Tell Me Again, My Love
326 I can answer this. I can answer that. I can answer all!
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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326 I can answer this. I can answer that. I can answer all!

"Mika Long," he pronounced her name slowly, firmly. His face darkened.

There were some noises from the other side before a familiar voice hit his hearing. He pursed his lips thoughtfully. It seemed like the couple was still together. No wonder Mika was still not in the office. She was busy spending time with her own fiancé!

"Jeremy? This is Jason. Mika is not well today. She's having a fever," Jason explained hurriedly. He gave a comforting smile at the worried Mika. He did not let his fiancée answering the 'interview' from his best friend. Knowing Jeremy, this friend of his would not satisfy until Mika cried and rushed back to the office.

And Jeremy heard coughing coming from the other side. He frowned. Fever around this time? Talk about unsuitable time to fall sick.

He needed her to be in the office to cover all the meetings while he went to accompany Ryn during her exam.

"Make sure you bring her to see the doctor. I want to see the medical slip," Jeremy said finally.


Jeremy simply ended the call without listening to Jason's sputtering. He did not have the time to worry about Mika. Jason was enough to take care of her.

Jeremy looked at his frozen assistant, cocking an eyebrow.

"Aren't you going to take the files?" he asked.

It was as if someone flipped the switch to wake him up from his stupor. Jacob quickly stumbled to the door along with his diary, trying not to make too much noise. He went to his desk and gathered a huge mountain of files that have been piling for these two days. He carefully brought them into the boss office, making sure not one of them fell down.

Jeremy, his boss, was looking at his phone. Jacob had no idea why his boss was frowning again. What made his boss having a bad mood so early in the morning? He did not think any of his colleagues even had the chance to create trouble when he came.

He hid a grimace. Sometimes he wished he found another job where the boss not having a bipolar mood like this but where could he find a job with his lack of experience, and with such a high salary as well? Even the benefits the workers received were more than what the other companies provided. It was hard to find a job, especially a high salary job like this.

"Are these important?" Jeremy asked, staring at the huge mountain of files.

"These are the revision you asked," Jacob explained as he took five files from the top. "These are the new proposals."

Half of the files were taken from the pile.

"And these?" Jeremy asked at the rest of the files. There were more than ten files left.

"The reports for the current projects," Jacob replied.

"And these are important?" Jeremy cocked an eyebrow at his assistant.

"Yes, sir," Jacob nodded seriously.

"No wonder you're always under stress," Jeremy shook his head at his too serious easy to get nervous assistant.

"Bbb… boss?" Jacob's started to sweat even harder than before. Did he just make his boss angry? But all there were important files for his boss to look at! And his boss needed to look at these fast so the others could stop urging him to get back the reply from the boss.

He was stuck in the middle of the boss and his other colleagues!

Jeremy sighed. He began reading by taking the top file. Before he opened the file, he glanced at his phone. Then, afraid that he would take a longer time than he should, he quickly set the timer. Whether he managed to finish all the files or not, he would go back to Ryn to bring her out for lunch. He did not want her to eat cold lunch even though he did buy them for her.

Ryn deserved the best.

Once he was done setting the alarm, he started to work seriously. He ignored his assistant's presence.

Jacob looked at his busy boss before made up his mind and went to the pantry to make a cup of hot coffee for Jeremy. He also brought along a plate of cookies hoping to get brownie points and lessen the bad mood of his boss.

He placed the cup of coffee and the plate of cookies on the clean space on the table before excused himself. Once he heard the grunt coming from Jeremy, he hurriedly left the room. He did not want to risk more anger coming from the boss.

He sat on his seat and buried himself under his work. Despite the mountain of files he just handed to Jeremy, there were still files on his table. He sighed a bit looking at those files he needed to process before he could hand them to Jeremy. It was all because of the bonus these people would receive if the project they planned went well. Everyone was eager to get more bonus and always submitted files to him.

And he always had to work overtime just to lessen the number of files on his table! Poor him.

He stretched his hands and started to crack his fingers and neck. And then, with another sigh, he started to work. He must finish at least half of these before lunch! And no more new proposals for this week. He would tell them to stop sending more files.

No more new projects until all the projects were ongoing without a problem.


Ryn stretched her arms and let out a huge yawn. She finally lifted her head and looked around. Everyone was still busy answering the questions but she swore she saw some of the boys were playing with their pen while yawning. She shook her head and looked back at the question paper.

Jeremy was a genius just like Mika. He actually predicted the correct questions and forced her to answer them last night correctly. Hence, she was already the third fourth of the questions. There were only three more questions for her to answer.

She reached down to get the bottle of water and took two huge gulps to quench her thirst. She was happy albeit still tired. The jetlag still hit her hard and right now her mind was thinking it was late at night and ordered her body to rest. She drunk three cups of coffee and still felt sleepy and tired.

She wished she could finish all her exam papers quickly so she could just lie on the bed and sleep for a few days. She needed to correct back the clock in her mind. She could not wait to that time when she could sleep without worry about her papers.

But then…

Her dreamy smile disappeared when she remembered the work commitments she had after the exam. She already signed the contracts and needed to start flying the day after her exam. It would continue until the day for the cosmetic's launching day and then the fashion show under Mika's careful watch. Luckily the team already sent her the information so she could prepare by herself before the day she needed to attend the launching.

She shook her head, trying to stop thinking about her overload works. She should focus on her paper right now. Just a few more questions and if still have enough time, she would steal a couple of winks before the exam ended.

She reached back for the pen and started to answer the next question. She was not worried anymore. Jeremy prepared enough for her since last night. She knew all the answers. Now, she only needed to pour back all the correct words onto the paper. She even shook her legs happily as she answered the questions.

She knew this one. She knew that one too. She knew the best example to put for this question. And that one too.

And it was all thanks to Jeremy, her… well, boyfriend. Who else has a boyfriend who could spend the whole night just studying with the girlfriend? She bet it was hard to find that kind of boyfriend. And she was lucky enough that Jeremy was the one wanted to do it with her. He even bought dinner to be sent to the house so they would not have the need to go out to have their dinner. And when she was tired or at the point of losing her mind from all the reading and answering questions, he would pull her into his arms and let her rest, smelling his familiar fresh scent.

She smiled dreamily at the thought of him even taking a day off for her. Of course today she insisted for him to go to work. She did not want him to ignore his responsibility to the company because of her. She did not want him to ignore everything else when he was with her. It was her job to remind him of his responsibility and make sure he did not skip his work.

Ryn was finally done with the paper. She gathered everything into a tidy pile and put it aside, underneath the question and also her identity document. She also kept the pen she used into the pencil box and put it on top of the pile. Then, she looked at her watch and found she still had about an hour before the exam ended. Still, a lot of time to have a short nap.

And then, she happily rested her head on her arms on the table and closed her eyes. An hour of a nap was just nice. After this, she would eat her lunch and steal more winks before the second paper started.


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