Tell Me Again, My Love
334 Wanting Ryn to join as well
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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334 Wanting Ryn to join as well

Harry finally was satisfied with his schedule. He even contacted Mei Li to make an appointment to meet her tomorrow. Hopefully, Ryn would be meeting Mei Li as well. He put his phone aside and went into the bathroom to take a quick shower. He should prepare himself for the celebration.

He put on his red shirt and jeans. Then, he stopped and looked at himself in the mirror.

Why doesn't he invite Ryn along to the celebration?

Without thinking much further, he picked up his phone and speed-dialled Ryn. He did not have to wait for long when she answered the call.

"Hello, Ryn. This is Harry," he introduced himself even though she could see his name on the screen before she answered the call.

"Hey, Harry," her voice was a bit muffled but he did not think much about it. He smiled widely hearing her sweet voice.

"Are you busy? Am I interrupting you or something?" he asked worriedly.

"No. I am not that busy," she actually glanced at Jeremy who was giving her a questioning look.

"Ah… like this. Tonight, my friends and I want to celebrate the end of the exam and… why don't you join us?" he asked with his heart pounded hard. Would she accept it? Would she say yes?

"To… tonight?" she choked out, glancing at Jeremy. He gave her a frown but did not ask much.

"Yes. At the Boom. If you don't know where I can pick you up at your place. We can go together," he said quickly.

"Err…" Ryn looked at Jeremy, wondering whether she should accept the invitation. Harry was after all her junior in the modelling world and she might have the chance to help him socialize with others. But then again, she knew he has no problem mingling with others. From what she sees so far, he is quite a friendly guy even when he is in a new environment.

He would not have a problem in term of handling people.

"Do join us," he said, trying to make her agree. Why didn't she say yes yet? Was it so hard to say yes? He did not understand at all. They were going to celebrate the end of the exam. Shouldn't she be excited that the exam has ended?

"Actually… Harry…" she started to speak but paused again. She could hear how excited he was and felt unhappy to say no. He even thought of her when he could simply go with his friends. It was clear how he cherished their friendship, even want to include her into his group of friends.

What to do? What to do?

Unconsciously, she reached for Jeremy's hand and grasped it. She did not realize this simple gesture actually showed Jeremy how much she opened up herself to him, to finally accept him and depend on him to give her courage and support. He smiled and lifted her hand up to kiss it gently. He believed in her and would support her, just like what a good boyfriend should do.

"Yes?" Harry asked breathlessly. He was already picturing the way to her place. Maybe they could stop for a quick meal at the nearest steakhouse before going to the club. His friends would not ask much as long as he arrived at the Boom. With Ryn in tow.

"I'm sorry," she finally said that and closed her eyes. She felt sorry because Harry sounded so excited when speaking and she did not want to put him down.

"What? Why?" the smile disappeared from his face. Did she say no? But why?

"I really am tired. I just want to sleep," she replied. It was the truth, anyway. She was exhausted and all she could think of was sleeping. Right now, in fact, they were heading back to her place after spending about an hour more at the mansion chatting with the sulking Mika. She had to spend a lot of time coaxing Mika and even promised to talk with her mother on another day about the guests' list. The discussion would exclude the dowager, of course, and Ryn believed Mrs Long would find Mika's reason to be reasonable.

To have a wedding of her dream would make Mika happy and all of them wanted her to be happy on the most important moment of her life.

"Are you… are you sure?" Harry was stumbling when talking and he quickly coughed to clear his throat, "Are you sure you don't want to join us? It's going to be…"

"I'm sorry, Harry. Maybe another day. This week was a hectic week for me. I just want to sleep," she apologized again.

"Oh…" he was disappointed but knew he could not say anything about it. He could not force her.

"Enjoy yourself but don't drink too much," she reminded.


"Bye, Harry. I'll call you later, okay?" she said slowly. She waited for him to say 'okay' and 'bye' before she ended the call. With a sigh, she put her phone back into her bag and looked out of the window.

"Are you feeling sorry for him?" Jeremy asked.



"He is still new and I just want him to get used with the world, you know. I don't want him blindly entering the job but at the same time I don't want him to lose his innocence."

"But he's old enough to think," Jeremy pointed out dryly.

She sighed. "I'm his senior."

Jeremy's mouth formed into a line. He no longer asked her about this matter. As long as she saw Harry as her junior, not his rival, Jeremy decided that he would be a better man and trusted Ryn.

Harry, on the other hand, was unhappy. He did not even head out to the club, just standing there looking at his phone. He could not believe Ryn just refused to follow him. Was she really tired or was trying to put a distance between them? But what did he do wrong to deserve this kind of treatment?

He stared at the iPhone soundlessly. He did not even blink. His eyes just stared at the gold-coloured phone. His heart felt as if someone just grabbed it and squeezed it. Then, after fifteen minutes, he let out a sigh.

He would not give up. Sooner or later, he would make her his.


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