Tell Me Again, My Love
311 A crazy woman
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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311 A crazy woman

Ryn slowly moved her chair a little to the back in order to avoid getting splash or something. She also quickly pushed all the eggs into her mouth. She would better prepare to run away just in case the manager failed to control her crazy charge.

Everyone else who was watching could not stop whispering to each other. Some even took out their phone to take a video of this.

"Jennifer, calm down. We're in public," the manager basically was begging Jennifer to control herself but it was as if a devil was possessing her, she could not think rationally and even turned around to give another hard slap to her manager.

Everyone gasped, covering their mouth seeing how fierce the crazy woman was. Ryn even stood up. She looked around, hoping something could save her from this.

"You... How dare you steal my job!" Jennifer pointed a shivering finger at Ryn, "A hussy and shameless woman like you should just die being hit by a car. You don't deserve to get the job."

"Stealing job?" Ryn frowned. She was confused with this accusation. Since when did she steal Jennifer's job? She did not do anything at all. Then, something hit her mind. Was it because of yesterday?

"Yesterday... shooting?" instead of looking at Jennifer, she looked at her manager questioningly.

The manager was busy crying while holding both reddened cheeks. What wrong did she do to deserve this? She was not the one who made Jennifer angry. She was innocent!

Ryn pursed her lips. Apparently she was accused of what happened to Jennifer when she did not do anything at all. Great.

She was too lazy to face this kind of thing. Should she start another lawsuit against Jennifer for giving her a bad name? Jennifer did not learn anything from the previous lawsuit?

Such a crazy woman.

"Excuse me. I've done with my breakfast. You can continue whatever you want to do here," Ryn said and tried to squeeze herself between them. She refused to be stuck in the middle of this which she did not even do anything to deserve it.

"Stop right there, you hussy!" Jennifer grabbed the back of Ryn's top and pulled her back. 

Ryn fell down but managed to grab onto the manager too. Both women fell down onto Jennifer who did not manage to avoid them. With a cry, she was hit by two adult bodies.

"Get off me!"

Some of the watchers laughed seeing the three of them. Those who were recording even stepped forward to get a better recording. The situation was getting havoc.

Two restaurant workers came but did not know what to do. They were wringing their hands worriedly before one of them quickly rushed to get the manager.

'Why didn't I wear heels?' Ryn muttered under her breath. But she made use of her sneakers and pushed her feet further into Jennifer, resulting in the latter cried in pain.

The manager did not notice Ryn's 'revenge'. She was too busy trying to get back to her feet. Luckily her fall was cushioned by Jennifer and Ryn or she would get even more painful. Now, only her cheeks were in pain. Tomorrow, she knew tomorrow both her cheeks would be swollen like chipmunks. Oh, what did she do to deserve this?

When the manager came, the three of the women were still tangled with each other. His eyes widened and he gasped in horror. Why did no one help untangle them? 

"Quick, help them," he ordered his subordinates hurriedly. He could not touch them but the others could as they were females. He tried not to get nervous but he recognized one of them as the good friend of the owner of the hotel. What should he do if the owner blamed him for this? He wrung his hands worriedly. He could not lose this job. He still needed to support his lovely wife and beautiful little daughter.

The waiters needed help from others before they could separate the three.

Of course, once the manager was seated on the chair, she turned into a crybaby promptly. She could no longer hold her emotion and felt so helpless. She was a victim, a poor victim in this. And she blamed everything on Ryn. If Ryn did not steal Jennifer's endorsement, Jennifer would not get angry. It was all Ryn's fault, she decided.

The manager glared at Ryn in between the waterfall.

Ryn, on the other hand, just patted her body to straighten her top and jeans. She did not stand straight but put a leg in front. She looked at the crying manager, rolling her eyes when she saw the accusation glare from the woman. She could actually sense what the manager was thinking about. It was so easy. Everything that went wrong would be her fault, not them.

And she was, honestly, getting sick of being blamed for everything.

Jennifer pushed the hands that were helping her. Her face was red with anger. She tried to jump onto Ryn, to hit her, but the others managed to catch her before she could do that.

"Let me go. Let me go. Do you know who I am? I am Jennifer Lin. Who are you to touch me?" Jennifer screamed. She did not care that all her actions were caught in the camera. She was too furious to even notice them. Her eyes could only see Ryn and in her mind, the way Ryn was standing and twitching her lips was provoking her.

Ryn sighed. She looked at the manager who was wringing his hands worriedly. 

"I'm sorry for the drama but as you can see I am not the cause of it. I'm trying to eat my breakfast peacefully, which can be seen by checking their recording," Ryn pointed at those who were still recording them. 

They nodded. They were relieved seeing the victim did not seem to be angry with their recording. And it seemed like the recording would be used as the evidence. And seeing how this crazy woman and the one who kept being slapped acting, the crazy woman should be very popular. But who was she? Anyway, whoever the woman was, once they posted the video, their viewers would go up especially after the reporters from the country this crazy woman came from would contact them. They would get popular!

They grinned at their own thought.

"I am sorry for our inability to protect you," the manager apologized to Ryn.

"Why are you apologizing to her? She's the reason... she's the hussy, a cheap woman!" Jennifer cried, still struggling to free herself but those who were holding her refused to let her go. 

Soon enough securities came and took over holding the still screaming Jennifer.

"I'm sorry, madam, but could you leave the premise? You're ruining others' breakfast," the manager approached Jennifer and told her rather firmly even though his hands were shaking.

"How... how dare you...? Do you know who I am?" Jennifer choked out in anger when it seemed she was being kicked out from the restaurant, instead of that wh*re. This was unacceptable. Do they all know who she is? She is Jennifer. Jennifer Lin!

The manager tried to argue. She also refused to move and thought Ryn should be the one being kicked out from the restaurant.

The hotel manager approached them. He heard what happened when someone went to the counter and told the people there what happened at the restaurant. Of course, he talked with the other clients what happened and while the restaurant manager tried to control the hysterical Jennifer, he talked with Ryn rather politely. He also recognized Ryn as one of the friend of the owner of the hotel. Of course, he would not do anything to make Ryn angry, worried it would affect his own job. But seeing how calm Ryn was and how the others kept agreeing with what Ryn said, he decided that those two women should hold the responsibility.

"Is it okay if I go back to my room? I have another appointment and need to get ready," Ryn asked the manager (the hotel).

"Yes, Miss Catherine. You are free to go. I apologize on behalf of the hotel for this incident. I promise you this will not happen again," the manager said politely, bowing his head a few times.

"Okay... thank you..." Ryn was feeling weird out with the way both managers were treating her like she was their boss or something. Although they were polite as being professional, she could sense they were worried that she would get angry. How could she blame them when the ones who started it was Jennifer?

"I'm sorry, Miss. But would you and your friend like to walk by yourself or do you need the security to help you?" the manager (hotel) asked politely but firmly at the manager. He could see that the one in charge of the crazy woman was this crying woman.

"But... but we stay here," the manager choked out with her teary eyes looked at the manager in shocked.

"I'm sorry, miss but... we cannot allowed anyone creating problem here," the manager said.

"But we paid for the room!"

"I'm sorry, miss."

"Who are you to kick us out? I want to see your manager!" the manager demanded. Her shrill voice made the others refused to move away, interested to see more of the drama.

"I am the manager," he said simply. "And I'm afraid we can no longer provide you with a place to stay. Would you like us to list down the other hotels around here?"

The manager's face turned pale, especially when she heard the laughter and giggle from those who were watching them. This... this is too embarrassing. 


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