Tell Me Again, My Love
308 To change the spokesperson?
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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308 To change the spokesperson?

Felix clutched and unclutched her hands. She did not look at the models. She turned to look at the brand's representative, "Are you sure she's suitable for the brand?"

The man was wringing his hands. He could not say anything. If he said yes, it would make the director angry. If he said no, it would make Miss Jennifer Lin angry. He was stuck in the middle and he wished he was elsewhere, not here.

"Call your boss. I will talk with him," Felix ordered. She could not wait for the nervous man to make a decision. Better to talk with someone who has the authority to make a decision.

The man obeyed. With a shaking hand, he connected the call to the one in charge. He talked quietly and quickly, explaining that Felix wanted to speak with him before handed the phone to Felix politely.

Felix simply tapped the speaker so everyone could hear. She did not even bother to go to another place to take the call privately. She was too angry to care about anyone's feeling. If this artist did not even care about how others feel waiting for her, why should she be worried about her feeling?

"Felix is here," she introduced herself.

"Miss Felix, how is the shooting? Went well?"

Felix looked at Jennifer.

Jennifer snorted at Ryn, thinking the director would kick Ryn out from the set. She crossed her arms and tapped her heeled foot impatiently. Why the need to call the company when the director could simply kick Ryn out by herself?

"Your spokesperson just arrived after more than an hour we all waiting," Felix said bluntly.

"Err..." the receiver was speechless. Jennifer did that? 

"Should you work with an irresponsible person or with someone who is very discipline and the camera loves her?" Felix did not even hold her words.

The other person was heard gulping nervously. What did Jennifer do over there? Had something happen 

The manager's face turned pale. She knew it was a bad idea when Jennifer decided to do a little shopping after checking into the hospital. She did try to change Jennifer's mind but she was too angry to listen. She needed a little bit of shopping session to release her tension after seeing Ryn sharing the same plane as her. Jennifer, of course, wanted to continue after visiting several boutiques but her manager managed to stop it by emphasizing how much they have to pay if the brand wants to end the contract. It would affect Jessica's reputation as well.

And now her nightmare came true.

She quickly tried to pull Jennifer, signalling her to stop saying careless words. The director seemed to want to change the spokesperson to someone else. She spent so many months trying to get this endorsement for Jennifer and did not want all her work all gone puff just like that.

"What are you doing?" Jennifer groaned, pulling her hand away when her manager tried to pull her to apologize to the director. She did not find anything wrong with the call. She had no doubt the director would ask Ryn to leave.

Ryn pursed her lips when she heard the conversation. She lifted her eyebrow at the male model who was listening to the conversation full with interest. 

He never thought he could witness this kind of thing. Usually, the call would be behind their back and they would either be told before or after the shoot or worse came to worst, their picture would be cropped out from the whole thing. He had faced this before but to see the spokesperson being replaced in the middle of shooting? Never!

Of course, he was happy to see how the director dealing with the woman. She was too much, making them all wait for hours just to go shopping, and when she arrived, she did not even look regret for her attitude. In fact, she actually dared to order the director to change the model. This tantrum was not good in today's shoot. Not good at all.

"I cannot work with someone who is not professional," Felix said warningly. Her low tone sent a shiver to everyone. Well, everyone except the clueless Jennifer.

"I... I need to go to the restroom. Excuse me," Ryn said awkwardly and quickly went away. She did not want to be stuck in this weird situation. 

Ryn washed her hands. She could not wet her face or it would ruin the makeup. She used the tissue paper to dry her hands and then unlocked her phone.

'I think I have to delay the flight tomorrow'

She sent it to Mei Li.

'Why?' Mei Li replied quickly.

'Jennifer is throwing tantrum at the set.'

'Who???' It seemed like Mei Li forgot about the woman who kept giving problem to Ryn until Jeremy decided to sue her for creating false news. 

'Jennifer Lin. The one Jeremy and I sued.'

'Ahhh...' Now Mei Li remembered, 'She's in the shooting too?'

'She's the spokesperson. Came late. Want to kick me out from the set.' Ryn explained.

'OMG... so what did they say?' Mei Li typed furiously.

'Don't know. I'm in the ladies. I'm too nervous to be there.'

'You better go check it out. If they kick you out, just return to the hotel and sleep.' Mei Li suggested. Knowing Ryn, she knew this model under her would be sleeping whenever she has time. 'Tomorrow you can just go straight to the next location.'

'Ok, ma'am.' Ryn did not mind coming here. The bed at the hotel seemed comfortable enough and she could just return to sleep her heart out if she was rejected from the job. The flight and hotel were already paid by the brand, anyway, so she had nothing to lose.

With the thought of sleeping peacefully in the bed filling her mind, Ryn quickly returned to the set. She was preparing to be kicked out from the set, even preparing to change the dress into her own clothes. 

She even smiled when she returned back to them. She stopped at the director and waited for her to say "You can go now. Sorry for the trouble" or something like that. Her eyes shone brightly, waiting for Felix to say that.

"Okay, we can start. Are you all ready? Lights? Camera?" Felix ordered when she saw Ryn returned.

Ryn blinked her eyes in puzzle. Start? Start what?


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