Tell Me Again, My Love
314 Did the boss want to kill the singer?
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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314 Did the boss want to kill the singer?

Ryn told him what happened without missing a thing. Of course, she included what happened the day before, the reason she believed made Jennifer attacked her. Of course, she muttered dryly, the lawsuit also made her blame Ryn.

"She never believes her attitude the reason why SS perfume dissolves their contract," Ryn concluded her 'report'.

"Are you okay, babe? No hurt anywhere?" Jeremy asked. He stood up and went to his closet. He decided to go to her. He could not just wait for her and worrying over her safety.

Jennifer was a crazy woman.

He could not imagine what else would she do. Creating false stories, exploiting their work 'relationship' and even tried to make others believed they're in a relationship. And now, she went straight to attack Ryn without any care of her own reputation. Of course, he had no doubt she and her manager would spin the story around to make it seemed like it was all Ryn's fault.

And he would not let that happened even though he was in the same company as hers. No one could bully his Ryn. And if the company took a jab on Ryn in order to protect Jennifer, he would protect Ryn.

He reached for his phone once he put on the jacket. He immediately called Jacob, his personal assistant.

"Yes, boss?" Although Jacob was exhausted from the work today, he immediately answered the call and prepared to take note of the latest order from his boss.

"Gather the PR team and my lawyer. Meeting in one hour," Jeremy ordered.

"Ah… may I know what this is about, sir, so the PR team can start preparing?" Jacob asked carefully.

"I want the latest progress from the lawsuit against Jennifer and get the report about the incident from Angel Groove Hotel where Ryn stayed," Jeremy said.

"I'm sorry?"

"Stand by for either a lawsuit from Jennifer or another false story from her side."

Jeremy did not wait for Jacob to understand completely about the situation. He simply disconnected the call and went to his computer. He did not want to use his phone as it was too small for him to check the latest entertainment news. It was easier to check using a computer than a small mobile phone. His eyes narrowed as his right hand busy clicking on the mouse, scrolling the page but the one he was looking for was not there. After spending about fifteen minutes checking online, he realized that there was no false news about Ryn but there was quite a lot of video about Jennifer's crazy attic online. Of course, with none of the customers knew who she was, they did not connect her crazy behaviour to the angelic Jennifer Lin, the singer. And so far, none of the paparazzi noticed the video being viral.

But any minute now one of the viewers of the video would recognize her and inform everyone.

Jeremy closed his eyes, trying to control his emotion. He still has time to control the situation.

When he reached the meeting room, everyone was already there. In front of them were their laptop as each one of them was busy checking the internet, well, everyone other than Jacob and Greg. Greg was busy devouring the fried chicken Jacob bought for everyone.

"I thought you're on diet," Jeremy commented dryly at his friend who was happily chewing the crispy fried chicken.

Greg kept chewing but his eyes were glaring at his friend. Of course, he did tell Jeremy he would be on diet in order to detox himself from all the junk food and bad food he ate for years. But it has been 2 weeks and he was starving!

And dealing with cases make his stomach hungry quicker.

Jeremy ignored the glare and went to sit on his chair. He took out his phone and checked again for the latest news.

And his worst nightmare come true.

"Make sure the video is no longer available on the internet," he told the PR team. "Greg, can we take any action about this?"

Greg put down the drumstick he was enjoying and looked at the screen of the laptop. "I need to check it first before I can give you the answer."

"I don't want this thing to get worse. If needed, just make her disappear," Jeremy said firmly.

Everyone looked at him in shock. Disappear? Did the boss want to kill the singer?

Had the boss gone crazy with anger with what Jennifer did? Where did their kind boss go?

Jeremy frowned when he saw how every pair of eyes looked at him in shock. What was in their mind?

"What I mean is I want her to disappear from the public. I don't want her to have any comeback," he explained with a long sigh. Why were they having weird thought all of a sudden?

Their eyes widened in understanding. It seemed like they misunderstood him.

"Sorry, boss," one of them mumbled apologetically.

"Well, it's your fault saying words so vague it creates a different meaning to our ear," Greg said without a drop of embarrassment.

Jeremy glared but Greg just continued enjoying the fried chicken. Jacob bought them four buckets of fried chickens, six bottles of cola, three cartons of huge pepperoni pizza and six tubs of whipped potatoes. Just enough for everyone to enjoy while dealing with this new problem.

"How is Ryn, by the way?" Greg asked suddenly while the others were busy dealing with the problem.

"She's not hurt. She's on the way to Japan as we're talking," Jeremy said.

"When will she return? Does she want to sue Jennifer or something?" Greg asked, frowning.

"Next week and no, she's too lazy to do anything. However, she asked us to prepare if Jennifer drags my name again."

"I'll check with her manager for the next action," Greg announced. He knew better than to let Jeremy decided on Ryn's next action. Ryn would get mad at him and he did not want that. Despite how cold Ryn was now but she was still his friend from school. Well, not as close as he with Jeremy but they knew each other for so long, he found himself comfortable talking with her.


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