Tell Me Again, My Love
320 What happened last night?
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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320 What happened last night?

The next day...

She woke up finding herself drape on his body. She lifted her head and looked at him sleepily. Then, she dropped back her head and groaned against his shaking chest. He was laughing at her!

"Good morning, love," he kissed the top of her head.

"Why am I here?" she cried, trying to remember what happened after she arrived at the airport. She closed her eyes and thought hard but sadly she could not remember anything.

What happened yesterday?

And why she felt something wrong? Her skin felt...

Her eyes widened when she realized what it meant. Their bare skins were touching each other!

Was she naked? Wait... was he naked? No, the most important thing was what did they do last night? Did they do the deed without her realizing it again?

Was he insane?

She wanted to scold him for his craziness but before she pulled back to sit up, she realized her body nakedness and quickly lowered down back her body to glue back to his. 

He chuckled seeing her keep lifting her body and then lowering it back. Of course, it resulted in something he could not control when their bare skin touched so intimately. 

"J... Jeremy!" she cried when she noticed his reaction. 

"Babe, I can't help it," he shrugged and tried to hug her closer, adjusting her so her body could lie properly on his.

"You are so..." she could not continue her words and ended up burying her head against his chest. Without warning, she bit into his skin, right beneath the nipple. She avoided it to avoid making him lustier... or so she thought.

"Oh, babe," he groaned huskily.

She gulped... hard. Oh no...

"This is not what I have in mind," she mumbled against his skin.

"I didn't too but I am not complaining," he replied huskily.

"Crazy," she mumbled again.

His naughty hands tried to feel her up but she refused to give in. In fact, she tried so hard to pull the blanket covering her body firmly and with a count of three, she tried to wrap it around her and pulled back from him.

It was hard but she managed to do it. She quickly jumped toward the bedroom like a Chinese ghost, blushing rather bright red but still muttering under her breath.

He rested his head on his hands and laughed. How could she be so adorable early this morning? She did not even realize he was still wearing his boxer. Was her mind so dirty in the morning?

But he liked it. He loved it so much.

She dropped the blanket on the floor and went to sit at the edge of the bathtub. She covered her face with her hand. This was so awkward and shameful. How could this happen? She could not remember what happened last night but seeing how they were ended up not wearing, she did not think it was an innocent night.

But... but she was not aware of anything. He did not tell her... no, he did not ask for her permission for anything.

"Oh God, what happened last night?" She was scared. Did they have 'that' or what? But she did not feel anything between her legs at all. She should feel something... right?

Maybe they did nothing at all last night. She nodded at the thought. It could be. 

But then again, they might have done something last night. He was quite... lusty this morning. He could be doing something that would not leave any remark on her body.

She could not... no, would not trust him that easily. Especially with that naughty twinkle in his eyes and his naughtier hands.

"Ergh... why should I hide in here while he's laughing out there?" she grumbled sulkily. She could hear his laughter so clear despite how big this bathroom was. It even has a huge bathtub in it.

She was still grumbling about him when her head snapped. Oh no...

"Jeremy!" she cried, running back to the bedroom where Jeremy was still lying on the bed. She forgot to cover herself, hence running toward him in her birthday suit.

He was still planning about their romantic date when the door was flung open and she appeared. In nude nonetheless.

His brows lifted up until they almost touched his hairline. He gulped hard. Was this a dream come true? His eyes shone brightly and he almost jumped forward. But he managed to control himself and acted like it was nothing.

He could do this. He must act as if he was so calm and did not think of pulling her into a passionate kiss and then kissed her all over her body until they became one in both body and emotion.

"Jeremy, why didn't you send me last night?" she questioned with her hands on her hips. She could not believe he would do this to her.

"Hmm...?" he had to clear his voice before replied innocently. He tried hard not to get affected by the beautiful scenery she was offering without any care. Did she realize what she was wearing... no, did she realize what she was not wearing? It was even hard not to look at the honey pot between her legs. 

It was a long time ago he tasted it and he missed it desperately. Of course, he missed her love as well but able to enjoy what lovers do was what he wanted to do even when they were separated. Of course, when she agreed to give their relationship another try, he wished they could make love so he could pour out all the love he had been keeping just for her and enjoying her sweetest pot all night long. And he knew she would enjoy it just like him. She never complained after what they did, even the first time. So he knew she liked it.

"Jeremy!" Still unaware of what inside his mind, she cried to get his attention back. Why was he keep looking at... She looked down, following his gaze, and screamed.

His jaw dropped when she quickly turned around and rushed back into the bathroom, slamming the door close quite loudly. He blinked his eyes in confusion. Why did she scream just now? 

"Is she shy?" he blurted out before a huge grin appeared. Apparently she was still shy in front of him even though they had been together for so long.

"Isn't she so adorable?" he grinned widely.

He had no plan to follow her into the bathroom. Let her release all her frustration, anger and sadness by herself. Once she felt better, he would pull her into his loving arm and coaxed her.

He continued waiting for her, resting his head on his hands and whistled happily.

She, on the other hand, was covering her face with her hands again and screamed. The voice was not loud, muffled from her hands.

She could not believe how brazen she was walking to him only in her birthday suit. Was she crazy? She should at least wear something... just anything. 

"I can't believe I just did that," she cried embarrassingly. It would be better even if she rewrapped herself with the blanket. She looked at the crumpled cloth on the floor sadly. Why did she not notice anything when she came out?

Now she remembered why she was acting all crazy. It was because today she would be having her first day of the final exam and every document she needed to bring with her to the exam hall was at her home. 

And time was running out while she was hiding from him here in this huge bathroom!

She did not even have a suitable... no. She did not even have a clean outfit to wear for her exam!

These were all Jeremy's fault, her heart pointed out sulkily. If he did not bring her here in the first place, she would not end up like this. He should just follow what she told him earlier and bring her to her home. He should not make his own decision and bring her to his own house.

"Stop wasting time doing nothing, Catherine. You have an exam today. You can't stay here forever," she told herself rather firmly, scolding herself for wasting so many precious minutes just brooding over this. She should prepare herself for her exam.

Without wasting any more precious time, she quickly lowered her body to open the bottom cabinet under the sink to get a new toothbrush. He should have several unused toothbrushes and even his razor and aftershave creams. She even found several tubs of hair wax, hair spray and hair gel apart from deodorants and body colognes.

Her brows knotted together at the sight of so many tubs and bottles. Did he need all these?

In the end, she shrugged it off and quickly took the thing she needed. She used his toothpaste without asking but stayed away from the razor. When it was time for a shower, she only made a face at his choice of body gel but still used it to clean her body. 

A beggar could not be a chooser.


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