Tell Me Again, My Love
329 Real relationship with Jeremy?
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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329 Real relationship with Jeremy?

Ryn lifted her head and looked in front sleepily. It seemed like the exam was over. She rubbed her sleepy eyes and waited for her turn to hand in her paper. Then, she gathered her things into her backpack and prepared to leave the hall.

"What a second," a woman cried, blocking her way out.

"What is it?" Ryn asked with a frown. She was tired and hungry. The burgers she ate for lunch were all digested from answering the questions. She needed a refuel to feel energetic. She was low in energy and enthusiasm. She had no mood to deal with a bunch of childish women.

"What do you want?" she asked once they gathered at a corner away from the others. She crossed her arms and waited impatiently.

"What is your real relationship with Jeremy?" Irene demanded with her hands on her hips.

"To be honest, what's that related to you? Whether I am close to him or not, I don't think you have any business to know," Ryn replied back without afraid. "Besides, we are not that close for me to tell you anything about my private life."

The girls gasped when they heard her words. Irene especially was so angry she wanted to slap Ryn's mouth but Rebecca who was standing beside her managed to stop Irene. Rebecca shook her head desperately.

Please, Irene, do not do anything you would regret later.

"How dare… how dare you said that?" Irene choked out, her body shaking with anger.

"I dare because I don't think it is important. He's a famous singer, I admit, but his relationship with me has nothing to do with his profession," Ryn said.

"Nothing?" Irene snorted. "Yeah, keep telling that, you, stalker."

'What the…" Ryn was speechless when she saw how crazy Irene turned out to be. Why didn't she notice this before? Yes, she noticed how selfish Irene was most of the time and everyone had to give way to her but not to this level.

"Irene, whether you accept it or not, Jeremy and I knew each other since young. In fact, his little sister and I are best friends. Whatever you do or thing, my relationship with the siblings won't change. Accept it or deny it, that's your own mind, not mine. Now, please excuse me, girls. I still need to study for tomorrow's paper."

With all her might, Ryn pushed through the 'wall' and managed to get away from them. She was too tired to deal with them anymore. Her mind was full of bed and food. She need refuel as well as sleep. She went to the same spot Jeremy sent her and sighed in relief seeing a familiar car. It seemed like he managed to finish his work on time and even have the time to change the car into one of his old ones. The one he bought when they were still together years ago.

Without wasting any more time, she opened the door and got into the car. Her expression softened seeing him still reading a file seriously.

"If you're busy, you don't have to come to pick me up," she told him gently.

"I will always have time for you," Jeremy replied as he closed the file and dropped it to the back without looking. He smiled at her but did not lean forward to kiss her like he wanted to. He knew she would not like it, especially when they were still at the campus. Yes, everything glass was blackened to protect his privacy but still, his love refused to flaunt their love. Sigh. He needed to take a step at a time until she fully opened up and accepted him completely.

She smiled but did not say anything more. She pulled the safety belt and adjusted her bag on her laps.

"Are you hungry?" he asked as he changed the gear.

"Hmm… and sleepy too," she nodded. She did not cover her exhaustion with him. It was tiring to pretend in front of people. And they knew each other for so long so why should she pretend to be shy or proper?

"Don't worry. We'll eat first then we'll return home. You should have a nap before we start studying for tomorrow's paper."

"Ergh… when will all this exam end? I can't continue anymore," she cried in frustration. She did not mean to burst out like this but her brain was tired. It was only the second day but she was already sick of it.

His lips twitched but he knew not to comment. He felt sorry for her. He knew how frustrated it would be for her to face this alone. Unlike her, Mika and he did not feel anything during their exam. It was a piece of cake for them.

She did not care when he did not speak at all. She only needed a channel to release her tension and he was the victim. Once she felt better, she just closed her eyes and fell asleep.

He glanced at her, smiling indulgingly. He already booked a table for them and already ordered the food. He did not want her to wait for long so once they arrived, the food would be delivered.

It took them almost an hour to arrive with the heavy traffic jam. But Ryn was blissfully enjoying her nap so she did not see the anger in Jeremy's eyes. A fifteen minutes ride turned into an hour so a lot of time wasted on the road.

He parked the car at the empty VIP lot and turned to look at the sleeping beauty beside him. His eyes softened.

He did not want to disturb her slumber but the time was passing by and they needed to eat. He leaned forward and pressed his lips against her soft rosy lips gently to wake her up. He did not deepen the kiss. Just a light kiss to ease the urge in him as well as waking her up slowly.

And she did not disappoint him. She blinked her eyes in a dazed and even licked her lips unconsciously. Did something tasty touch his lips.

He grinned seeing her reaction. Why was she so adorable even when she was still sleepy? He leaned forward to kiss her again, just to wake her up properly.

"Hmm… are we there yet?" she asked drowsily after the kiss. She forgot to get angry with their kisses. Her mind was already on food. Her stomach was drumming for food and she could not hold the headache anymore. She was starving.

He simply shut off the engine and got out of the car to go around to open the door for her, "My lady."

She just accepted his hand and let him lead the way. She tried not to yawn but it was hard. She yawned loudly.

"Maybe we should take a take-out," he suddenly said when he saw how exhausted she was.

"But I'm starving," she whined without care. Who cared who saw them? Her stomach was more important.

"Okay-okay. Let's go. We can't let your stomach empty longer," he nodded. He even quickened the walk in order to arrive quicker.

A waiter led them to their room. No one actually noticed them because they used a special way for VIP. He actually wanted to bring her here on the last day of exam but he heard his mother wanted Mika to bring Ryn back to the mansion to celebrate the end of her exam.

Hence, why they were there today.

Before Jeremy could pull the chair for her, the male waiter pulled the chair for Ryn. Jeremy narrowed his eyes at the waiter but did not say anything. His twitched lips pursed a bit.

"Thank you," Ryn thanked the waiter. She did not even notice the unhappiness in Jeremy's face. Her eyes were at the door. Where was the food? Shouldn't the waiters start sending the food now?

Jeremy waited for his love to notice his unhappiness but unfortunately, her mind was full of food. He scowled.

Her eyes shone when one after another the waiter kept coming with a tray of food. She did not care what the food was or whether it was the speciality of the restaurant. She just wanted to eat. She quickly reached for the napkin folded into a swan and positioned it on her laps. Then, she reached for the pair of chopstick and spoon. Today, their meal was Chinese cuisine and looking at the red coloured dish, she knew it would be spicy.

But she did not mind at all. Whatever the food taste, it must be delicious or Jeremy would not bring her here.

Not once she lifted up her head to look at her boyfriend nor she noticed the unhappiness vibrated from his body. Food was more important, and the second would be the bed. Once she was done filling her stomach, she wanted to have a short break of rest before she started to study for tomorrow's paper.

He who had already lost his appetite after being ignored crossed his arms and sulked silently.


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