Tell Me Again, My Love
338 Ryn and Jeremy“s relationship
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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338 Ryn and Jeremy“s relationship

Although she was still unsatisfied at Jeremy for bringing her to the mansion without her concern, she quickly retouched her hair and even her clothes before she allowed him to lead her into the mansion. The butler greeted her politely, smiling all the way he was following behind them. 

The pair looked so compatible in every single thing. They were both handsome and beautiful. Their height did not differ too much, just nice. And their temper complemented each other. They also understood their work requirement and could accept the commitment needed. The butler did not for once doubt their love would blossom again and he could not wait for that moment to happen.

Sigh... if only their plan that day succeed creating an heir or heiress, the couple would reconcile without any problem. But seeing how slim Miss Catherine was, their plan was a failure for sure. And with the presence of the elder Mrs Long and both Mr and Mrs Long, it would make it hard for them to recreate the plan again. Miss Catherine would never agree to spend the night here with the three elders here.

The butler followed them silently but his mind was busy thinking. He stopped at a distance but still could hear their chat. He waited for a few minutes before he left to order the cook to bring out the breakfast again. 

The family already had their breakfast but it seemed like Young Master Jeremy lured Miss Catherine to this mansion by promising to feed her breakfast.

And the butler was determined for the family to provide the best delicious food for Miss Catherine no matter what time she came. As long as the food is good, he had no doubt it would help in wooing Miss Catherine's heart to marry into the family.

Unaware of the plan of the butler, Ryn's attention was fully on Mika and Mrs Long. There was no sight of the dowager anywhere, so what Jeremy told him in the car was true. 

She put on a polite smile as Mrs Long explained what they have done for the wedding preparation with Mika sitting beside her mother, fidgeting. It seemed like Mika did not want her mother to be with them but did not know how to tell the elder woman without hurting her feeling.

"As you can see, we have done a lot but this silly girl suddenly decided to change the guest list. Dear Catherine, please help aunty admonishing this silly girl to change her mind," Mrs Long said with a long-suffering sigh.

Now both pairs of eyes looked at Ryn hopingly, wanting her to be on their side.

Ryn took a step back without she even noticed it. Why her? Why she was the one who had to do it? It was Mika's wedding after all and Mrs Long was the mother of the bride. Why couldn't they just discuss this calmly and find a compromise?

She glanced at Jeremy helplessly but the man just shrugged. Hey, what else could he do? And he too did not want to get stuck in between these two women... well, pardon him, these three women. It was better to be the 'outsider' like his father and kept quiet.

"Ryn~" Mika wailed loudly when she saw her best friend did not come to her side.

"Excuse me, Madam, Young Master, Young Mistress, Miss Catherine, the breakfast is served," the butler cleared his throat and interrupted politely. He stood rigidly but with a smile on his face.

The four of them looked at the butler silently and the elder man just bowed his head politely. No word was needed.

"Why don't we let Ryn eat first? She must be hungry," Jeremy finally broke the silence. He rested his hand against Ryn's back to lead her toward the dining room. He did not even wait for his mother to speak, just ushering his girlfriend away from the women. It was the best solution in his mind. Instead of giving Ryn stress for having to choose side, it was better to feed her food.

Mrs Long and her daughter exchanged a look before quickly followed the couple. Although they did not say it out loud, they shared the same question. Were these two a couple?

The way Jeremy was touching Ryn screamed intimacy and he was quite natural and spontaneous when doing it. Ryn did not even avoid him, just allowing the touching to happen.

So were these two rekindlings back their relationship as lovers? If they were, why they did not tell the family?

Even when they were seating around the dining table, both Mrs Long and Mika were staring at Ryn and Jeremy. But they could not confirm their speculation when Ryn and Jeremy no longer interact with each other. No word nor touch. 

Ryn was busy piling food into her plate while Jeremy turned his attention to his phone while drinking a cup of hot coffee. It seemed like he was doing some works using his phone.

"Why didn't you eat, Mika?" Ryn asked after she finished the third sausages. She finally noticed both Mika and Mrs Long did not even touch any food or drink. They just sat there quietly in a daze. "Aunty?"

Both Mrs Long and Mika turned to look at Jeremy almost at the same time but none spoke anything. Then, they turned to look at each other, sharing the same confused look.

What was the real relationship between Jeremy and Ryn?

"Aunty? Mika? Are the two of you alright?" Ryn asked when none of them said anything. Had the wedding preparation's stress made them absentminded until they could not do anything but worried about it? But how could they even skip breakfast? The cook even prepared baked corn pudding and triple chocolate cake for dessert!

Again Ryn looked at Jeremy for help but her boyfriend was busy dealing with his work. He was giving Jacob things to do while he was not at work today and even ordered him to bring the files to his place so Jeremy could check on them.

With a sigh, Ryn looked at her plate and found it empty. She checked her stomach and decided she could still eat two pots of the pudding and three slices of the cakes to officially end her breakfast.

She could just wait until later to ask about their weird behaviour. She could not depend on her boyfriend now.

'Useless' her heart complained about Jeremy but of course, she would not say this out loud, especially in front of his mother. She was not that stupid!

Mrs Long and Mika followed Ryn and Jeremy who was still on his phone to the living room after the breakfast ended. Both mother and daughter shared the same sofa while Ryn took another one. Jeremy, on the other hand, excused himself and went to another room to have the phone call with Jacob.

"Ryn, tell us quickly," Mika said hurriedly once her big brother left the room.

"What? What?" Ryn was taken aback with Mika's sudden action. What was wrong with this silly girl? Suddenly grabbing her hand and giving her that sparkly eyes.

"What is your relationship with Jeremy? Are you two back again? Can we expect a wedding bell soon?" Mika asked hurriedly. Mrs Long who was sitting beside her nodding quickly. Their eyes shared the same expected sparkle.

Ryn almost fell on her back with such excitement 'hitting' her. She grabbed hold the sofa and tried to ask for Mrs Long help to subdue the excitement of Mika but it was no use. Mrs Long was sharing the same excitement as well.

"Well... Jeremy and I... well, both of us are just..." Ryn paused. How could she say this? She was not ready to reveal their relationship yet. It was too soon.


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