Tell Me Again, My Love
331 How long you two want to be sulking over a small matter?
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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331 How long you two want to be sulking over a small matter?

Ryn did not realize it but as they were getting closer to the mansion, the grip she had on the safety belt tightened. Her heart was pounding hard. She was acting like she was heading toward the principal. A naughty student who had to go to the principal room.

Jeremy smiled seeing her fretful expression. Why was she so scared? It was just his grandma. Well, yes, she was quite a dragonish woman but he knew everything she did and said was for Ryn's own good.

He flicked the signal tab to the right once they reached the junction toward the mansion. He saw her face turned paler and she murmured something under her breath. Maybe she was trying to calm herself.

"Don't worry. Grandma won't swallow you," he tried to make her feel better but all he received was a sharp glare from her. He pursed his lips but no longer say a word. He just let her deal with her worry by herself.

He slowed down when the car entered the small lane. The automatic gate was already opened to let them in. The security guard in charge of the entrance already saw the car and was aware of him coming. Jeremy lowered the window and waved at the guards like usual.

He then changed the gear and let the car ran even faster. He had to drive for another fifteen minutes before they finally could see the mansion. He parked at his usual spot and looked at her… and smiled.

"Hey, why are you still closing your eyes like that? We've arrived," he said gently.

She opened her eyes slowly and looked around. Then, she released the grip on the safety belt and made a show of brushing off invisible dust on her shirt and jeans.

He grinned seeing her action. He knew she was trying to steal more time before meeting the family. Honestly, he was a bit puzzled with her reaction. This was not the first time she met Grandma Long. And besides, they were officially together so it was just a matter of time for her to meet the whole clan especially the dowager.

He got out and stopped the butler from coming. Then, he went to Ryn's side to open the door for her.

She made no move of going out. She kept on brushing the 'dust' and 'dirt' that only she could see.

"Come on, sweetheart. They're waiting for us," he whispered, aware that she still did not want others to know about their relationship. He glanced at the butler and nodded his head at the elder man, telling him silently that he got this. The butler did not have to come to welcome both of them.

"I am still not-"

"Do you want me to call 'sweetheart' loudly?" he asked with a grin.

"You won't dare," she hissed, her nostril flared.

"Then, let's go. Don't waste any more time," he said.

Unhappily, she accepted the hand he offered and let herself out of the car. They did not hold hands when they entered the building. In order to avoid her from 'running away', he made her walking in front of him. She did glare a few times but he just grinned cheekily. With a humph and pout, she continued walking into the building.

Of course, in front of the elder man, she gave a warm smile. The butler smiled back and announced loudly about their arrival.

"You are finally here," Mika cried as she rushed toward Ryn. Jason followed behind as he scratched his head. The elders followed behind with the dowager used her dragon head wooden cane loudly.

"You are finally here," the eldest woman said.

"Madam," Ryn hurriedly untangled herself from Mika and went to the dowager to greet politely.

"Hmph…" the dowager gave her a look before turned around and walked to the living room with the help of her daughter-in-law.

"Err… uncle, aunty," Ryn greeted weakly. Her legs went weak after receiving such a glare but she managed to control herself. So scary. Why was the dowager having a bad mood when she arrived? Had she done something wrong? What did she do?

"Don't worry about her. She just wants to win in everything," Mika coaxed her best friend. She knew Ryn was feeling awkward and worried. She hugged Ryn tightly, happy to finally reunite with her best friend. They had been separated for months but it felt like years. She missed Ryn so much.

"What did you two argue about? Isn't everything all planned out already?" Ryn frowned, already forgetting about her worry over the dowager's dissatisfaction.

"She wanted to invite so many people whom I don't even recognize. Isn't this my wedding, Ryn? Should I have the say of who I want to invite? Right, love?" Mika turned to look at Jason who immediately nodded his head.

"Err… the whole clan?" Ryn asked. She looked over her right shoulder at Jeremy and cocked her eyebrow.

Jeremy just shrugged. He refused to get involved with anything. He had enough with the music preparation for the wedding. He did not want to get in the middle of those women. Even his father cleverly hid in the study room whenever he sensed the women were talking about the wedding plan.

Only a stupid man would be stupid enough to join these women on their quest of 'creating' the perfect wedding ceremony for Mika and Jason. Only a stupid man.

"Even those long-lost relatives," Mika cried. "Our wedding is not a place for a reunion of the long lost relatives. It's Jason and my wedding. We should have a say of who to invite, right?"

"Err…" Of course, Ryn agreed with that but Mika and Jason were not normal people. Especially Mika. She's a Long. The Long was almost akin to royalty. Of course, as the first sibling to get married, everyone was excited.

"If only you two get married first. Then Jason and I won't have to do this silly thing," Mika grumbled without thinking. Jason who was behind her nodded seriously.

"Mika," Ryn hissed. She knew her best friend was still unaware that she and Jeremy had become lovers again but to hear this from her, Ryn could not help from blushing, her eyes widened into huge saucers.

Jeremy who heard the groan just grinned but did not say anything. He knew Mika still did not know about their love relationship. Mika was just being Mika, speaking without thinking.

"What? Aren't I right? If you two get married first, grandma and mom would surely push everyone to attend your wedding. And then, they will leave my wedding alone," Mika cried. They were supposed to finish planning everything but then suddenly today, after breakfast, the dowager announced she would want to revise the guest list and before Mika realized it, the already long list turned longer. Why should she invite a relative eleventh removed to her wedding? She did not even remember the twice removed relatives from both her father and mother side! How on earth should she remember and recognize the rest of them?

Ryn did not answer immediately. She glanced at Jeremy before looked at Mika. She gulped.

"Stop forcing others to handle your burden. You're no longer a kid," Jeremy finally spoke. He stepped forward to rub Mika's head playfully before putting both hands into his pocket and walked to the living room. They stopped long enough at the hallway. The elders were waiting for them.

"Big brother!" Mika cried, holding her messy hair. Jeremy always bullied her. She looked at Ryn with her puppy eyes, hoping her best friend would help her, "Ryn~"

"I'm innocent. You started it so you have to face the consequence," Ryn shrugged. She quickly followed behind Jeremy.

Mika sniffed and looked at her fiancé sadly.

"It's okay, baby. I will scold Jeremy for you," Jason pulled her into his arms and stroked her back gently to soothe her down.

"Hmm…" Mika nodded against his chest. At least she could depend on her fiancé, not like that stinky big brother of hers who always bullied her. Even Ryn refused to help her. Humph, she would not forgive them easily.

"Let's go to them," Jason said after he kissed her forehead gently. He wrapped his arm around her slim waist and pulled her to walk toward the living room, where the others were waiting for them.

"When are you two getting married?" the question from the dowager welcomed the engaged couple when they finally arrived at the living room. Mika's brows lifted as she blinked at her best friend. What was that all about? Were Jeremy and Ryn already a couple again?

Did she miss anything?

"Grandmother, what kind of question are you asking?" Jeremy scowled at his grandmother. No wonder Ryn was worried to come here. Grandma did not even start slowly with flowery words or making small talks. She immediately zoomed to the question she had in mind and was even serious when she was asking that. Luckily neither he nor Ryn was drinking the mango juice made by the cook or both of them would sputter the juice onto the thick carpet.

"Am I wrong to ask that? Both of you are no longer young. How long you two want to be sulking over a small matter?" the dowager cocked an eyebrow at her useless grandson. His IQ was so high that he could finish his university in record time but when it came to his love life, it was so bad until she wondered whether her daughter-in-law dropped her grandson anywhere when he was young and hit his head. So useless.

Ryn tried not to look stressful from the sudden question. She was shocked but managed to cover herself. Right now she was trying to look as small as possible in order to hide from the dowager. She knew this would happen.

It was all Jeremy's fault, she blamed. If only Jeremy made excuses to stop this celebration earlier then she won't face this situation. This was all his fault, she grumbled in her heart.


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