Tell Me Again, My Love
322 Would he really help her?
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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322 Would he really help her?

He drove to the next stop once finished ordering the food and drink. They did not have to wait long to get their order. Jeremy handed the paper bag full of food and one of the drinks to Ryn. Another one he put on the drink holder for him.

"Eat them. We still have the time," he told her.

She simply opened the cover for the coffee and took a sip. 

Then, another sip.

And another.

He hid a grin seeing how she could not stop drinking the coffee. He knew she could not give him cold shoulders too long when he owned the car and the food.

"You should eat one of the burgers… or the French fries," he suggested.

She glared at the suggestion but her hand was already reaching the paper bag to get a burger. 

He grinned again.

True to his words, they managed to arrive at the campus right before the time for her exam to start. She gave the last glare before stormed toward the hall, grumbling under her breath.

Jeremy just grinned. He waved cheerfully, despite knowing she could not see it. He did not get out of the car, worried what happened earlier happen again.

Once he no longer could see her, he changed the gear and left the place. Her paper would take about two hours so he would wait for her at a cafe. And he already chose which cafe to go to. 

Ryn entered the hall holding her bag. She looked for a table to sit and decided to sit at the back of the hall. She would not feel the pressure from others staring at her back and she could sleep once she was done writing everything she knew. She was beyond exhausted right now but still managed to control herself.

Well, just barely.

She quickly took out her pencil box and all the documents needed and arranged them on the table. Then, she waited.

Harry entered the hall with his friends. Although they were joking around before, however, once they entered the hall, everyone was quiet. They quickly chose a seat to sit.

Today would be the start of the final exam of their final year in the university. After this, they would start doing their apprenticeship in the company they chose. 

And they already planned to have a party to celebrate once the exam week was over. 

They scrambled to get a place to sit when they noticed some people came bringing several packs of papers. Their exam papers!

They needed to sit on the front side of the hall because two subjects were sharing the same hall. Harry chose to sit right on the front and his friends decided to sit around him. They were just taking out their ID and pens when someone cleared his throat and announced everyone to get ready as the exam would start in five minutes.

Ryn took a deep breath to calm herself. She did read the notes between her busy work and hopefully, the questions she thought would come out would really come out. Her heart was pounded hard as the one in charge for the facilitating the exam

Ryn put down the pen and let out a happy sigh. She finished answering all the questions despite her headache and sleepiness. She checked the time and found she only has half an hour left. She looked around and saw some of her classmates were sleeping soundly. Even some of the seniors who were sharing the same hall with them were sleeping as well.

She grinned and joined them sleeping. Half an hour was quite short but still enough for a short nap.

She woke up when someone knocked on the desk loudly. She blinked her eyes and looked at the person drowsily.

"Time's up," the man said.

Without thinking, she pushed the paper she was sleeping on and handed it to him. His brows rose at the sight of the half crumple half straightened paper full of words. He did take the paper and went to another table to retrieve the answers. At least there was no saliva wetting the paper, he thought silently.

Ryn gathered all her things and dumped them into her backpack. Then, she walked to the door, taking out the phone she switched off earlier. She switched it on and smiled unconsciously seeing the first message she received coming from Mika.

'Are you done?'

'Hmm… First paper.'

'More paper today?'

'Two tomorrow.'

'Want me to come?'

Ryn did not answer Mika's question immediately. She quickly checked the message from Jeremy.

'Done? I'm outside under the tree just now.'

Ryn smiled even wider. She should guess he would wait for her instead of going to work. She put a tired emoticon.

She did not have to wait long for him to reply and his reply made her exhaustion almost gone completely.

He sent a kissing emoticon and not only one but five.

She kept her phone back into the pocket and started to the door. She could not wait to meet him.


Her walking stopped. She turned and looked at the caller, still smiling from reading Jeremy's message.

Harry blinked his eyes a few times, taken aback seeing that smile on her face. She never smiled like that before. Does this mean that…

"Hi, Harry. Are you taking a paper here as well?" she asked, just to be polite. She was aware of the daggers heading toward her by all the girls. What was in Harry's mind talking to her this publicly? Did he not notice the look coming from those crazy-in-love women? Was he trying to get her killed on her first day of the exam?

"Yes. How's your paper?" Harry ignored the besotted look from the girls and the grin from his friends. His entire attention focussed entirely on the beautiful Ryn.

"It was okay. How's yours?" Ryn asked politely, getting more nervous by now. Jeremy was waiting for her outside while Harry here seemed to want to talk even longer with her. Didn't he see how big the crowd now?

"It was okay too," Harry replied sheepishly rubbing his nape.

Ryn chewed her bottom lip awkwardly.

Harry smiled. His cheeks were getting red from the blush. But he stood still. His brain was busy looking for a suitable sentence.

"Excuse me. I have to go now," Ryn could no longer wait and became the sole enemy of all the women on the campus. She needed to get out of here. Without waiting for Harry's reaction, she patted his arm and rushed out, heading toward the spot where Jeremy was waiting.

Jeremy smiled seeing her finally arrived. At first, he was worried when minutes passed but there was no shadow of hers coming. He was waiting in the car because he was afraid anyone could recognize him as the artist. Hence, he spent the time worrying about her. Was she in trouble? She would not let him wait for long unless something interrupted her way.

Hence, when he finally saw her rushing toward him as if running from someone, he was happy and glad but at the same time, he wondered who could she be running from. Was she in trouble?

"Are you alright?" he asked once she got into the car.

"I'm alright. Why?" she asked him back, pulling the safety belt. She even looked outside worriedly but did not realize her every action was seen by Jeremy.

"Do you want to leave now?" he asked. His hand was already on the gear stick, ready to change it.

"Hmm…" she nodded her head but her eyes were still looking outside.

Without wasting another moment, he changed the gear and pushed the accelerator. The sports car made a squeal as it drove away as fast as the wind.

Once the car left the university area, Ryn finally looked in front with a sigh of relief. Safe at last.

"Are you alright?" he asked again.

"Hmm…" this time she looked at him with a smile.

He smiled back. Now he was truly happy. She gave him a sincere smile this time, which means she no longer feeling awkward or angry at him.

"You must be hungry. We'll eat lunch first before we go home. What's your paper for tomorrow?" he asked.

"Two papers actually," she groaned at the thought. She had a lot of reading to do today. When she noticed he was still waiting for the name of the subjects, she quickly gave the names.

"I will help you. I've taken those before," he suggested.

"Are you sure? How many years since you left the university?" she asked him back suspiciously.

"Are you saying I've forgotten what I've learned? Do you realize what we've learned are being used back when working in the company?" he asked with a chuckle.

She pursed her lips as she eyed him suspiciously.

"Don't worry, babe. I can help with your revision," he reached for her hand and kissed it gently.

"Hmm…" she was still worried. Would he help with her revision or would he do something else?


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