Tell Me Again, My Love
342 Luring her with food
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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342 Luring her with food

It took them almost two hours with the fitting. The whole time was filled with laughter and gasp with Ryn turned into a sort of a doll, albeit a bit unwillingly. Of course, her grumble was ignored by the other two women as they were having so much fun creating different make-up and hairstylist for Ryn.

For Ryn, why did they have to complicate so many things? The dress was good and in her opinion, just stick to a neutral make-up and simple half-bun.

But of course, the two women disagreed. They even gave her a horrific look seeing how casual Ryn was about her appearance for the wedding.

"But it's your wedding, Ryn. You are the main star that day. Don't you think so, aunty?" Ryn turned to look at Mrs Long, hoping for support.

But to her disappointment, Mrs Long was fully behind Mika. Everyone must look the best on that day, she decided firmly. And even waved away all of Ryn's excuses.

Hence, Ryn had to spend hours being a doll and even had to let herself being photographed by the two women. She had to do quite a lot of poses to satisfy them. At the end of the time, still in the dress, she lied on the long couch and whined about her exhaustion.

What did Mika and her mother do seeing how grumpy Ryn was? Just laughed. They just laughed at her and then pulled her into Mika's room to choose a shirt from Mika's huge closet.

When they went downstairs, with Ryn wearing one of Mika's shirt as her own was ruined by Mika's tears and snort, the butler was waiting for them at the foot of the steps, smiling politely.

"Madam, Young Mistresses, would you like to have lunch now or later?" the butler asked politely when they were close to them.

"Are you hungry, Ryn, Mika?" Mrs Long asked the younger women. She did not mind having lunch but she wanted to eat together with them.

Ryn looked at Mika. She was tired, to be honest. She just wanted to go home to have a short rest before she went to meet Mei Li for work discussion.

"I am a bit hungry. What's for lunch?" Mika asked the butler. She wanted to eat pasta. "Is it pasta?"

The butler looked at Mrs Long immediately. How could he answer Young Mistress's question? The menu for lunch today was decided by the Long Dowager. Well, actually, the menu was decided by the eldest Madam the moment she returned. No one could say anything to change the menu. What the Dowager wanted, the Dowager would get. Even if she was not around to have it, everything that was happening in the house must follow her rule. Of course, this 'rule' only mattered when she stayed in the house. But when she went to another place for more than a week, she did not mind what they were eating as long as once she returned, none of them suddenly has sickness because of eating too much fast food or fattening food.

"You just eat whatever the cook prepares for you. Don't ask too much question," Mrs Long said, helping the butler to handle the question.

"You mean the menu is decided by grandma again? But she's not here," Mika whined. She was getting sick of eating Chinese traditional food three times a day every single day. She could not even do her diet, preparing her body for the wedding, because grandma did not want her health to be affected and in her own words, "I want my great-grandchildren nine months after you get married. Your hips are not big enough to hold my great-grandchildren."

The only time she managed to eat whatever she wanted was when she went to the office. She could eat what she wanted, which was toward reaching her dream weight. Nothing fattening, oily and too delicious. But, to her sadness, she knew she would not be able to lose weight when her breakfast and dinner were full of delicious food, no thanks to her grandmother.

Mika looked at Ryn for help. Please, Ryn, said something about the menu. Surely Mother would allow Ryn to eat her favourite. Right now, with mother was so excited with Ryn is heading toward becoming their real family member, surely mother would change the menu for Ryn, right?

"Actually…" Ryn paused. She did not notice the hoping look from Mika. She was scratching her nape as she tried to find suitable words to tell them she wanted to leave now.

"Today's lunch is braised pork balls in gravy, sweet and sour chicken, ma po tofu, lotus egg and stir-fried vegetables," the butler listed when he noticed Miss Catherine did not seem to be interested to have lunch together.

Ryn's eyes sparkled when she heard the menu.

The butler hid a smile. It was a brilliant move from the Dowager to always include at least two meat dishes for every meal. The meat was and would always be Miss Catherine's weakness. He noticed whenever there was meat in the meal, Miss Catherine would change her mind of leaving just to enjoy the meal.

And just as he thought, he managed to grab Miss Catherine's interest in the food and she looked to be willing to stay for the meal. The butler patted himself in his head for being so clever.

Mrs Long smiled seeing Ryn's expression. Without the younger woman said anything, Mrs Long knew that Ryn wanted to have lunch with them.

"You can ask them to set the table now. And call Jeremy down as well," she ordered the butler. And then she urged the younger generation to the living room. They could spend the time there while waiting for the maids to prepare the food.

The butler went to the kitchen to tell the cook to cook quicker. The family was ready to eat. The cook quickly called her minions to quicken their movement to prepare the meal quicker. The butler nodded approvingly and went upstairs to call Young Master Jeremy for lunch. Of course, he told the young master, the food would be ready in ten minutes. And then, he excused himself and went back downstairs to observer the meal preparation. He needed to ensure everything was perfect before the family entering the dining room. They also must prepare Miss Catherine's place and he was a bit unsure. Should he place Miss Catherine next to Young Mistress Mika or should he put her with Young Master Jeremy?

He crossed his arms and frowned, staring at the empty dining table thoughtfully.

Jeremy, on the other hand, upon receiving the order from his mother to go downstairs to have lunch, quickly finished up the report he was reading. Once he was done and put down his signature of approval, he closed the file and put it aside. And then, he went to the bathroom to wash his face.

"What's the time now? Is it late already?" he mumbled as he walked back into his bedroom. He looked at the clock on the wall and shook his head in bemused. The women took so much time just for Ryn to put on the dress? Was the dress so complicated to wear until they had to spend more than an hour to be done? Or were they too busy chatting until they, well, Ryn, forgot the fact that she was supposed to go to the agency office to discuss her work schedule?

As far as he knew, Ryn's schedule for today was quite packed. It was lucky for them when Ryn agreed for the dress fitting. And he saw it himself that she sent a message to Mei Li, her manager, and told her about the meeting between them to be postponed for another two hours. Well, the two hours were supposed to be for breakfast, the fitting, and as well as a short break before lunch. He was supposed to bring her out after about half an hour trying the dress, and then spent the time at the café while waiting for the time for the meeting.

Well, regardless of what reason she did not leave earlier, Jeremy did not mind at all. He still could spend time with her, even though now he had to 'share' her with his mother and little sister. As long as he could spend time with her, he did not care whatever reason she had.

He went downstairs and knowing the women would not be in the dining room while the staffs were preparing for their lunch, he headed straight to the living room. He was right and smiled happily seeing the three of them chatting happily.

Well, it was more like two of them chatting cheerfully while another one was trying hard not to fall asleep.

He chuckled seeing Ryn trying hard to stay awake and joined the conversation but her eyes kept closing. It was funny.

He leaned back to sit comfortably and watched Ryn fighting against the sleeping God. He could spend hours watching her and did not get bored at all. She was so entertaining to watch. He smiled happily.


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