Tell Me Again, My Love
347 Calm with shaking hands
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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347 Calm with shaking hands

Mei Li was humming to herself as she waited for Ryn to arrive. It was already five minutes after but still no sign of Ryn. Mei Li did not think much about it. Ryn must be looking for her house key, she thought.

She looked at her planner and memorized the schedule for today. She still needed to discuss another contract for another model under her. For Harry, she still needed to find an assistant to help him. Although Harry still did not agree to be a full-time model, it was easier for him to do his job with an assistant helping him.

"Sorry, I'm late."

Mei Li frowned seeing Ryn breathless when she got into the car. Her eyes narrowed when she saw a suspicious red mark on Ryn's neck.

"Good morning, Mei Li. Are we going to have breakfast now? I'm hungry," Ryn asked cheerfully.

"Mor... morning," Mei Li stuttered. She blinked her eyes, thinking she saw it wrong. But the mark was still clear even when she rubbed her eyes a few times.

"Are you alright, Mei Li?" Ryn asked when she saw how weird her manager was acting. What was wrong with Mei Li today?

"Ryn," Mei Li gulped, "Is there something you forgot to tell me?"

"What do you mean?" Ryn frowned. Why was Mei Li acting weird all of a sudden? Was she sick?

Without thinking, Ryn reached out her hand to touch Mei Li's forehead.

"You don't have a fever," Ryn said.

"Of course, I don't but you are," Mei Li pushed her hand away. Her hand pointed at the clear sign of Ryn's misbehave behaviour. She cocked an eyebrow.

Ryn touched her neck, frowning. She took the mirror from Mei Li and checked what made Mei Li so agitated. Her eyes widened as she gasped loudly. Her fair skin made it so clear what it was.

It was a love bite left by Jeremy during their steamy night!

"What should you say now? Any excuse?" Mei Li narrowed her eyes at Ryn.

"Err… why don't we have breakfast first? I'm starving," Ryn rubbed her stomach sadly, trying to change the topic.

"Catherine," Mei Li gave her a warning look.

Ryn sighed. Her shoulders dropped.

"Why don't you…" Mei Li's voice trailed off when she saw something… or rather, someone.

Her eyes widened. Her jaw dropped. Although she knew he was wooing Ryn, she never expected that they would… would…

Ryn looked at where Mei Li looked and rubbed her nape sheepishly. It seemed like she did not say anything when it was clear what happened last night.

"Catherine, you didn't…" Mei Li gasped.

"Well…" Ryn tried not to look guilty.

"You do know you have work and…" Mei Li sighed heavily.

Ryn rubbed her nape again. Her heart was screaming at Jeremy who already drove the car away, probably heading to his place to change his clothes before he went to work. Hmph… he escaped so fast. It was so unfair.

"Catherine," Mei Li choked out.

"Err… yes…?"

"What can we do with those love bites?" Mei Li sighed heavily.

Ryn touched one of the bites with a sheepish grin. It seems like the reddish marks were all over her neck. Jeremy was like a tiger or something, marking her to show his ownership.

So troublesome having a possessive boyfriend.

And Jeremy never was this possessive when they were younger. He never left any marks when they slept together, even when it was their first time!

They always made sure there was no sign they spent the night together. But last night… it was as if he was trying to mark her and showing off to everyone she belonged to him alone.

This is so…


Ryn pursed her lips, "By using make-up? You do have concealer, don't you?"

"I…" Mei Li sighed and reached for her bag. Luckily she did have a few tubes of concealers. "I do."

"Then, the problem is solved, right?" Ryn grinned cheekily. "Let's go. Let's go. I'm starving."

With another heavy sigh, Mei Li put the gear to drive and drove the car out of the apartment area and headed toward their usual fast-food restaurant. They bought their breakfast via drive-through with Ryn bought two large cups of coffee to wake her up properly.

"I hope this kind of 'thing' won't happen again. You should make sure he doesn't leave any mark the next time you two…" Mei Li's words trailed off but both of them understood what Mei Li meant.

Ryn's face reddened but she refused to say anything. Instead, she turned her attention to drinking her first cup of coffee.

"Or you can cover the marks before you go out. You do have your collection of make-ups, don't you?"

Ryn continued sipping her drink, refused to say a word.

Mei Li said something more but again, there was no response from Ryn. She glared at Ryn.

Ryn quickly adjusted the chair to sleep.

"You…" Mei Li sighed heavily. She gave up. Nothing she could do to change it. All she could do right now was making sure this kind of thing did not happen… ever again.

They finally reached the driving agency and Ryn quickly went into the building.

"Jacko, Miss Catherine is here!" the receptionist hollered after greeting Ryn cheerfully. "Today is your last class, right?"

Ryn did not have to wait for long before the man appeared. She smiled widely at him while he gave her a weak smile.

"Are you ready?" Jacko asked.

"Yes," Ryn nodded. She glanced at Mei Li but the other woman just waved her hand at Ryn, signalling her to go. Mei Li did not plan to follow them. She did not want to ruin her ears.

"Good luck," Mei Li said simply.

Jacko took a deep breath before he got into the car. He waited for Ryn to take her seat on the driver side. Hopefully, his ears would not suffer today.

Ryn was calm at first. She adjusted her seat and mirrors. She checked the signals. She checked everything.

"Are you ready?" Jacko asked after Ryn started the engine. So far so good. And there was no yelling yet.

"Yes," Ryn took a deep breath to calm herself before she changed the gear to one. Using a manual stick gear instead of an automatic gear. She had to remember which way for which gear. It was confusing but she did practice… in her mind. Whenever she had free time, she would memorize which gear for what and how to get that. She even brought a how to drive book with her to her workplace so she could peruse it when she had time.

The first five minutes was silent and peaceful. Ryn did not shout at all, not even once. Jacko let out a relieved sigh. He glanced at her and saw how shaky her hands were holding the steering wheel.

Now he gulped nervously.

Would they be okay?

So far they hadn't met any junction so she hadn't met any difficult challenge yet. Her problem, he noticed, when she needed to stop the car and then started back driving. She would get flustered and once the car moving, she would start screaming her lung out. Of course, comparing to the first session he had with her, she was improving more and more.

And they reached the first junction.

With a pounding heart, Jacko looked at Ryn. Please don't scream. Please don't get nervous. Please stay quiet and calm like this. Jacko prayed hard that Ryn's good progress would continue.

Ryn took a deep breath as her feet pushed both the clutch and brake. The car slowly came to a stop. Ryn let out a relieved sigh. So far so good.

She waited for the red light to change into the green light before she changed the gear.

Both Jacko and Ryn let out a relieved sigh when the car moved without any problem. She did not even waste any second and let the car move almost silkily.

So far so good.

They met another junction and again Ryn managed to handle the pressure.

"Have you done any practice at home?" Jacko asked when they were heading back to the driving agency.

"Err… No…" Ryn replied. She only read the book, memorizing everything. She also watched videos of how to drive on Youtube. Of course, practising in the dream could not be counted at all.

"Anyway, you've improved tremendously. I have no doubt if you keep doing what you're doing today, you'd pass the driving test," Jacko said.

Ryn could only smile weakly. She did not know whether she could keep her calm like today during the driving test. Even though she looked calm right now, but honest to God, she was so scared the whole time. Her hands could not stop from shivering and she almost slipped her hands a few times during changing the gear.

"Are you done?" Mei Li asked when she saw the two of them entering the premise.

"Hmm…" Ryn nodded weakly. Her body and even her brain felt so tired after the driving practice.

"Let's check with your driving test date," Jacko said as he gestured Ryn to the receptionist counter.

"When do you want to have your test?" the receptionist asked.

Ryn looked at Mei Li. Without another word, Mei Li took out the planner and checked.

"Do we have to choose only weekdays?" Mei Li asked.

"Yes," the receptionist answered.

"How about next Thursday?" Mei Li suggested. Ryn's schedule was free in the morning. They could go to the shooting location after the test.

"I'll put you in the slot," the receptionist said as she typed in the computer quickly.

"Do I have to come here or…" Ryn looked at them questioningly.

"You can go straight to the place. We'll be waiting for you there," the receptionist said. "Don't forget to bring your ID."

"Of course."

Ryn watched as Mei Li jotted down the driving test date before both walked to Mei Li's car after saying goodbye to them. She was relieved once she was done and could not wait for the driving test to come. Finally, the day she had been waiting for is getting closer. And she hoped she would pass in the first try.


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