Tell Me Again, My Love
307 You again?
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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307 You again?

Ryn just smiled listening to the chat from both the make-up artist and the hairstylist. When the hairstylist came, they realized they worked together during that time. Both had so many to talk about. They not only talked about the fond memory working together with Ryn, but they also filled her in the latest gossips they heard from others. 

They were still waiting for the other 'model' when Ryn walked to the set. The twelve-inch heels made a tap-tap-tap sound as she approached the short-haired woman holding a camera and the woman wearing green tassel earrings.

"Ms Yan, Ms Felix," Ryn greeted politely.

"Hi, Ryn. Why don't we do a test take?" Felix suggested and Ryn nodded.

Felix started to explain the theme of the photo and what she wanted Ryn to do. Ryn listened carefully and even asked questions when she needed confirmation about something. Once she understood perfectly what Felix wanted, Ryn went to the centre and started to pose. She used a single rose as the prop.

After a few frames, Felix announced it was enough. Ryn quickly went to sit on a chair and closed her eyes. While waiting for the male model to finish with his outfit, makeup and hairstyle, it was better to catch a few winks.

"Are we ready?" she opened her eyes almost immediately when the male model joined the set. Her sudden opening eyes actually made everyone especially Felix who was preparing to instruct the male model and Yan who was just lifting her camera in shock. Some even cried in surprise. There was no stretching, no yawning or whatever. Ryn simply opened her eyes and asked with bright eyes as if she did not sleep just a second ago.

"Err... we are still waiting for another woman. She's the spokesperson for the brand," Felix choked out, rubbing her chest trying to ease the pounding heart. This young model could give any director a heart attack one day if she kept waking up without warning and acting like she never fell asleep while waiting.

"How about you two take test photos first?" Felix suggested. She could no longer waiting and thought that if the spokesperson did not come in five minutes, she would use these two for the advert. And where was the representative of the brand? Shouldn't he arrive by now?

Ten minutes later, there was still no sign of the third 'model' here. The representative of the brand was getting nervous but he kept asking the director and the cameraman to be patience. 

"She will come," he insisted. "It must be a heavy traffic jam."

Felix crossed her arms and legs and frowned, "We'll wait."

The crews quickly looked for space to rest while waiting. What else could they do? 

Ryn and the male model simply sat on the chair. The male model quickly scrolled through his media social while Ryn... well... she went back to sleep. Why should she waste such a golden opportunity? 

"Hello, everyone. Jennifer is here."

Ryn turned and looked at the newcomers. She just woke up when the male model asked her a question "Are you sleeping?". She was about to answer when she heard the announcement coming from the door. Her eyes widened seeing a familiar woman approaching them wearing a huge Channel sunglasses. Another woman was following her, holding two expensive handbags and three bags each from Chanel and Gucci.

Both Felix and Yan stared without blinking at what the manager was holding. Looking at the bags, apparently, the reason why these two were late because of shopping spree. They were late for more than an hour because of shopping?

Yan pursed her lips but did not say a word. Felix, on the other hand, stood up and went to the famous singer with a frown, "You are Jennifer Lin?"

"Yes, she is. Sorry, we are a bit late," Jennifer's manager apologized sheepishly.

Jennifer just gave a shy smile at the director. She thought the director and photographer would be men but it turned out both were women. She could not use her beauty to get her way. But then again, as a popular singer and the spokesperson for the brand, she could dictate anything.

"A bit late?" Felix repeated. Her tone darkened. For these women, an hour is just a little bit late?

"Anyway, I am here, aren't I?" Jennifer crossed her arms and cocked an eyebrow. What was with this weird look and question? She was there already? Why was this director mad about? She was already there.

Felix eyed Jennifer silently. She did not say anything. She simply stared at the singer before turned around and walked to her chair. She sat on it and crossed her legs.

"Ryn, use the shampoo. I want to see how well the background with the product,"

Jennifer's head snapped when she heard the name 'Ryn' being mentioned. She narrowed her eyes at the woman standing at the centre of the set.

"You again?" she choked out before her manager could stop her.

Without thinking, she stormed toward Ryn who was starting to make poses with the male model. She even stepped onto the set in her heels, to the anger of both the director and the photographer. She pushed Ryn slightly away and stared at the still composed Ryn.

"What are you doing here?" she barked without care about her reputation.

"Working," Ryn replied shortly. She did not dare to look away from Jennifer, afraid this crazy woman does something to her when she did realize it.

Jennifer turned and looked at the director, crossing her arms, "She or me?"

Everyone looked at the director, even the brand's representative. They were nervous. They knew how angry the director was when Jennifer came so late. They knew she was angrier seeing the bags in the manager's hands, indicating this singer did not take the shooting seriously enough.

Felix clutched and unclutched her hands. She did not look at the models. She turned to look at the brand's representative, "Are you sure she's suitable for the brand?"


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