Tell Me Again, My Love
341 The dress fitting 02
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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341 The dress fitting 02

"Do you like it? You truly like it?" Mika asked with tears wetting her face. Without thinking, her hand reached for Ryn's shirt, lifted it to blow her nose.

"MIKA!" Ryn groaned loudly, looking at her wet snotty shirt in disbelief.

Mika looked at her with innocent puppy eyes, sniffing.

Ryn sighed. Without thinking, she took off the shirt and threw it on the floor, leaving only her in her black sports bra. She was not worried about being half-naked in the room with only ladies in the room. She also knew Mika would lend her a shirt to wear later.

"Take off your jeans too," Mika said, now turning her attention to the dress. But before she could touch it, she remembered about her dirty hands and stopped. She did not want to stain the dress!

Mrs Long and Ryn watched as Mika headed out to wash her hands. And then, they looked at each other.

"Where is her wedding dress?" Ryn asked.

Mrs Long looked at the rack and saw another dress with no plastic wrapper. It must be the wedding dress.

"Aunty, better not to touch it. Let Mika shows it to us," Ryn persuaded. Seeing how sensitive Mika was, it was dangerous to touch the dress without the bride-to-be's approval.

"Hmm… but I can see the beads and crystals. Why do I feel it's a pair with your dress?" Mrs Long frowned.

Ryn just smiled. Mika had the habit of making a couple dress for the two of them since years ago. She was used with it. Of course, she did not expect the habit would appear for Mika's wedding dress and her bridesmaid dress too. But then again, it's Mika's wedding and Ryn just let whatever Mika wanted. It's one in a lifetime and Mika should get what she wanted. Her dream wedding dress and her dream bridesmaid dress. Ryn would even wear a sack if Mika wanted it.

 Mika came back into the room, already washing her hand. She did not know that the two women wanted to see her wedding dress behind her back. She reached for the bridesmaid dress carefully and brought it closer to Ryn. Then, she stopped.

"Ryn, why are you still wearing your jeans?" she asked, staring unhappily at the jeans wrapping Ryn's long legs snugly.

"Your mother is still here. I can't show my underwear to her," Ryn hissed, forgetting the fact that she was only in her bra and jeans. Her soiled shirt was still lying unnoticed on the floor.

Mrs Long twitched her lips in bemused. She did not want to be the one to point out about Ryn's current outfit. Let her daughter takes the honour, she thought rather naughtily.

True to her thought, Mika had the plan to do just that. She widened her eyes and looked at Ryn from her not manicured feet to her braided bun which some hair already escaped from the 'jail'. Mika twitched her lips in bemused. 

"Babe, it's too late already. You're already half-naked," Mika pointed out dryly. Her finger pointed at the bra.

Ryn lowered down her eyes and gasped. She finally remembered her abrupt action of taking off her shirt after Mika using it for her handkerchief. Her cheeks reddened as her wide eyes looked at Mrs Long.

Mrs Long burst into laughter seeing how horrified Ryn looked right now. She went forward and hugged Ryn to calm her down. This young woman was so adorable when being shy.

"It's okay. You should change into the dress," she told the younger woman gently, patting her back.

Mika unbuttoned the dress carefully before handed the dress to Ryn. "Come, we will help you. Take off your jeans first."

With a sigh, Ryn obeyed and unzipped her jeans in front of them. She pretended that they were the same as when she was doing her modelling job. It was common for the models to change in the middle of a room with so many people, other models and crews. She must not remember that the elder woman was not her future daughter-in-law.

This was so embarrassing…

Her cheeks were red the whole time, even when both women were helping Ryn wearing the dress. Mika helped to button the dress, smiling proudly seeing how fitting the dress wrapping around Ryn's body. Well, it was a bit lose but Mika had no doubt Ryn could fill the dress in no time.

As long as Ryn did not skip any meal, she would not lose more weight. And now with Jeremy was together back with Ryn, he would help watching over her weight too.

"Do you need to alter it?" Ryn asked. She noticed the gap with the dress, frowning. Usually, Mika managed to make a dress just right to her size but this time she made it a bit big? So unlike Mika. Had the pressure of the wedding overwhelm her?

"No need. You lost weight, babe. Of course the dress a bit big right now," Mika shrugged. She stepped backwards to admire her masterpiece. The dress was just like she imagined would look like. So beautiful. So perfect.

"Can you walk in this?" she asked before she snapped her fingers and went to get a box of shoes. She took a pair of cream satin heels with the heels have red roses carving on them. The carved roses looked so real, it almost felt like the heels were made of real red roses. "Put these on."

Ryn cocked an eyebrow seeing the craftsmanship of the heels. A very fine masterpiece. So beautiful. But they looked so… fragile. Ryn was a bit worried seeing the heels.

"Put them on and try to walk in them," Mika urged. She even leaned down to help Ryn putting the heels on.

Still, with some doubt in her heart, Ryn still put on the heels and looked at them in the mirror. Of course, they looked beautiful but could she walk in them without breaking the heels?

"Don't worry. Just walk," Mika reassured her. She wrapped her arms around her mother's waist from the back and resting her chin on her mother's right shoulder.

Both the women watched Ryn trying to walk gingerly in the red rose heels and the bridesmaid dress.

"You look so beautiful," Mrs Long sighed happily seeing Ryn walking without a problem. Well, with Ryn already used wearing all kind of outfits and shoes, even weird unfit shoes, of course, Ryn would not have much problem walking in them. She only needed the time to adjust her mind and her body to maintain the balance.

"But I really want to see you in your wedding dress," Ryn said wistfully. She glanced at the dress hanging at the rack before stroking the dress she was wearing. She loved the dress Mika made for her. So beautiful. And most importantly, it was comfortable to move around. Mika understood her taste and always made something fitting to her style. Even though from far it looked simple but on closer look, the material has a pattern in the same colour. It was not obvious from far but from what she was seeing right now… so beautiful. Of course, Mika even stitched some real diamonds, which, in Ryn's opinion, was not needed and over the top, but hey, who was she to argue with a talented fashion designer? Mika knew what was best for her.

"Your dress must be more beautiful, right, Mika?" Ryn looked at Mika.

"Of course. I am making my dream wedding dress myself," Mika stuck her chin up proudly. She skipped happily toward her own wedding dress and trailed down her finger along the material. "Of course, it is not done yet. I still need to put more diamonds after stitching the sleeves."

Mika held up her wedding dress for the two women to admire and showed which part not yet done. She also showed the design for the dress and explained her inspiration and idea for it.

"Will you have enough time for everything?" Ryn asked worriedly. She realized how much still not done and the wedding was getting closer. Could Mika finish everything according to her design and plan?

"Don't worry. Everything is according to the plan. I can finish this right on time," Mika said cheerfully. There was no doubt and worry in her voice. None at all.

Could Ryn believe it? She knew her best friend was a talented fashion designer and a tailor, compared to her who had a problem even to put a thread through the needle. But seeing how sensitive Mika was lately, especially when it was regarding her wedding, Ryn was a bit doubtful. And worried. 

What if Mika did not manage to finish making her dress on time? Would she get depressed from it and refuse to get married?

"Well, if Mika said so then we will all believe in her," Mrs Long said. She did not want her daughter to get worried and depressed.


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