Tell Me Again, My Love
315 Cancelling the contract 01
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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315 Cancelling the contract 01

"Young Master, we have arrived," the driver announced.

Jeremy blinked his eyes a few times. He did not even realize he had fallen asleep while in the car. He stretched his arms and let out a yawn. He got out of the car. Greg followed behind.

Four days already passed after the phone call from Ryn and the team managed to control the situation. Of course, Jennifer and her manager turned everything to their own version and painted Ryn as the causal of the 'fight' and Jennifer was the victim the whole time. Jennifer did try to pull Jeremy's name into the conflict but Jeremy's team was ready with this. It even came to Jennifer's manager contacting his manager (music) and asked him to cooperate with her.

Of course, he declined the request.

Right now, he was on the way to the entertainment agency with his lawyer.

"Are you sure about this?" Greg whispered as they almost entering the building.

"Hmm…" Jeremy was tired with the drama. He wanted to put this whole thing to a stop. Of course, it took him quite a few days to think about it. But he did not discuss this with his group mates.

He took a deep breath before entered the building.

Greg did not act like a regular lawyer. Instead of bringing a black briefcase and wearing full suits, he was bringing a brown leather backpack and flamingo shirt. In fact, Greg looked like he was on a holiday instead of representing Jeremy!

They bumped into some artists and the managers. Jeremy spent sometimes chatting with them but did not tell why he was there. About twenty minutes then he managed to meet the boss of the company. He was smiling so none of them could guess what he had in mind.

"Jeremy, to what do I owe this visit?" the boss asked as he welcomed Jeremy to sit. He did look at Greg who was following, frowning. Was this man Jeremy's new assistant?

"This is Greg Mo, my attorney," Jeremy introduced Greg to him.

"Hello, Mr Mo," he tried to hide his uneasiness when he realized the man was actually a lawyer. Why would Jeremy bring a lawyer into the office? Something smell fishy.

"Hello," Greg accepted the hand offered and then sat beside Jeremy. He was smiling in a friendly manner, which threw the boss off.

What was going on right now?

"First of all, I am sorry to come here unannounced but I do have an important thing to discuss with you," Jeremy said in a serious way but the smile never left his face.

The boss cleared his voice and tried to smile, "What is it about?"

Jeremy looked at Greg who nodded his head. Then, he turned to look at the company's boss. "I want to end my contract."

The boss looked at him in shock. This… this… But why?

"Are you not happy with the schedule and the promotion?" he asked. He did not want to lose this golden goose.

"I am happy with the work the company planned for me, don't get me wrong. However, I don't think it is fair for the fans and the others when I can���t give enough attention to my music career."

"We can give you time off," the boss said hurriedly.

Jeremy just smiled.

"Or is it because of Jennifer?" the boss asked suddenly. He did hear the latest problem regarding Jennifer and the PR team went into overdrive just to take control of the situation

"Greg," Jeremy turned to look at his friend. Greg should take over by now.

"I have calculated how much Mr Long has to pay for the cancelling of the contract," Greg took over the talk. He took out a file and showed the figure to the boss. "Would you need to calculate this with your team?"

The boss rubbed his brows. And then, he leaned to the right and called for his secretary.

"Call the financial manager and the attorney," he told his secretary with a heavy sigh. He really did not want to lose this music genius but Jeremy seemed to be serious in this.

"I really can't say anything… can't do anything to change your mind?" he asked Jeremy.

"I'm sorry," Jeremy apologized. He was feeling sorry because he could not tell the real reason why he wanted to break the contract suddenly. And he determined not to tell the boss that. He did not want to put the boss in the middle.

"What about the concert?" the boss asked slowly. They already planned the concert for the group and all the fans already knew and excited about it.

"That… that would be my last concert. Don't worry. I have given my promise to you, to the group, to the team and to the fans. I will do it," Jeremy assured him.

The boss blew out a relieved sigh. He was worried about the concert when he saw how serious Jeremy was. Even if Jeremy paid the compensation, it would still affect the concert. The fans would not like it too and might even blame him for wronging Jeremy.

The secretary returned holding a tray. She placed a cup of coffee in front of the men. The men were now sitting around the huge table for a meeting. Two men from the financial department as well as two men from the lawyer office were busy checking the contract as well as calculating the amount Jeremy has to pay to dissolve his contract.

It took them almost two hours just to finish calculation the correct amount. Jeremy and Greg spent the time on their phone. Jeremy checked any news from the company while Greg looked at anything worthy for him to handle which was in short, any latest progress from Jennifer's side regarding the incident in the hotel.

It was funny, in his opinion, about how delusional Jennifer was regarding her relationship with Jeremy. She acted as if they were a couple of tragic lovers, like Romeo and Juliet who were separated because of their families. Which was stupid, of course. There was no relationship whatsoever between these two. Never was and never will. But Jennifer thought differently.

Despite the lawsuit against her that time, she was still in her perfect little bubble world, refused to accept the reality.

A crazy woman in short.

Greg wondered how did she lie to everyone else over her angelic persona when behind the scene, she would do all sort of things to get what she wanted.

"Ah… Ryn just updated her account," he said without thinking when he checked Instagram. Being a friend, he followed Ryn but unfortunately, that cold girl did not bother to do the same courtesy of following him back. "I heard Mika also holds her password."

"What do you want?" Jeremy asked but his eyes sparkled at the photo of Ryn holding a plate of sushi. She must be happy to eat the whole plate… or was she having a meal with the others?

"Nothing hard. Just want her to follow me back. How many does she follow by the way?" Greg checked on the main page and clucked his tongue. She only followed 5 accounts; Mika, Jeremy, Jason and the agency she was under. Wait… she followed another person.

"Who is this Harry? I didn't know in our group there is a Harry," he asked Jeremy.

Jeremy quickly went to the main page and his face darkened seeing another account under those she followed. Why? Why would she follow that boy? Was she having a feeling on that boy?

Without thinking he quickly stood up and went to the corner of the office, away from everyone. Greg stayed where he was sitting but his eyes followed Jeremy. A smirk curled on his face. He could actually guess what Jeremy would do. That man was a huge tank of vinegar every time it was connecting to Ryn. Jeremy would not allow any man to get too close to Ryn whom he considered his belonging.

It was funny to watch. But when Jeremy was in pain whenever she refused to meet or talk with him, Greg also had a headache. These two stubborn people need to be stuck in the middle of nowhere and have a good talk rather than one keeps running away while another keeps chasing without giving up. Of course, the chaser should not treat the runner possessively if he wanted to win back her heart.

But that mule refused to accept suggestion, advice and help from others, thinking he could do it by himself.

Greg silently wondered how long would this man struggle before he success winning Ryn's heart. Or maybe never…

"Mika, where are you right now?" Jeremy immediately asked once his little sister answered the call.

"I'm on the way home. Why?" Mika asked. She chewed her lower lip nervously. She was actually lying to Jeremy. She was on the way to Ella's house with Jason. They finally managed to trace the person who started the rumour. Jason had a deal with the culprit and now they were going to face Ella to settle this thing once and for all.


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