Tell Me Again, My Love
319 A huge mistake to forge
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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319 A huge mistake to forge

Jeremy sat on the chair and frowned. He crossed his arms as he looked at the nervous men.

Their eyes quickly looked down, running their eyes from looking at the boss. Why was their boss having a bad mood again? Wasn't last week's temper was enough to fill the month?

Jeremy reached for a file and flipped it while listening to a man reporting his project. The chill from his body reached the one who was talking. The man almost froze, thinking he did something wrong. He pulled the tie and took a deep gulp to calm himself.

Jeremy closed the report and opened his mouth.

No one dared to speak. But most of them were lighting candles to the manager who was still standing awkwardly.

But before he could say something, someone's phone rang.

Everyone froze. Whose phone was it? Didn't that person know it is a huge mistake to forget to put the phone into silence before the meeting starts?

They were still looking secretly for the culprit when they could feel the warmth coming for the chairman's seat. They immediately turned to look at Jeremy and were stunned silly seeing a smile on Jeremy's face.

What did they see? Were they dreaming? Their grumpy boss smiled?

"The meeting adjoined. Good job, everyone," Jeremy announced suddenly. Then, without waiting for another second, he left the meeting room.

Those who were still in the meeting room looked at each other in speechless. What just happened?

Jacob quickly followed his boss to his office. He was wondering the same thing too. Why did the boss suddenly end the meeting? According to the meeting agenda, there were still more than four reports to be presented.

"I won't return to the office. Tomorrow I will take a day off. If anything occurs, send it to my phone," Jeremy said as he pulled the drawer to get his car key.

"Err… what?" Jacob was taken by surprise but before he could ask for an explanation, his boss already heading out of the office. He could not even catch up on Jeremy because his boss was walking so quickly, even those in the office were looking at the disappearing Jeremy with their jaw dropped down.

"B… boss… boss… wait," Jacob called but it was useless. He sighed heavily, his shoulders dropped in disbelief. What was wrong with boss today?

Jeremy checked his watch giddily. Finally, she has returned home.

He already confirmed with her before she took the flight. She even sent him a photo before the flight departed and she looked exhausted but excited.

Who wouldn't be excited to go home?

He made a stop at the florist first to buy her a welcome back bouquet of red and white roses.

Then he waited for her at the arrival gate without the flowers. He did not want others to smell their relationship before she was ready.

And it took almost an hour of waiting before he saw her.

When he saw her walking out of the gate with her bag, he smiled widely. Instead of going to her just like he wanted, he waited for her to get closer before he waved his hand.

She smiled seeing him. Despite the disguise he put on before he reached the airport, she still could recognize him.

"Hey, you," she said with a smile.

"Hey, back. Welcome back. Can I hug you?" he asked hopingly.

She took off the sunglasses she was wearing and looked at him with a slight smile.

"Are you sure? You are not worried?"

His hope was lifted but then she put back her sunglasses and shook her head.

"Later. Not now." She poured cold water onto his hope and walked toward the exit. She was so exhausted and too tired to deal with a new rumour. Despite the disguise, there might be someone who could recognize Jeremy and took his photo when they were hugging or kissing.

He knew she was reluctant to hold hands with him so he simply walked ahead, leading the way to his car. Of course, as her boyfriend, he insisted to bring her bag.

"You can sleep if you're tired. I'll wake you up once we have arrived," he told her after helping to buckle her safety belt. He could not stop himself from stealing a light kiss against her lips before quickly went to the driver side.

"Send me back to my home, okay, J?" Ryn reminded before she closed her eyes drowsily.


He glanced at her for a few times while driving. He pursed his lips thoughtfully before a naughty glint appeared on his face. Her home?

As if he would let her be separated again from him.

He parked carefully at his designed parking lot and without shutting off the engine, he gazed at her lovingly. She was so deep in her sleep, she did not even notice where they were right now. Of course, the distance between the airports to her place compared to the airport to his place was much further. Hence, she did not notice he detoured to another place than her own.

Two minutes moved to three minutes but he still did not announce their arrival. He spent the time gazing at her, marvelling how clear her face was despite many times having to put on thick make-up for her jobs. Even her small hands were clean from any nail varnish. He knew she was too lazy to maintain the colour, hence preferring not to colour them. Only when she spent time with Mika, she would hand her nails for Mika to colour. It drove Mika crazy sometimes but it made Jeremy admired how high her tolerance toward his crazy little sister. He had no doubt when they finally have a child or children of their own, Ryn would be the best mother.

It was five minutes after when she, probably feel the car no longer moving, stirred a bit. She blinked her eyes slowly and looked around. She sighed and closed her eyes back.

"Wake up, love. We've arrived," he whispered gently, stroking her hair gently.

"Hmm…?" she sighed and pushed his hand away annoyingly. She still wanted to sleep. She was too exhausted to even open her eyes.

"Sweetheart, you can sleep on the bed. Don't sleep in the car. It's not good for your body," he coaxed gently.

She let out a whimper but still not ready to wake up.

He chuckled to see her acting this way. She must be so exhausted to even care where she was sleeping. Of course, he could not let them stay here for the night. It was a danger to let the engine running without moving.

He quickly shut off the engine and went to the back to retrieve her bag. Then, he went to the front and instead of trying to wake her up again, he simply scooped her up.

He could carry her to his home. He kissed one spot on her head and started to walk to the elevator.

He struggled a bit to unlock the door but he finally succeeded after five minutes fumbling. He walked into the house carrying her in his arms, grumbling how lighter she was. She was getting thinner and thinner and she did not even refuse her jobs. She should take care of more of her health rather than thinking about others' feeling when she refused the work.

How long would she stay this time before she flew out again for jobs? He needed to talk about this with Mei Li. If needed, he would cancel Ryn's contract with that modelling agency. He would not want Ryn to get so thin until her skin stuck to her bones.

His face darkened at the thought. A super skinny model might be the trend since forever but it was not what he wanted for Ryn.

He laid her gently on the bed and without thinking took her shoes and stocking off. Then, he eyed the clothes she wore. She would not be comfortable sleeping in those, right?

With that thought in mind, he quickly took off everything, leaving her as bare as a newborn baby. Then, he pulled the thick blanket to cover her body and then adjusted the air conditioner. He did not want her to end up sick under his watch!

He then went to prepare hot water in the bathtub so when she woke up, it would be warm and ready for her. He would wake her up... eventually. She still needed to wash after the long hour in the plane. She must feel so sticky and uncomfortable but too exhausted to do anything.

Then, he went downstairs and looked for something to make in the kitchen. She would be hungry when she woke up and he could not let her starving under his watch. Of course, he did not want her to lose more weight than now.

But, of course, he had nothing in the kitchen except the eggs. He had no idea why only eggs left. Did he spend all the food in the kitchen?

He took out his phone and looked for the menu offered by the restaurant nearby. Luckily the restaurant offered home delivery. He did not have to leave the house to get food for his Ryn.


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