Tell Me Again, My Love
325 Study 02
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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325 Study 02

Ryn squeezed her eyes and even made a face while trying to answer the questions on the paper. Her brain was getting fried from the exhaustion but she kept pushing herself. She must push herself for the paper tomorrow. She could do it. She must do it!

"Do you need some rest?" he asked when seeing her no longer able to stay focus. He was holding another note. He would create questions for her to answer to make it easier for her to remember. He knew if she only read the notes, she might forget about some of the key points once she receives the question tomorrow. His technique right now was to make her remember the key points by answering the questions he predicted would appear tomorrow.

Well, hopefully, some of the questions would be asked. He could not imagine her sadness if what she practised today did not come out tomorrow.

"I need coffee," she mumbled and stood up to go to the kitchen to refill the coffee. She also wanted to steal time to clear her mind. She could no longer think while staring at the paper. She needed a time out.

He stretched his arms and let out a yawn. Then, he cracked his neck and fingers. He continued reading the notes and wrote down questions he thought would come out tomorrow.

He accepted the mug of coffee and sipped it slowly. He watched as she leaned back on her chair and enjoyed the hot coffee.

And then, she continued answering the questions. She was shocked to see Jeremy calmly reading the notes and then writing down questions once they started the 'study'. He was telling the truth when he said he remembered the subject. And it did not take too much time for him to give her a set of questions.

"Once you answer this correctly, I can promise you that you've mastered the whole course," he told her when he handed the piece of paper to her.

It seemed like they would pull an all-nighter to study. Luckily she only has three more days for the exam. For dinner, they decided to have a delivery. He already checked the restaurant nearby and decided on the menu. They would order once she was done with the second set of questions he prepared.

It was going to be a long day for both of them.

The next day, he woke up before her. His bleary eyes curved into crescent seeing her lying beside him deep in her sleep. Without thinking he leaned forward to press a kiss on her rosy lips before went to the bathroom.

He has just finished brewing the coffee when she finally woke up and went to get her first cup of coffee. He smiled seeing her walking toward him with her sleepy face.

"Good morning. Still sleepy?" he asked and dropped a kiss on her lips before handed the cup of freshly brewed coffee to her.

"Hmm…" she sipped the coffee slowly before putting it down on the counter and went to look for the source of warmth aka him.

He smiled. She was acting more and more like they used to. They always enjoyed morning cuddle whenever they were together. He dropped a kiss on top of her head and glanced at the clock on the wall. They still had time before they needed to leave for breakfast and her exam.

They spent around ten minutes just cuddling and drinking coffee before they returned to get ready for the day.

They almost bumped into other students heading for breakfast or to campus but Ryn quickly pulled Jeremy to his car, giggling. The people who saw them could not recognize both of them because Ryn and Jeremy were too fast.

He smiled seeing her acting so carefree. He liked seeing her this mischievous. He wished she could keep being like this forever.

"So what do you want to have for breakfast?" he asked as he started the engine.

"Something not too spicy, please. I don't want to have a stomach ache during the exam," she said. She was hungry but the thought of the next two papers actually made her stomach turned upside down.

"Burger?" he asked. He did not want to force his choice to her. She needed to eat something she wanted in order not to ruin her emotion.

"Okay. And coffee… a lot of coffee…" she said, emphasizing coffee.

"Of course," he chuckled. He quickly drove to a drive-through fast-food restaurant to get their breakfast. He decided to get double the portion for Ryn, just in case, he did not have time to return to the campus for lunch with her. She still needed to eat before the second paper or she would not have the energy and mood to answer.

"So many," she cried when he finished ordering.

"Including your lunch," he said as he drove forward to pay the meal.

She pouted. She did not think she ate that much. Did she?

He smiled seeing her expression. Sometimes she forgot about her big appetite and got shocked seeing how much food he prepared for her. He always felt like knocking her silly head a few times to remind her to stop playing dumb. But at the same time, he wanted to kiss the breath out of her. Everything she did was adorable in his eyes. Was this the power of love?

He continued driving to the campus while she eating her breakfast. He did not eat when she tried to feed, telling her to focus on her food. After several times trying, Ryn just shrugged it off and continued devouring her food happily. She only ate half of the food he bought, planning to eat the rest after the first paper.

He parked under the tree, the same spot he parked yesterday and watched as she got out of the car and took her backpack and paper bag containing her lunch.

"Good luck, babe. If I manage to arrive before you finish, we will have lunch together but if I couldn't, you just eat that," he nudged at the paper bag in her hand.

"Okay. You should go to work now," she waved her hand.

"Kiss?" he asked naughtily.

"No," she replied firmly and closed the door. Then, she waved her hand, urging him to move now.

Chuckling to himself, he changed the gear and drove the sports car away. Of course, she did not know that he was taking a day off today as well. The reason he went to the office because he needed to get all the files he needed to read and decide. He also needed to distribute works to others in order to ensure the company still running without him.

Ryn waited until she could no longer see his car. Then, she sighed heavily and walked slowly toward the hall where her paper would be conducted. Her heart was beating hard but she knew she must control her emotion. Jeremy spent the whole night helping her study and she did not want all their hard work gone wasted.

She paused at the door and took another deep breath. She ignored her classmates, especially Irene's gang. She was too nervous with the paper to care about the glare and stare coming from the girls. Did she care how they feel about her? No. Whatever they think was not related and would affect her.

Again she chose the back seat, the least favourite chair for the students. She arranged her identity document as well as her pencil box on the table before put her bag against the wall. She sat on the chair and took a deep breath. She was ready now.

Jeremy parked at his spot and went to the elevator, nodding slightly at the greeting given by the workers. He could not see Mika anywhere but shrugged it off. Mika might be late because she was having breakfast with Jason. That couple always spent more time than needed when having a meal. Jeremy was used with it. As long as Mika managed to do her job, Jeremy would not take any action against her.

He entered his office with Jacob following behind.

"Sir, I will read your schedule for today," Jacob announced with his hand busy flipping the diary to today's schedule.

"I'm taking days off until Friday," Jeremy said quickly.

"Bo… boss?" Jacob choked out. His jaw dropped. He did not realize he just dropped the file and diary to the floor. His eyes turned saucers behind the thick glasses.

What did the boss just say?

More days off?

Was he dreaming? This must be a dream, right?

His eyes gazed at his young boss hopingly. Please, boss, tell me you're just joking. This must be a mistake, right? Right?

Boss, don't do this to him. Please, boss.

"Now, I want you to gather all the urgent files I need to look at. I only have an hour here before I have to leave. Tell Mika to handle the meetings while I'm not here. Inform her with everything," Jeremy said.

"Bbb… boss?" Jacob gulped. He felt like pulling his hair with his eccentric boss behaviour. Why couldn't his boss stop play truant during their busy days?

Instead of answering his assistant's silent question, Jeremy reached for his phone and dialled Mika. She should already be at her office by now.

It took him the second try before she finally answering the call.

"Hello?" she mumbled sleepily.

"Aren't you at the office now?" he asked with a frown.

"Office?" she asked drowsily.

"Mika Long," he pronounced her name slowly, firmly.


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