Tell Me Again, My Love
324 Study 01
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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324 Study 01

She was taken aback with his answer. And how could he just tell her like with a proud tilt of his head? Was he proud to skip a day off his work? Had he forgotten he was the CEO of the company, not just a regular worker. He could not simply take a day off whenever he wanted it. What would his workers think about him being like this?

"Don't worry, babe. I've settled all my work for the day," he lied with a straight face. He planned to stop by at the office tomorrow during her exam to retrieve all the files he needed to look at. He could do some works while waiting for her. It was more than two hours so might as well do something productive while waiting. But he did not want to work at the office. He did not want to lose time working on the files until he forgot about picking her up on time. He did not want to be late for her.

Another reason why he wanted to stop for a while at the office was that he also needed to check on Jacob. This assistant of his was getting scared easily when it was not a big deal. Just a few projects to handle and Jacob all so nervous and scared. He needed to tell Jacob to tough it up and stay calm or this man would get a heart attack one day.

"Are you sure? I don't want because of me your job is…"

"Don't worry. Believe in me, love," he assured her, patting her thigh. And then, maybe it was his unfulfilled desire or just a naughty thought, his hand was not taken back from her thigh. Instead, it rubbed her thigh gently and started to go even further. He hid a grin as his long hand tried to cop a feel. It was hard when he was driving as well but he managed to do it.

"Jeremy," she gasped in shock. Her widened eyes looked at him. Her cheeks reddened. She was so shocked with his action, she did not think of pushing his hand away, instead of clasping it between her legs.

He pulled his hand and quickly looked for a space to park the car. Then, he pulled the hand brake and made sure they were safe from everything.

"What…?" she was still trying to get back from her shock.

"I can't wait anymore. Please, baby," he whispered before pulled her for a passionate kiss.

Her eyes widened against the sudden 'attack' before they closed. Her shaking hands wrapped around his neck as she replied back the kiss. Oh, how she needed this.

When he finally pulled back from the kiss, they were breathing hard. Her lips were all swollen from the kiss and her cheeks turned to tomato colour. He rubbed her lips gently. His own lips curled to a grin.

"I love you," he confessed.

She did not repeat the same words but he did not mind. His love was big enough for them until she was ready to face her own feeling. And he believed it would not take long for her to be ready. From what he was seeing, she was slowly lowering down the guard around her and accepting his love. She no longer denied his touch and kiss. She no longer refused to hear his words of love. She even smiled prettily when he confessed his feeling. It was slow progress but still a progression in their love life.

"Let's go home," he said and quickly changed the gear and pushed down the hand brake. They still needed to go home if he wanted to continue this.

She did not speak at all. Her shaking fingers touched her lips.

Did they just kiss in the middle of nowhere? Did they just kiss passionately in the car where anyone and everyone could see them?

She stole a few glances at him but too shy to say anything.

"Tonight…" he murmured slowly.

She gulped hard. Her heart raced so fast, she could hear it beating against her chest. She placed her hands against her chest, trying to control it.

Then, her eyes dimmed when she remembered back what she was supposed to do.

"We… we can't…" she choked out.

"We can't? Why not? Are you still… not ready?" he asked in frustration. He was more than ready. He had by for days, for months, for years even. He missed having her. He missed being one with her.

"We… I…" she gulped hard before continued, "I need to do revision. I need to study for tomorrow's paper."

His face fell. He forgot about it. They really could not spend the whole night making love. He already promised to help her with her study. She would not allow him to distract her when it was time for study.

She saw the crestfallen expression on his face and pursed her lips a bit. Should she say she was disappointed too?

Had it been long for them? And she wished when they finally made love, both of them were sober and conscious.

They continued thinking about it on the way home. He did not even play any song. Each to each own thought.

Instead of heading to his home like he always wanted to, they went to her place. He parked the car and followed her to the elevator.

"Are you sure about this?" she asked for the tenth time as she watched him worriedly.

"What about it? Why are you so worried? I told you I'm going to help you with your study," he said with a chuckle.

She did not know how else to stop him from following her home. She wished something or someone would call Jeremy to go somewhere. She did not think it was right for them to be together the whole night after the kiss.

"It's either at your place or mine. We have a lot of time to study," he winked.

She sighed. Her shoulders dropped down. He would not give in to her especially with the chance of spending the day together without anyone interrupting them. Even if they could only study and do nothing else.

Lastly, she led the way to her house. Maybe it was luck, they did not bump into anyone. She was worried they would bump into someone who recognized Jeremy. She did not want anyone to know Jeremy was with her the whole time.

She quickly locked the door once they entered the house. Then, she leaned back against the door and blew out a heavy sigh of relieved. Safe. They were safe.

He chuckled seeing how nervous she was. How could she be so adorable? He wanted to pull her into his arms and kiss the breath out of her.

But he held himself. He could not do it when she was worried about her exam. He could see it clearly in her eyes. She really wanted to score the exams.

So why would she accept so many jobs so close to her exams? He could not understand this side of hers. She did not need to work so hard for money. He could provide for her. He could provide for them both to have a very comfortable life without needing her to lift even her finger to find the money.

But of course, he would not say what he was thinking to her. She would definitely snort and scoff at him. She would say she did not need his money to survive. One job of hers could cover her entire year of spending. She did not buy anything but food. The clothes she put on her body were her old clothes, ever since her teenage year and mostly from the brands, she worked with (especially from Mika's clothing and jewellery line). They kept giving her clothes and accessories. She did not have to buy anything!

He sat on the couch while she went to prepare a drink for them. The day was quite hot and both of them were thirsty. He looked around and noticed the place was getting dusty. It was expected when she was not at home for almost a month. Even when she returned home, it was a short return before she went back to another country for another work. He had no idea how she split her time between jobs and study when she was so busy like this.

No wonder she kept losing her weight every time he saw her.

"Babe," he suddenly called her as she was walking toward him.

"Hmm…?" she handed a glass of water to him and sat on another seat with her drink.

"Do you have food to cook for dinner or are we eating outside?" he asked. He needed to make sure she ate on time despite being busy with her study.

"Err…" she paused and thought about it. And then frowned. And then she quickly rushed to the kitchen to check.

He hid a grin. He patted his shoulders with invisible hands. While she was with him, he would not let her skip any meal. Not under his watch.


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