Tell Me Again, My Love
332 If you cannot make a simple decision, why did we send all of you to the school?
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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332 If you cannot make a simple decision, why did we send all of you to the school?

"Well?" the elder woman cocked an eyebrow. "When are you two going to get married?"

"Grandmother..." Jeremy choked out but he did not know what to say. He felt like laughing but at the same time, he wanted to cry as well. Why did his grandmother ambush them like this? Even if she thought she wanted to help him, this was not the right approach!

Where was the soft and gentle approach coming from an aristocrat? 

"Useless," the dowager muttered dismissingly. It seemed like she had to do something to help her grandson. Humph. So useless.

Jeremy just scratched his head sheepishly.

"When can I hold my first great-grandchild?" she asked, looking at the youngsters. She yearned to hold a baby in her arms. Someone she could dote on and trained to be more active and proactive, compared to her silly son and grandchildren. 

Everyone was speechless. Ryn thought she could finally let out a sigh of relieved for the change of topic but unexpectedly she still received the questioning look from the eldest. She quickly lowered her head and pretended that her feet looked extra weird today and needed to check upon rather closely.

The dowager looked at the two couples with narrowed eyes. None of the younger people spoke despite her giving them a chance.

"If you cannot make a simple decision, why did we send all of you to the school?" she questioned them.

The four of them collectively kept quiet. Even if they answered, the dowager could still find fault in them. Just kept quiet and waited for the nag.

"Mother, Mika is getting married to Jason. Why don't we give them a year to enjoy their newlywed life before we start asking again?" Mrs Long tried to help her daughter. She felt sorry for the youngsters. Her mother-in-law could be a bit difficult but she knew the elder woman only wanted the best for everyone.

"Humph... aren't they enjoying too much since their high school? How long do they want to wait before they're ready?" the dowager complained.

Mika looked at her mother desperately. 

"Mother, why don't we leave these children's matter to God? We can't predict what will happen in the future. Maybe Mika will get pregnant on the day of her wedding?"

Both Mika and Jason looked at Mrs Long in shocked. Pregnant on the day of the wedding?

"We use protection every time," Mika blurted out before she realized what she just said. Her cheeks reddened and she quickly hid her face against Jason's chest as Jason looked at the elders worriedly.

Of course, it was an open secret that both of them already sleeping together since years ago but to say it out loud, especially in front of his future parents-in-law and grandmother-in-law... it was awkward.

"Well... starting from now on, I don't want you to use any protection. Do you understand?" the dowager ordered, wagging her thin finger toward Jason.

Jason nodded quickly. He was scared that he would get punished for 'filing' her beloved grandaughter-in-law but unexpectedly he received this order. Should he laugh out loud for this weird order from the dowager? It was funny in a way, though.

"Catherine, why are you getting skinnier and skinnier every time I see you? Have you skipped your meals again? What did your parents say? Are they still in their hippy phase?" the dowager narrowed her eyes at the woman she chose for her future granddaughter-in-law.

She loved Catherine the first time she saw the young woman when her silly little granddaughter brought Catherine home years ago. The only girl her granddaughter close with and who was brave enough to say no to Mika when Mika wanted to have a pyjama party. Usually, the girls wanted to spend more time with Mika, even trying to get the chance staying at the mansion for the night but Ryn just wanted to go home to her parents. Something about her parents did not allow her to eat beef and must go home before 8.00 pm. She ordered her daughter-in-law to meet Catherine's parents just to allow the young girl to spend more time at the mansion and the time she needed to reach home extend to 10.00 pm with the rule Catherine was not allowed to go home alone. She must be sent by the family.

A hippy family with a strict rule? A weird but something the dowager approved wholeheartedly. What was the point of having a normal family with the parents' not even care where the children go and what time they get home?

Ryn gulped. She knew she lost weight when she was in the work mode. She did eat but everything was digested when working. At night sometimes she skipped her dinner because she was so exhausted and just wanted to sleep. Morning, sometimes she skipped her breakfast as well, or only ate a small piece of bread or a small packet of cookies just to give her a bit of energy with a lot of coffee. She drank coffee like a drunkard drank alcohol drink.

"Are you starving like those models?" the dowager asked, cocking an eyebrow.

The Long parents cleverly kept quiet. They were wondering too if Ryn fell into the crazy life of a model. Had Ryn stopped eating her favourite steak now?

Ryn's jaw dropped at the accusation. Starving? She never let herself starving deliberately. She only skipped meals when she was too exhausted to eat. She would never deprive herself of a good delicious steak.


Ryn gulped. She glanced at Jeremy but her boyfriend could only shrug slightly. He had no idea how to help Ryn without breaking the news of their real relationship. Unless she gave him permission to reveal their relationship.

He waited for her decision.

"I was busy with the work, Ma'am, and sometimes I missed the meals," Ryn finally answered. She finally looked at the elder woman bravely. "I eat a lot more than I used to when I'm working to cover those meals I missed."

"More than usual?" the dowager snorted, not believing what Ryn said. The shirt Ryn was wearing was too big for her.

"We will fatten her up in no time, grandma. Don't worry," Mika said quickly, trying to stop these two women from butting their head. Although Ryn has huge patience toward people, once she could no longer hold her temper, she'd turn into an erupted volcano.

"Make sure you do before the wedding," the dowager said. "Skinny women... hard to get pregnant when bones wrapped with only skin with no fat. Why do they think they look good in a bag of bones?"

Jason looked at his fiancee meaningfully. Hear that, darling? Stop with your diet. Grandma said so.

Jeremy hid his grin. It did not feel like an admonishment toward Ryn but to Mika. No one could stop Mika from having her diet. Well, no one but Grandmother Long.

"But being slim looks beautiful, grandma," Mika cried. She still needed to lose more pounds to the weight she had in mind. And now grandmother was hinting that she did not look good. 

"What's the point of being beautiful if you keep being sick?" the dowager snapped, glared at her granddaughter. She did not understand why her granddaughter was so crazy about being skinny. She looked good enough now with some meat in her body. Even her hips were perfect for childbearing. If she lost more weight, it would be hard for Mika to get pregnant.

And she did not want that. 

"I want you to stop your ridiculous diet. Stop this immediately," she ordered her granddaughter with a firm nod.


"Mother, this is only for her wedding. She wants to fit into the wedding dress," Mrs Long quickly said, trying to help her daughter. Today she had to stay on her feet just to make sure both her daughter and future daughter-in-law not feeling hurt from her mother-in-law poisonous tongue. She knew her mother-in-law was quite unhappy seeing how much Mika ate lately. So little, almost none.

"And gets her faint on her wedding day?" the dowager snorted.

"Grandmother," Mika gasped. How could grandma say that?

"Why? Aren't I right? I don't want to see you all bones on your wedding day. Or I will stuff you with my fried chicken," the older woman warned, wagging her finger at her granddaughter.

"Why are we even here? Aren't we celebrating Ryn? Why are we being nagged by grandma?" Mika questioned her fiancee in a puzzle.

"What did you say, Mika?" her grandmother asked with a frown.

"Nothing," Mika answered quickly, shaking her head. And then, she gave a sad look at her father, hoping he would help them escape from her grandmother.

"That's enough, mother. The kids come here to eat, not to hear your nagging," Mr Long finally spoke. He stood up and looked toward the kitchen. "Is the food ready?"

"Yes, Master. The food is ready to be served," the butler said politely. He just came from the kitchen and did not hear the conversation. He arrived just when the Master asked about the food.

"Finally," Jeremy mumbled under his breath and helped his grandmother to stand up. Of course, the elder woman slapped his hand away once she managed to stand properly. Then, using her cane to help her, and also with Jeremy close by, she walked determinedly toward the dining room, leading the rest of them.

"I can't believe grandma is searching for my fault," Mika grumbled as she wrapped her hand around Ryn's arm.

"That's why I told you not to skip your meals when your grandmother is here," Mrs Long commented dryly.

Mika pouted sulkily.

Ryn just smiled but did not comment. She was actually glad when the dowager put her attention to Mika. Yes, it was a bad thought but at least she was not the receiver of the nag. 


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