Tell Me Again, My Love
318 The last warning 02
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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318 The last warning 02

Jason watched the way she was reacting with disgust. Something really wrong in this woman's mind. Why it seemed like she was acting like a girlfriend or a wife catching her boyfriend or husband with his affair?

Was this woman having a mental illness? A delusion?

He cleared his throat. He needed to control the situation and focus on the reason why they came here.

Mika slipped her arm around his back, rubbing him gently. She also did not want him to lose his cool before they could settle the problem.

"Aunty is happy you are here for Ella, Jason, but may aunty knows why that... she... she came here as well?" upon receiving another look from her teary daughter, Aunty Min asked Jason.

"Why can't I bring my own fiancee with me? I do not want any rumour to appear just because of my appearance in another woman's house," Jason replied back.

The securities came forward and made the two women stunned. They did not notice the group. Their attention zeroed immediately toward Jason and his fiancee, Mika. Hence, they wrapped their arms around each other and almost stumbled to the back. What... what was going on?

"I have no doubt you're aware of the rumour circling the internet recently," Jason started, no longer wanting to spend more time here with them.

"Uh… of course. Of course," Ella's eyes sparkled when she remembered the rumour. She cleared her throat and gave a shy smile at Jason. This was the moment she had been waiting for.

But why would he bring that woman here? And still, acting all lovey-dovey with her? Was it just an act so he could dump the woman in front of her, the real love of his life?

If that was the case, wasn't it a way to prove his love to her?

Ella's heart swelled with love and touched. He really did love her.

Mika watched her every change of expression carefully. She almost laughed out loud seeing the loving look Ella gave him. Was that woman out of her mind? Couldn't she feel the tense atmosphere right now? Even Mika could feel the anger vibrated from Jason's body and she tried hard not to shiver or move away from her fiancé.

Maybe he could feel her reaction, he quickly controlled his own emotion and reached for her hand to calm her down. He wanted to scare Ella and her family, not scaring his own love.

Ella's eyes narrowed at the sight of Jason calming Mika down. Her brain was getting more confused than ever. But she quickly calmed herself and reminded herself a few times Jason was just acting, lulling Mika to lower down her defence before he would dump her.

One of the securities could not help pursing his lips in amused seeing how crazy Ella looked right now. A mixture of love, hate, envy, touched, proud, show off, happy but there was no guilt at all. There was no guilt in her eyes even though Young Master already hinted about the rumour. All the securities knew about the rumour and who was the real culprit. They were the ones who went to meet the man spreading the rumour and getting the name of the real person behind it. Of course, it did not take more than an hour for that man to crumple and give the name.

But what he was confused about was why Young Master did not send the man to the authority and just make the man wait for further instruction. Of course, another team was sent to watch over the man to ensure he did not run away.

"Do you know anything about it?" Jason asked.

"Uh… what?... Of course what I read online. About… about… her…" Ella pointed her finger at Mika with hidden pleasure. Was it the moment she had been waiting for?

Jason looked at Mika and she just blinked her eyes innocently. Jason smiled as he rubbed her back gently before he turned to look at Ella.

"So you think the rumour is true?" he cocked an eyebrow, crossing his arms.

Still unaware of the danger lurking, Ella nodded quickly, "Of course it is true… If no why no one… not even she said anything?"

"Didn't you think it���s because we want to find the real culprit behind this?" Jason replied back dryly.

Aunty Min sucked in her breath in shocked. Something was wrong. She did not know what it was but his tone was full of warning. What was going on? She looked at her daughter worriedly.

"But don't you think it's suspicious about how close they both are? They looked like a real couple," Ella was so excited to observe the situation. She did not even realize he used the word 'we' instead of 'she' when talking about the rumour.

"Are you that stupid not to know how long Mika and I have been in a relationship and how long Mika has been friend with Catherine?"

The securities straightened up even more when they heard his voice was turning even lower and lover, full of anger and warning.

Ella froze. Something… somehow… felt wrong. Her eyes looked around wildly, trying to understand what was going on. Why was he not following the script? He was supposed to dump that woman, not kept asking questions at her.

"Jason?" she choked out questioningly.

Jason finally stood up. He helped Mika to stand up. And then he looked at the mother-daughter duo. "This is the last warning, Ella. If you still not regret and stop trying to break Mika and me apart, I will bring all the evidence to the authority. I won't longer care about our blood relationship. Aunty Min, please teach your daughter how to be a kind person. Please excuse us."

Without waiting for their reply, Jason pulled Mika toward the door. He already gave his warning. He already told Ella in a way that they knew she was the real culprit behind the rumour. If she still refused to give up and kept doing it her way, he would no longer care about their blood relationship (conveniently forgetting the lawsuit he took against her).

"Jason, wait. What do you mean?" Aunty Min cried. She wanted to catch Jason for an explanation but when her daughter stumbled back, she changed her mind and caught Ella instead. "Daughter, are you okay? What's wrong?"

"He… he wouldn't know… would he? He could not have known about this," Ella muttered. Her eyes were wild with craziness. This was not what it was supposed to be. He should just follow the script! She was supposed to be his girlfriend from today onwards, not being left here alone!

The securities quickly followed the couple. Their task was completed. Luckily the crazy woman did not do anything untoward toward Miss Long especially. They quickly got into the cars and went back to the mansion to do their report.

The couple, on the other hand, went to another direction. They did not have the plan to go back to the Wu mansion. They still wanted to spend time together without any disturb from the elders.

"That went well, wasn't it?" Mika asked as they headed toward the restaurant he picked for dinner.


"Luckily nothing went wrong," She sighed, patting her chest in relieved. She was worried initially when they went into Ella's house. So many variables might happen and able to leave the house unscathed was never in her mind when they went to that house.

"Even if there is, we have the men with us," Jason replied. One hand reached for hers and pulled it toward his lips for a comforting kiss. "I have everything covers."

"Hmm… that's why I feel safe with you," she said shyly.

"Now you know. I thought you did not realize you can always depend on me," he teased.

"Jason~" she cried.

He laughed. The anger in him was no longer there once he was in the car with the love of his life. Nothing else could make him happier but her.

"You haven't told me where we are going to have our dinner," she asked after a while. Then, her smile disappeared when she read the message from her big brother.

"What's wrong? Jeremy?" Jason asked when he noticed the sulk on her face.

"Hmm… He is bullying me, love. He asks why I haven't made Ryn unfollow Harry,�� Mika grumbled. She turned to look at him sadly. "Don't you think he is ridiculous? Harry is Ryn's friend. Even I know Harry. He is a kind man and it will be awkward when Ryn had no idea about it when Harry asks her if I make her unfollow Harry."

"He is still learning not to get jealous," Jason shrugged.

He did not understand Jeremy at all. Jeremy and Ryn started their relationship almost at the same time as them but the way Jeremy reacted with Ryn being close to other men was different than him.

He knew Mika has known other men too because of her job but his love knew the boundaries between her and the other men. She would not go beyond it and her love was only for him. So why should he be worried about other men to get close to Mika?

However, contrary to him, Jeremy reacted differently. He was always jealous of almost every single thing. But the funny thing was, Jeremy was the one supporting Ryn becoming a model. And ended up being jealous of everything.

Hence, the end of their relationship.

Jason learned a lot from those two and always-always made sure he did not allow his feeling ruining their relationship. Not theirs. Never.


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