Tell Me Again, My Love
348 Why is he so happy?
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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348 Why is he so happy?

Jeremy entered the office with a huge smile on his face. His sudden happiness made everyone shocked. After days received his bad temper and glare, they were scared to even breathe loudly when he was in the office. So today, they were shaken to their core.

What happened to the boss today? Had something good happened to him for him to even smile at them?

Jacob who was checking a proposal quickly stood up when he noticed his arrival.

"Boss," he greeted.

"Hmm… what's my schedule for today?" Jeremy asked as he walked into his office with Jacob following behind him.

Jacob opened the date for today and started to read loudly what Jeremy's schedule of the day. Jeremy switched on the computer while listening to his personal assistant. He glanced at the mountain of files on his table but there was no frustration on his face, like what he usually had when he saw them.

"For the lunch meeting, confirm back the time and venue," Jeremy said.

"Okay, boss. The dinner meeting?" Jacob asked.

"Confirm it back. Also, give me the details half an hour before we leave," Jeremy decided.

"Yes, sir," Jacob nodded.

"If there is nothing more, you can go back to your table," Jeremy said.

Jacob excused himself and went to his seat. He was wondering what made the boss so happy. Was it because of Miss Catherine? Had she agreed to have lunch… no, it could not be. Jacob shook his head at the thought. If Miss Catherine agreed with the meal, the boss would not agree with the lunch meeting. Even if it was dinner, the boss has a meeting too during dinner. Today, the boss has so many meetings to attend, it would be impossible for both of them to have a meal together.

So, what made the boss so happy today?

Jacob spent about fifteen minutes pondering over this. He did not even notice Jeremy walking passing him. His eyes gazed at the monitor dazedly, too deep in his thought.

The others were not like him. They noticed the boss coming out of his office and quickly stood up to greet him. Jeremy just waved his hands, signalling them to continue their work. Jeremy was not even angry when his own personal assistant did not notice him. He kept smiling as he walked toward the elevator.

"Hey, do you know what happens to the boss?" one of them asked as they surrounded Jacob.

"Don't ask me. I don't know," Jacob shook his head, snapping back from his thought by the sudden question.

"You should know. You're his personal assistant. Surely he said something, right?" another colleague asked with the others nodded quickly.

"I don't know. I really don't know. Why don't you focus on your work? We don't want to make the boss angry, do we?" Jacob cocked an eyebrow.

They all gasped and went to their cubicle hurriedly. None of them wanted to make the boss in a bad mood. Not only would they receive cold glare and warning, but there was also even a possibility for their pay to be deducted. No. They did not want their wage to be deducted.

Jeremy was unaware of his workers' thought. His mind was full with what he did with his love, Ryn, last night. And he determined to repeat back their hot night tonight. And preferably at his place, rather than at her place. He did not want to feel like a thief trying to get into her house. She did not want their relationship to be revealed to the public, hence, he had to make sure no one noticed him entering her house. It was stressful… well… in theory. He did not remember feeling nervous last night. His mind was busy with plans to make her agree for spending more time together with him. It was not nerve-wracking at all.

He pushed the button to go downstairs. His stomach was growling in hunger. Because of Ryn had to leave early, they had to scrape the idea of having breakfast together. They could not even share the same elevator. He left first to go to his car while she stayed to lock the door before took the next elevator trip to go downstairs to Mei Li.

He bumped into more workers on his way to the cafeteria. Again, he replied their polite greetings with a smile and a wave of his hand. He did not even announce his arrival, simply entering the premise alone with one hand in the pocket while another holding his phone.

Some of the workers were still having their breakfast when he entered the area. Some who noticed him almost dropped the food they were eating and stood up to greet him.

"Continue your meal," Jeremy said with a smile. He headed straight to the counter to see what food was offered today. He knew not all meals were prepared on a daily basis. Hence, he needed to see first before he could choose what he wanted to have for breakfast. He chose fried noodle with a bowl of soup for his breakfast and a glass of soybean milk for a drink.

He chose an empty table to have his breakfast. No one dared to come close, thinking it was too high of risk just in case it would make him angry. They just watched him from afar, wondering why he was having breakfast here and also why was he smiling while looking at his phone.

He actually spent the time checking her IG account. He could not stop from smiling seeing how beautiful she looked in each photo. He knew she did not try hard to pose and it was natural for her. It made it more special. She was such a natural and the camera loved her. He loved her too.

Once he was done with his meal and enjoying her photos at the same time, he went back to his office. He smiled at everyone as they greeted him politely.

Jacob again followed him into his room with his planner.

"For tomorrow, arrange for a meeting with the department's manager," Jeremy said.

"What time do you want it to be held, boss?" Jacob asked.

"Around 10.00 a.m. Tell them to prepare the monthly report. Also, I want you to gather the report so we can report it to the higher comp," Jeremy said.

"Okay, sir. I will book the meeting room," Jacob nodded, jotting down the orders quickly.

"Have you confirmed the lunch meeting venue and time?" Jeremy asked, taking the top of the file pile. He opened it and started to read.

"I have. Would you like the driver to send you to the restaurant?" Jacob asked.

"Yes. Both the lunch and dinner meeting. You will follow me for both meetings," Jeremy decided.

"As you wish."

Jeremy sent Jacob out once he was satisfied with the preparation. He also told Jacob to prepare the meeting at the main company.


Ryn washed as the girl pasted the nail stickers to her nails. She did not care how her hair was set. Her eyes sparkled seeing how colourful her nails have become in just a short time.

"A pin-up girl theme for the first look," the hairstylist sighed once she was done. She rolled and curled Ryn's hair, arranging them to look like a typical pin-up girl. The make-up was already done while she was doing the curl.

"What's the idea for the look?" the hairstylist asked Ryn.

"A singer," Ryn replied but her eyes were on her nails. She loved them.

"Done," the girl who was doing her nails announced happily.

"Let's go," Ryn said but she stopped to admire her nails.

"We'll give you some of the stickers, Ryn," the nail girl giggled seeing Ryn's reaction to the nails. At first, she did not expect Ryn to fulfil the theme when she first saw her. This was the first time she met Ryn and the model came hugging a huge cup of coffee. And then, she fell asleep while doing the hair and make-up. What could she expect from someone who looked so ordinary and sleepy? She did not expect much and she even thought that the model was chosen because of her family's influence. To her surprised, when the model woke up once the make-up was done and changed into a red dress, the nail girl could see something shone from the model. A 50-s singer aura.

"You promise, okay?" Ryn said before she skipped toward the shooting area.

"Are you ready, Catherine?" the director asked her when he saw her walking toward him.


"Do you understand the theme and what we want?" he asked.

"Yes. A singer, right? Very Marilyn Monroe style?" she asked him back.

"A diva," he nodded, gesturing her to go to the centre with a microphone stand in the centre of it.

Ryn quickly took her position and rested her hand lightly on the microphone. She made sure the star of the show, which was the nail stickers, was clear in the camera.

"And… camera... ready…" it was a video shooting so the director needed to give order to the cameraman. "In five, four, three…"

Ryn immediately looked at the camera while pretending to sing. She moved her hands sensuously, showing off her beautiful nails. Not only she made use of the microphone, but she also ran her fingers across her face and even over her body. She kept moving until the director cried 'cut'.

"Good. Very good. Next look. And change the set," the director ordered. It took only one take from Ryn and he had no doubt, for the next two looks, Ryn would take only one take too. He rubbed his hands excitedly, could not wait to see the whole recording. The client would be happy with the result, he had no doubt about it.


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