Tell Me Again, My Love
328 Who can help him?
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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328 Who can help him?

Jeremy closed the file he just read and signed and put it aside. He stretched his arms and looked at the clock on his computer. His eyes widened.

What the…

He quickly stood up and reached for his phone and car key. What happened to his alarm clock? He already set the timer but there was no alarm at all. Has his phone wrecked or something?

He checked while walking out of his office.

"Boss?" Jacob stood up when he saw his boss walking past him.

Jeremy ignored his assistant. His focus was on his phone, scowling.

Jacob sat back on his chair. He was puzzled with his boss attitude.

Why was his boss staring at his phone with a scowl? Had something happened?

Jeremy called Ryn, apologizing to her for his inability to wait for her when she finished her paper but was ready to head there quickly. However, she insisted for him to have his lunch alone, without her.

He was disappointed but she was too stubborn. He could not change her mind, so unhappily he had to accept her 'order'. However, instead of taking the elevator to go downstairs and get himself a set of a meal for lunch, he turned around and walked back to his room.

The coldness vibrated from his body sent a shiver to all his workers. They gasped and quickly lowered their head, trying to be as small as possible so their boss could not find any mistake and scold them. Once the door was closed, they quickly rushed to Jacob, looking at him wonderingly why their boss mood was so bad today after he took a day off yesterday.

"I don't know. I'm scared too," Jacob cried. He wanted to pull his hair in desperation. Why was his boss having his period today? They were busy with so many projects but he was having his moody attack suddenly.

"You should do something to make him feel better. You can't let him like this the whole week. How are we going to work when we are too scared of him?" one of them cried.

"Don't push the responsibility to me alone. I can't do anything. I am not a wizard," Jacob cried. Why he has to hold the burden alone. Everyone was responsible as well.

They were still 'arguing' when the sound coming from the phone and everyone looked at it. Jacob pressed a button for a loudspeaker with his trembling finger.

"Jacob, into the room now," Jeremy ordered. His cold voice was clear to everyone.

They gasped and quickly rushed to their cubicle. They wanted to hide from Jeremy even though their boss did not even come out again. He only ordered Jacob to see him. He did not order for them. They were safe.

Jacob grabbed the diary and calendar. His heart was pounding so hard. What did he do wrong this time?

Jeremy was sitting on his chair with a frown.

"Sir?" Jacob choked out. Sweat was wetting his forehead and even trailed down to his cheek. It almost looked like he was crying.

Jeremy pushed one file away from him and lifted up his head to look at his personal assistant.

"How come there are so many proposals for new projects when we have so many ongoing projects?" Jeremy questioned his assistant.

"Err… boss, last month you announce about the extra bonus for each program successfully conducted," Jacob reminded Jeremy rather worriedly. Had his boss lost his memory because of the stress?

Oh no… what should he do now? His boss cannot get sick or everyone would be in trouble.

"I said that?" Jeremy did not remember promising that. No wonder the files never depleted from his table. In fact, he swore the pile was getting higher and higher each day. Now he understood the reason behind it.

"Yes, sir," Jacob nodded his head like a bobbing doll.

"Hmm… did I mention how long they could give me proposals?" Jeremy pushed the files slightly away and cocked an eyebrow at his assistant.

"Err… you did not mention that, sir," Jacob gulped. He clearly did not remember Jeremy said anything about the dateline. If he did, Jacob would surely put it in the memo for the staff as well as in his notebook.

"Hmm…" Jeremy narrowed his eyes. He could not let this continue in the long term. There must be an end for all this nonsense.

"When is the next meeting?" he asked.

Jacob quickly opened his diary to check. In order to make his work ran smoothly and without any hiccup, he always wrote down every little thing. Of course, the calendar on his phone was always updated too. He could not risk missing any date and an appointment.

"According to the schedule, it should be next week, sir," he reported once he saw the date.

"Hmm… remind me again in the agenda about this matter," Jeremy said before dismissed Jacob.

Jacob quickly put down the notes under the agenda for the next meeting before politely excused himself and left the room. Once he reached his seat, he slumped down on it and let out a huge sigh. He was safe. The boss was not looking for his mistake nor punish him.

He was just relaxing after the stressful moments with the boss when Jeremy called him again. He gulped and quickly gathered his note and calendar to bring to Jeremy's office.

"Yes, sir?"

"I remember there is an interview session by the Ramses. Check it back," Jeremy ordered.

Jacob quickly checked the calendar and found the date. He lifted his head and looked at his boss, "The interview will be in 24th, sir. Next week. I will contact the person in charge to get further information about it."

"Do that," Jeremy waved his hand to dismiss Jacob for the second time. Once Jacob left the room, Jeremy reached for his phone and checked the time.

Ryn must be enjoying her burgers right now, his heart whispered unhappily. They were supposed to have lunch together and he thought he could give last-minute encouragement to his love but it seemed like Ryn was not as eager as him to spend their time together. Hasn't Ryn realized how busy their life was and to be able to spend time together was so precious. They should grab the chance while they could.

"Calm down. You have to be patient. She will realize her stubbornness once she sees how true you are toward her," he told himself. He tried not to get discouraged with her lukewarm treatment toward him. He reminded himself although it had been years and she was finally able to smile in front of him, acting so warmly but there was still a wall around her heart which she refused to let him get through. He must never quit or get frustrated easily when she forgot about their relationship and acted as if they were just plain friends or he was just the big brother of her best friend, Mika. He did not want to be just a friend to her. He wanted her to treat him better. He wanted her to put him first in everything she does.

She was supposed to treat him as her lover, not just a friend, dammit!

He closed his eyes and took several deep breaths. He needed to calm down. Everything would be alright. Nothing would go wrong.

It took him another fifteen minutes to really calm down. His eyes landed on the mountain of files and scowled. The first thing he would tell his workers was no more nonsense about this extra bonus for a new project. He had had enough of reading their proposals. They were supposed to put their 100% in their current project, not breaking their brain thinking of another project when they were still in the middle of a project!

He rubbed the middle of his brows, trying not to get a headache. How long would he need to spend to finish reading all these? He still has his own work, not to mention he needed to pick Ryn up from the campus and helped her with her paper tomorrow. He could not waste so many hours here when he needed to plan for their dinner as well!

At this time, he really wished his lazy sister was not sick so he could order her to come and cover his job. This was the agreement they had when they started the company. He let her do whatever she wanted with her department as long as she would cover him when he was not able to come to the company. They already knew he would be the one inheriting the family company and the idea for this one was to show his parents as well as everyone else about their capability without any help from the main company or their father. They even used their own saving for the initial modal and they worked hard to bring it to where it was now.

And as he slowly began receiving more responsibilities from the main company, he needed to let Mika slowly taking care of this company. They knew sooner or later they needed to merge this company to the main company but until that time arrived, Jeremy still wanted to keep these two companies separated. And their plan to rope in Ryn to help them was still open but not for discussion. Mika thought it was still early to break the news and wanted to wait until Ryn started her practical while Jeremy thought the sooner Ryn joining them the better. At least it would lessen the burden on Mika's shoulders and Mika could focus on her interest instead of worrying about the company's progression.

He twitched his lips and thought hard. If he could not ask Mika to help him for this week, who could he ask help from?


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