeremy. He then walked into the building, pulling along his suitcase without another work.

The driver let out a relieved sigh and quickly closed the bonnet. Then, he went to the driver seat and made himself comfortable. It was time to send his Young Master to the office, along with his personal assistant, Jacob.

"Young Master, we have arrived," he announced politely once the car stopped at the entrance of the building. Without waiting for Jeremy's order, he quickly got out to open the door for Jeremy, only to lose at Jacob who managed to do it first. The driver twitched his lips unhappily but did not let out his thought. He simply narrowed his eyes at Jacob before went back to the driver side. He still needed to go pick up the dowager and her daughter-in-law and granddaughter from the shopping spree.

Jacob only took his bag, leaving Jeremy's bag in the bonnet. He knew the driver would know what to do with it. Then, he followed his boss into the building. His mind was busy thinking which document he needed to check first before he could send to Jeremy to approve or disapprove. Knowing some of his colleagues, without the Young Master in the office, they tended to take it for granted and started to get clumsy with their documentation and report. And Jacob would not let them continue. They have to take care of their reputation and the company's reputation. They must always strive to do their best in their work.


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