Tell Me Again, My Love
321 A group photo
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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321 A group photo

He did not say anything but simply pulled the seatbelt and started the engine. She was crossing her arms with a frown.

His eyes glanced at her several times while driving the car. A grin curled on his handsome face. He could not say he disliked the outfit she chose in the end, preferring for her to use his clothes instead, but he did not speak it loudly. She was having a bad mood with the glares kept shooting toward him every few minutes.

What did he do wrong? His heart wondered.

They were now on the way to her apartment to retrieve her university identity card and her exam slip before he could send her to the University for her Exam. He did ask about breakfast. Could she survive without breakfast?

But her answer was another glare at him while muttering something he could not hear clearly. And he was a bit scared to ask her to repeat back what she said.

"Can you get a little bit faster?" she urged. She was worried she would be late for her exam. She did not like to be late for anything. She hated being late.

"Don't worry, darling. We will be there on time. You already put everything in one place, right?"

"Hmm…" she nodded. Before she left for her work a month ago, she already put all she needed for her exam in a bag on her study table. So she would not waste any time looking for it, especially in this kind of situation where she did not sleep at her own place last night. She glared again at the culprit.

He glanced at her when she glared again. Was he being blamed for something?

He changed the song into another of her favorite. He already kept a collection of her favorite songs on his phone so he could play them in any car with her.

It took a long half an hour for them to arrive in front of her apartment. He stopped at the entrance and watched as Ryn quickly unbuckled the safety belt and rushed into the building.

He pursed his lips thoughtfully. Would she be able to answer the exam with her stomach empty? He checked the time and frowned.

Would they have the time to buy food for her before they head toward the university?

He was still thinking about it when someone knocked on the window of the passenger side. He thought it was Ryn ordering him to unlock the door so without looking he pushed the button to unlock the doors.

The door opened but the one who appeared was not Ryn but someone else.

"Oh my God, Jeremy? Are you Jeremy?" Irene cried. She tried not to shriek but she could not help herself. The girls behind her were looking into the car excitedly. They too wanted to get into the car to get closer to Jeremy but Irene was there and they had to wait for Irene to be satisfied before they could do so.

Hurry up, Irene. They wanted to be close to him as well. They thought impatiently.

Jeremy hid his real feeling and just put on his artist persona. It was his private time but being an artist he still had to put on his friendly smile even though he really wanted to just tell this woman to close the door and continue whatever she was doing with her friends.

"Would you like me to sign anything?" he asked, quickly looking into the dashboard for anything to write into. He did not find anything. So he could only look at her. His heart was relieved but he could not show how happy he was.

"Any of you have a notebook?" Irene asked, turning her head to look over her shoulder.

The girls quickly unzipping their bags to take out their notebook. Of course, Irene took out her pink fluffy notebook as well. 

Jeremy tried not to groan. He took out a pen from the side pocket and started to sign the pages. It was a lot.

When Ryn reached downstairs with her bag, she saw the girls surrounding the car. Her brows lifted seeing Irene busy gushing over Jeremy. What were the girls doing there? Weren't they supposed to go to the campus for their final exam?

She cleared her throat but no one put attention to her. She pursed her lips thoughtfully before opened them, "Excuse me, girls?"

Still, no one turned to look at her.

She checked her watch and groaned under her breath. If they did not move now, she would be late.

"Excuse me. Please give way," she tried to get through but it was hard. The girls refused to move. She could not get close to the car!

She took out her phone and called him. Maybe he was waiting for her call when she did not have to wait long for him to answer.


"I'm outside. Can you tell them not to surround you?" she asked straightforwardly.

"Give me a second," he promised. But she did not think he could do it easily seeing a familiar woman trying to sit into the car. Irene. Would she listen to Jeremy?

Ryn just stood straight and waited. How could he solve this?

She did not need to wait long. Jeremy actually got out of the car with that sickening sweet smile on his face. The girls actually shrieked when they saw him. Irene even pushed the girls so she could get closer to him.

It felt, in Ryn's opinion, like a pack of wolves with the lady alpha staring hungrily at a white fat deer.

"A picture together? In a group," Jeremy quickly explained what he wanted.

Of course, Irene was unhappy. A group photo? She wanted to have a solo photo with Jeremy. She did not want the girls to be the gooseberries in the photo of her and Jeremy.

But she could not say no. 

Unwillingly, she handed her phone to Jeremy so they could take a photo together.

"Why don't I take the photo?" someone suddenly suggested.

Everyone turned to look at Ryn in shock. When did she come? And why?

Irene's eyes narrowed full of hate. But she managed to cover it before Jeremy noticed. 

Jeremy handed the pink sparkling phone to Ryn. He was happy to see her and felt sorry being the reason she had to wait for more. He projected his apologies via his eyes and hoped she understood and forgave him.

Ryn did not say anything to him. She simply lifted the phone and focussed on the group. She took a few snaps without saying a word. Then, she handed the phone back to the nearest girl to her.

"Are all done? Can we move now?" Ryn asked the girls.

They did not understand what she meant. They looked at her in a puzzle, wondering what she meant by 'we'.

"Nice to meet you all," Jeremy told the girls. He did not dare to open the door for Ryn, worried he would be pulled by one of the girls and could not move. He used his eyes apologetically asked her to get into the car quickly.

Ryn simply walked passing them, slipping between them to get into the car. Of course, Irene tried to stop her but Irene could not scream or pull Ryn violently in front of Jeremy, her idol, could she? No, she could not. Hence, she could only watch with disbelief eyes as Ryn calmly got into the car.

"Bye, girls," Ryn said after lowering the window. She even waved at them before told Jeremy, right in front of their disbelief eyes, to move.

Jeremy quickly changed the gear and drove the car away. He did not want any of the girls snapped back from their shock and stopped them from moving. Seeing how much time they wasted for the photos, he was worried that Ryn would be late.

Then, he frowned.

"I thought they were in the same class as yours?" he asked.

"I don't know," she shrugged. She checked the content of her bag and smiled. She had everything she needed for the exam. Now, she only needed to gather her brain juice to answer the questions.

"Are you sure you don't have to eat breakfast first?" he asked worriedly.

"No. I don't want to be late," she replied. She hugged her bag tightly and let out a huge yawn.

"The jetlag hit you hard?" he asked.


He frowned. And then, without discussing it with her first, he made up his mind and quickly made a left turn.

"Jeremy!" she cried in shock.

"Don't worry, babe. I will send you right on time," he assured her. His eyes busy looking for one particular shop. He smiled when he saw what he was waiting for.

She crossed her arms and glared. Oh, how she wished she could drive her own car. He would not be able to bully her like this. She turned and looked away from him angrily. 

He knew she was angry at him, that she misunderstood him. Never mind. It was all for her. He quickly got the car lining up behind the cars and wished for the cars in the front to be done quickly.

"What do you want?" he asked when it was their turn.

She glared angrily at him and refused to speak.

He chuckled, shaking his head at her childish behavior. He did not ask again and just told the girl-in-charge what the food and drink they wanted.


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