Tell Me Again, My Love
309 Two spokespeople?
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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309 Two spokespeople?

"Okay, we can start. Are you all ready? Lights? Camera?" Felix ordered when she saw Ryn returned.

Ryn blinked her eyes in a puzzle. Start? Start what?

Ryn was still standing there frozen when the male model pulled her to the 'stage'.

"What are you daydreaming about? We're starting," he told her.

"Ah?" Ryn's jaw dropped a bit in shock. The brand still wanted her? Then… Jennifer failed to change the director and the brand's mind? Oh… wow…

"Ryn, this time I want more attitude. Express your desire," Felix said.

"Wait..." Ryn interrupted when they about to start. She looked everywhere but could not see the singer.

"What is it?" Felix asked, holding her temper desperately.

"Where is Jen-" Ryn could not continue her question when the male model quickly covered her mouth. Her eyes widened as she looked at her partner.

"Shh..." he hissed, warning her to keep quiet or the dragon would roar again.

"What?" her voice muffled against his hand but he understood her question.

"Don't say her word. Just smile. I'll explain later what happened when you're not here just now," he whispered quickly, eyeing the director worriedly.

"O...k..." Although Ryn was still confused and has a lot of questions to ask, she just followed what the male model said. She quickly turned to bow her head apologetically at the director, "I'm sorry for making you wait. We can continue."

Felix was no longer having a furious look on her face. She waved her hand for the crews to start.

Without wasting any more second, Ryn and the male model started to pose, this time more serious than during the testing just now. The way Ryn was acting actually made the crews think she was in love with the male model. Even the male model found his heart pounding so hard and he could not stop the blush.

Oh no, what should he do now?

It took them no time to change into four outfits. On the way to change the clothes, then the male model told her what happened, rather shyly.

"What? They actually did not want to use Jennifer anymore?" Ryn was shocked when she heard it. Wasn't Jennifer the spokesperson for the brand? So why was she the one being kicked out from the set? Ryn was more confused than ever.

"Ryn, come here," Felix called.

Ryn stopped her walking and turned around when she heard the call. She walked back to the director, wondering what the director wanted from her. Could it be her turn now being kicked out from the set?

The male model continued to the changing room to change into another outfit. He also needed the space to clear his mind and think what was the meaning behind his pounding heart. Could it be she was in love with him at first sight? It could be, couldn't it?

He was, after all, a very famous model in his country, very handsome and successful. And he did not mind having a relationship with an Asian girl. She could speak English without any problem so they won't have any problem with communication.

They were perfect in every single way, weren't they?

He clutched his chest, against his heart. It was still pounding furiously when he remembered back the shooting just now. He had no doubt she was so in love with his handsomeness and charisma. 

Ryn tried to hide her feeling as she stopped in front of the director. "Yes?"

"Tomorrow we will see you at the SS headquarters at 2.00 pm," Felix told Ryn straight forward.

"Ahh...??" Ryn was confused. Why would they want to see her tomorrow? To cancel the contract? She never had to go to the company before if she was not chosen during or after the photoshopping. Had the way people changed the contract change now? More... polite?

"Forgive me for asking but why? And... I have a-" before Ryn could explain, Felix waved her hand to stop Ryn from continuing.

"Of course you need to sign a contract when you've become the spokesperson."

Ryn's jaw dropped. She... she was the spokesperson now? Did they want to sign her for the SS perfume? She? The perfume?

She must be dreaming right now. If she was the spokesperson, then what about Jennifer? Didn't the company already chose and signed a contract with Jennifer? Were they going to be the spokespeople for the brand? The two of them?

But, if Jennifer was still the spokesperson, why wasn't she here in the shooting with them? Where was she? Ryn could not find her anywhere.

"Do you have any more question?" Felix asked when she saw the many expressions on Ryn. 

"I... I go and change my outfit now," Ryn stumbled back toward the changing room. There were so many things to digest right now and Ryn was having a headache. She really could not understand the situation right now.

"Congratulations, Ryn," the make-up artist and the hairstylist congratulated the still confused Ryn.

The stylist wanted to join in the group hug but she could not squeeze in. She waited for her turn impatiently. Why were these two women taking so much time hugging Ryn? She wanted her turn to congratulate Ryn too.

"I... thanks... I guess...?" Ryn blinked her eyes a few times. She was trying to calm down and thinking about this carefully. Was this a prank directed by Jennifer and being acted out by the rest of the team? She was so suspicious she could not think another reason why the director wanted her to sign with the brand as the spokesperson. 

If it was true, of course, she would be ecstatic but if it was a big lie, she would be devastated.

"What are you thinking about, Ryn? Aren't you happy and excited to be the spokesperson of the perfume?" the makeup artist asked when she saw the lack of enthusiasm in Ryn even though it was a piece of good news.

"I..." Ryn did not know how to tell them about her suspicious. She could see how excited everyone was but at the same time, she could not kick the feeling of being a lamb led toward a hungry wolf. Or maybe this was just a dream and she was still flying by plane to come here.


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