Tell Me Again, My Love
317 The last warning 1
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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317 The last warning 1

Mika gulped when Jason stopped the car. She looked outside and frowned seeing the building. The family lived there?

"It was not bad considering…" her words trailed off. She was a bit uneasy to say the word 'gambler' and 'liar' even though those two words represented the family as a whole. She reached for Jason's hand and rubbed it gently.

"I'm okay," Jason said.

"I am not. Are we right to do this? I mean… is this the right thing? Why didn't we bring others with us?" she asked. Her brows furrowed full with worry. She did not want anything bad to happen. Especially toward Jason and herself.

"Don't worry. Look at the back," he pointed behind them.

Mika turned around and saw two cars were approaching them. She recognized one of the cars. It was the usual car used by the security for Jason's family. Maybe the one behind belonged to the securities as well.

"Are you ready?" he asked her gently.


Jason shut off the engine and went to Mika's side to open the door for her. He then offered his hand and she accepted it.

"Here goes nothing," Mika murmured slowly. She let him lead the way with the securities following behind. Her heart was pounding hard but she tried not to show it. Showing her weakness would make it easy for others to attack and take advantage of her. And she would not like that.

"Jason? What are you doing here? Why didn't you tell us you're coming?" Aunty Min asked with a huge smile seeing her handsome nephew. But the smile disappeared seeing the woman holding hand with Jason. Her eyes narrowed suspiciously. "What is she doing here?"

Jason and Mika shared a look before Jason looked back to his aunt. His face was grim.

"Where is Ella?"

"Ella? Do you want to see her? She's in her room," Aunty Min was happy to see Jason wanted to see her daughter. Was this the chance they all were waiting for? But... why would he bring that woman with him if he wanted to be with her daughter?

She went to Ella's room to call for her. She was so happy, she almost skipped toward the room despite her age. Ella who was happily listening to Korean music.

"Ella, wake up. Jason is here," she urged her daughter to get to her feet. She immediately headed to the wardrobe to choose the perfect outfit for her daughter. Ella must look beautiful in front of Jason. There should never be any tear or stain on the material. It also must not look old.

"Jason is here?" Ella dropped the phone she was holding excitedly. He was here? It only took him almost a week for him to realize who his real partner was.

She quickly went to the vanity drawer to put on make-up. She wanted to look beautiful in front of him. She even curled her hair while her mother was busy throwing her dresses and blouses on the bed, choosing the perfect outfit for her daughter.

"It's already ten minutes," Mika murmured, frowning. They had been sitting on the couch alone for ten minutes waiting for Ella. But there was no sign of Ella, even her mother. 

"Is she going to put on make-up and do her hair before she meets you?" Mika asked without thinking. She even snorted at the thought. Who was this Ella thinking of herself? A celebrity? A socialite?

"Now I know how you feel when you have to wait for me. I feel so sorry for you, my love, having to wait for me to get ready," she looked at him in her big eyes, feeling guilty for all those times he had to wait for her.

"I don't mind waiting for you, my love. But this one... hmm..." his fingers played with her nape. He stroked it gently. Then, played with the baby hair. He leaned down to kiss her lips gently.

They basically ignored the securities who were standing behind them. The securities turned red and quickly shuffled and looked away. They needed to give some privacy to the young master and his lover but they could not leave the place.

It was an awkward situation for them.

It took Ella almost an hour to get ready. Everything looked wrong in her eyes so she kept on changing outfits and even changed her make-up. She just could not make up her mind which outfit looked good and suitable to meet Jason. She wanted to look beautiful.

"Let's go," her mother urged, finally noticing how much they spent in the room while Jason was still waiting for her lovely daughter.

"Do I look beautiful? Is my dress okay?" Ella asked, fussing over her dress. She even covered her body with her favourite perfume. "Do I smell good?"

"Yes, my baby. You look beautiful, like a princess," her mother gushed.

Ella adjusted the hem of her dress carefully and then walked to the door. Now she was ready to meet Jason.

Jason and Ella were exchanging love words when the mother-daughter arrived in the living room. Both women were shocked. Ella's eyes immediately filled with water as she looked at the couple as if she just caught her husband having an affair in front of her.

Mika was still draping herself on Jason when she noticed the mother-daughter duo. She tried to sit up properly but Jason caught her and pulled her for a light kiss. She then sat up properly and looked at the women with a serious expression.

"You're finally here," Jason said dryly.

Ella stumbled back and almost fell down if not for her mother to catch her. Still gripping to her mother's dress, she blinked her tears out watching how grim Jason looked right now. Why was he having that kind of look? Why was that woman here as well?

She looked at her confused mother. 

Wasn't Jason here to meet her to reconcile their love fate together?

What was going on right now?


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