Tell Me Again, My Love
323 Opening her heart for him
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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323 Opening her heart for him

Jeremy took hold of Ryn's hand as they walked into the restaurant. He already made a reservation for two, and even already ordered the food for them. He did not want her to wait long for her food.

He even pulled the chair for her, ignoring the shocked look from the waiter.

"How do you like my choice?" he asked once they sat on the chair.

She looked around and nodded her head. She loved the vibe of the restaurant. Although it was a high-end restaurant, as the type of restaurants Jeremy and Mika frequent to, but this one did not scream expensive that much. It looked like a normal restaurant but with a special menu and special rooms.

And she liked the room. She liked the soft song they were playing in the background. And she loved the way they decorated the place. She could even see the small fake hill beside the pond outside. The room they were in even has a window overlooking the pond and the hill and she liked it so much.

"I love it. Thank you," she replied.

He smiled winningly at her words. He knew she would like it. And she still hadn't tasted the food yet. He could not wait to see her reaction once she ate them.

"You are welcome," he stood up and pulled her to stand. He brought her closer to the window. "Do you feel better looking at that?"

"Hmm…" Without knowing, she leaned her back to his and looked at the scenery outside.

"I know you're still exhausted. You can rest after we have our lunch," he coaxed, stroking her arm gently.

"I'm fine like this," she murmured.

The scene when the waiters entered with the food was of the couple hugging while looking outside the window. The female waiter quickly put the food on the table, trying not to look at the couple. Their cheeks reddened. So romantic. And no one except them knew than Jeremy has a girlfriend! Imagine what their friends would think to know their favourite singer already has a girlfriend and the girlfriend is so pretty and tall. She looked like a model or something, they thought. They did not recognize her. She must not be a singer or actress. Maybe she was a new singer? But she did not seem like a singer.

Who was she? A normal person like them?

Then, their excitement dimmed when they recalled the restaurant they're working at took great pleasure in keeping their customers' private matters private. They could not tell this to anyone or would risk losing their job! They did not want to get fired. It was hard for them to work here and the pay is good too. They even received a lot of benefits from working here. No. They would rather seal their lips than losing the job!

"The food is here. Let's eat," Jeremy told Ryn gently when he noticed the people coming in with their food.

Jeremy waited until the waiters left before he dropped a kiss on top of Ryn's head. He noticed she actually fell asleep while standing in his arms but he did not have the heart to wake her up. There was no place to lie down so in his opinion, although she would be sleep standing, he would hold onto her.

"Hmm…" She turned around and wrapped her arms around him instead of pulling herself from him. She leaned her head comfortably against his broad chest.

His brows lifted up but later his eyes softened.

"You're losing your pack," she blurted out.

His eyes widened again. Did she just complain about his body?

"I still have my 6 packs," he claimed righteously.

She chuckled at his claim. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, enjoying his manly scent so much. How she missed him.

"I miss you. I can't think now," she blurted out.

He melted at her words. She must be too tired to put on the wall around her heart.

"We can snuggle together at home. Let's eat before the food goes cold," he whispered and kissed the top of her head gently.

"Hmm…" she let him bring her to her chair. He even helped arranged the napkin on her laps.

"Why don't you taste it?" he asked after he helped unshelled the huge king crab for her.

She scooped it gratefully and put it into her mouth. He actually ordered a feast of seafood! There was a plate of salmon in front of her but her eyes immediately landed on the huge king crab. She loved crab but hated to do the hard work of taking off the shell to get the meat. Hence, she always chose steaks for a meal rather than having a variety of meats. Why should she work so hard to get such a little amount of meat?

He did not even touch his food, busy serving her the seafood. Of course, he made sure none of the small pieces of the shell gets into the small plate for her.

"You should eat your food too. You must be hungry," she said. She noticed all his focus was on her. He left the salmon in front of him unattended just to help her with her meal. Wasn't he hungry too?

"I am," he speared a small piece of broccoli into his mouth and chewed it cheerfully. Then, he continued serving her.

She sighed. Slowly, she pulled the small plate of prawns and started to peel off the shells. Then, without warning, she took the prawn to his mouth using her hand.

He opened his mouth obediently. He could not stop smiling. It was clear she was beginning to open up her heart to him. Only she did not say the love word yet but she must still have the feeling. Or else, she would not be worried about him, right?

They spent almost an hour there having lunch. They did not have to chat about anything, just focussing on feeding each other food. He even ordered a chocolate devil cake for dessert.

"You wait here while I bring the car here," he told her after they were done and he paid the price.

"You don't have to. We can go together," she told her, holding his arm.

"It's still hot outside," he tried to reason but she shook her head.

"I am not made of glass, J. Let's go," she pulled her to the door. Why do they have to waste so much tome when they could just go to the car together?

He gave in without much fight. He loved her too much to make her sad. So, he wrapped his arm around her slim waist and walked toward his car.

"Ah…" she suddenly blurted out just as they reached the car.

"What's wrong, babe?"

"I forgot about Mika," she cried and quickly took out her phone. She forgot to reply to Mika's message because of Jeremy and Harry. She quickly opened the application and clicked on Mika's name. True to her thought, there were several messages from Mika. All were questions about why she did not reply to the messages.

"What does that brat want?" Jeremy frowned. Although he loved his little sister, he did not like when his sister came in between him and Ryn. Couldn't Mika understand that Ryn did not belong to her exclusively?

"Nothing much. She wants to meet me but I'm afraid I won't be able to study when I'm with her," she replied while busy replying Mika's message. Mika promised she would help with the revision but Ryn did not believe it for once. Mika was a genius and could understand and remember everything while Ryn needed time to understand the subject.

She did not need any distraction right now. She glanced at Jeremy, at her boyfriend. Would she be able to study with him? He promised to help but… she was still worried.

But first thing first, she needed to appease Mika's cry and make her understand it was hard for Ryn to concentrate on her study with Mika around. And she also reminded Mika to focus on their soon to be launched brand while Ryn was busy with her exam. Once her exam was over, Ryn promised to share the burden.

After several messages, Mika finally agreed with her decision. Ryn sighed in relieved. Problem solved.

She turned to look at Jeremy who was focussing on his driving.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" he asked, noticing the look.

"Aren't you busy with your work, J? Why do you have the time to send and pick me up from the campus? Why aren't you at the office?" she asked without stopping.

"I take a day off," he replied simply. In fact, during the time he was waiting for her paper to end, he already told Jacob he would take a few more days off to accommodate with Ryn's exam. He decided he would accompany her the whole time and to give her support. That was what a boyfriend should do and he determined to do his job well.

Of course, he did not tell her that. He would simply accompany her without saying a word about taking days off. And he even would not tell her how shocked his personal assistant was and how Jacob begged him to rethink about this especially when they were busy with so many projects lately.


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